Uche Pedro’s Net Worth in 2020

Uche Pedro Net Worth

Uche Pedro’s Net Worth

Uche Eze Pedro is a Nigerian blogger and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars.

She earns from her blog, BellaNaija through adverts, sponsored posts and other deals.

BellaNaija’s Uche Pedro is also an entrepreneur, she’s got a couple channels of income as she gets business offers and deals.

Uche Pedro is a Nigerian writer, blogger, entrepreneur and social media expert.

She’s the founder of a top blog in Nigeria, BellaNaija. The blog is extremely popular in Nigeria, and it’s one of the┬ámost visited blogs in Nigeria.

Uche Pedro is one of Nigeria’s richest bloggers, and was listed as a top 30 most promising young African entrepreneur by Forbes in 2014.

The Nigerian blogger, Uche Eze was given birth to in Nigeria.

She also schooled and rounded off her primary and secondary school education in Nigeria before she travelled out of the country to Canada.

There in Canada, she studied Business Administration at the University of Western Ontario.

While she studied at the University in Canada, an idea to start BellaNaija hit her.

She started the blog in July 2006, and began blogging as a hobby.

Uche loved the things she saw in Nigeria whenever she visited the country on holidays.

The music, fashion, business and lifestyle in the country sat at a growing pace.

This gave her the idea to start up something online that would represent and present this buzz in the country.

Uche Eze began scanning and publishing articles and pictures from magazines, fashionista interviews, political events, and trends in the country.

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Soon enough, BellaNaija started getting over a million visits each month.

She couldn’t help but reveal herself as the mastermind of the platform. BellaNaija now gets to the eyes of several million readers per month.

It’s a powerful blog about lifestyle, wedding, celebrity & political news, and lifestyle.

Not only Nigerians makeup the readership of BellaNaija, people from other African states, and even the Americans and Europeans read the blog.

Uche Eze isn’t the sole administrator of the blog now, she’s got a team of professional writers updating the blog several with fashion, news, wedding, lifestyle, and music content on a daily basis.

It has grown beyond being just a blog now – it’s a household name and a formidable media brand in Nigeria with reporters and writers.

In 2010, Uche Pedro featured alongside Lisa Ling and Jessica Simpson on “Beauty Around the World” – an Oprah Winfrey show.

Uche Eze as an entrepreneur and blogger has won multiple awards for her contribution to fashion communication and her achievements as an entrepreneur.

She’s deemed one of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria today.

Uche Pedro has not signed a major endorsement deal yet, but her blog is house to several direct adverts and sponsored adverts in form of blog posts.

She also uses the blog as a platform for social activism.

Uche Pedro is married to a very prominent man, Bode Pedro. He’s the son of Femi Pedro, an ex deputy governor of Lagos state.

They both have two beautiful kids; a set of twins delivered in 2015.

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