Small Doctor Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Small Doctor Net Worth

Net Worth $500,000
Name Temitope Adekunle
Career Musician
Source of Wealth Music, Endorsements
Born October 19, 1996
Age 23
State of Origin Ondo State
Latest Update 2020

Small Doctor is a Nigerian singer, and the guy behind the hit banger, Penalty.

His style of music is unique, and he has been in the Nigerian music industry for several years.

Early Life

Small Doctor was born as Temitope Adekunle on the 19th of October, 1996.

He’s a lot of things combined. Small Doctor, aside being a musician who specializes in Fuji Pop, he’s a model, a stage performer and a songwriter.

Small Doctor was given birth to in Ilaje, Ondo State, Nigeria. It’s unknown if he truly was born in 1996, or if that’s just his music age.

Being indigenous is Small Doctor’s style of music. Like Olamide, and Phyno who sing in Yoruba and Igbo language respectively, Small Doctor joins the club of indigenous singers as he sings mostly in the Yoruba language of Nigeria.

Born in Ondo State, he also schooled there in the State. He studied as a child at the Aina Orosan Nursery and Primary School which is situated in Dopemu – an area in Ondo State.

There at the Aina Orosan Nursery and Primary School, Small Doctor bagged his very first school leaving certificate.

Upon graduating from the Nursery and Primary Institute, he further went to study at the Oniwaya Secondary School also situated in Dopemu, Ondo State.

He graduated and obtained his WACE certificate from the Oniwaya Secondary School, Dopemu, Ondo State.

After leaving Secondary School with his WAEC certificate at hand, he applied to study at the University of Lagos, and was granted admission into the school system.

Small Doctor couldn’t complete his academic programme successfully at the University of Lagos due to the personal challenges he was battling at that time.

Left with very few choices, he quit studying to focus on music instead.


Small Doctor began doing music at a very tender age. Music has always been a part of the blossoming artiste.

While in secondary school, precisely in Secondary School 1 (SS1), he would record Mixtapes and create freestyles.

Fast forward to 2012, Small Doctor hit the fame spot after releasing hit singles like Mosquito Killer, Anobi, and Penalty.

The hit single titled Mosquito Killer is one of Small Doctor’s biggest hit releases.

The interesting part about the release of the song is that it was produced by Dre San, and upcoming music producer in Nigeria.

By 2015, Small Doctor had produced enough hit singles to keep him in limelight – he was popular and was already having millions of fans across Nigeria.

He was getting interview offers by media channels, and people really wanted to know who he really was.

In an interview, he revealed his music mentor to be Alabi Pasuma – one of the richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria.

Small Doctor also revealed that his stage name was actually given to him by Pasuma.

Alabi Pasuma is a giant name in the world of Fuji music. His legendary is now being transmitted into the world of contemporary music, making him influential in both industries.

Small Doctor at this moment is signed to RealBeat Planet Entertainment.

From the music label, Small Doctor has been able to reach out and win the hearts of millions of Nigerians by releasing hit singles likeable by a specific audience.

He has collaborated with several musicians in Nigeria and has won awards too.

Definitely, he’s one of the lead artistes from his music label, RealBeat Planet Entertainment.

According to an interview with Small Doctor, he revealed that he came from a poor family, and grew up in the streets.

He dropped his first studio album titled Street Ambassador in 2014 which contained hit singles like Mosquito Killer, Gbagaun, and Anobi.

He has worked with several music stars in the Nigerian music industry, and these stars include Olamide, Wizkid, Davido, Ycee, Oritse Femi, Alabi Pasuma and others.

Small Doctor resides in the celebrity city of Lagos, and has lots of concerts to perform at. He is unmarried, but has a son named Abdul-Sodeeq Temitopeoluwa Alao.

At a time, Small Doctor stole to feed his son. He was caught and beaten by angry mobs onetime, but now, it’s a changed story.

Small Doctor currently is one of Lagos most loved musician. His influence in Lagos State is growing speedily, surpassing that of Olamide and a few other indigenous musicians resident in Lagos State.

Small Doctor’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is the net worth of Small Doctor?

Small Doctor has an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars. He earns from music sales online and offline.

Small Doctor’s songs are loved by the masses in States like Lagos, Oyo, Edo, Ogun, and Osun.

These States are massively occupied by Yoruba speakers who understand the lyrics and songs of Small Doctor as he essentially sings in the Yoruba language.

Small Doctor now has over a 1.5 million followers on social media. He also earns from his massive following on social media by being paid to serve or post adverts through his social media handles to his pages.

Small Doctor, aside from music sales, earns millions from performing at music shows or concerts.

He earns over N1 million naira per show and when he’s booked to perform at locations where majority of the audience are indigenous music lovers, he’s paid higher.

On the 1st of June, 2018, Small Doctor signed a deal with Western Lotto. The deal was ambassadorial, making Small Doctor an ambassador of Western Lotto.

This deal was probably worth several millions of naira as the zeros on the photo caption shared by Small Doctor on his Instagram page indicated 9 figures.

He earns from endorsement deals and other deals, music sales, show bookings, and music collaborations.

He also earns a lot of money when he’s featured by other artistes, and he’s been featured by several artistes in Nigeria.

10 Facts About Small Doctor

  • He’s a Nigerian musician and songwriter.
  • Small Doctor was born Temitope Adekunle.
  • He was born on the 19th of October, 1996 in Ondo State, Nigeria.
  • Small Doctor studied at Aina Orosan Nursery and Primary School for primary education.
  • He acquired secondary education at the Oniwaya Secondary School, Dopemu, Ondo State.
  • He got admission into the University of Lagos, but dropped out eventually from personal challenges.
  • Small Doctor was mentored by Fuji master Pasuma.
  • He started doing music at a very tender age.
  • He’s a father of one.
  • The Nigerian musician was signed to RealBeat Planet Entertainment.

FAQs About Small Doctor

How Much Does Small Doctor Charge Per Show?

Small Doctor charges over N2m to perform at a music concert, and can charge more depending on the location and host.

How Old is Small Doctor’s Child?

Small Doctor has a boy child, and his real age isn’t known yet.

Best guess, he’s just below 10.

Small Doctor’s Wife

The Nigerian singer isn’t married, and so there’s no record of him and a lady to call his wife yet.

Meanwhile, he has more than just one baby mama.

Small Doctor’s House and Cars

Through the lines of his success and path to financial stability, Small Doctor has acquired a number of flashy cars along the way.

He lives in a comfy apartment and has landed properties in Lagos State, and other States.

Small Doctor’s Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Small Doctor’s net worth is

What is the Age of Small Doctor?

Currently, he’s 22 years old (2019).

What is the Name of Small Doctor’s Record Label?

He has been signed to different record labels including No.1 Sound Limited, O2 Productions, and RealBeat Planet Entertainment.

How Old is Small Doctor Now?

Born in 1996, Small Doctor’s real age can be gotten by subtracting 1996 from the current year.

What is the Real Name of Small Doctor?

His real name is Temitope Adekunle. His stage name is Small Doctor (I know not why).

Small Doctor’s Phone Number and Contact Details

The private phone number of Small Doctor isn’t known, and available to the public for several reasons.

3 Good Lessons from Small Doctor

Stay Consistent

Consistency cannot be overestimated here. If you keep consistent at what you do, there’s no doubt good things will fall your way like drops of rain when it’s the right time to reap.

Be Bold

Being bold isn’t same thing as looking bold. Be bold in your mind, and your utterances. Taking bold moves is also an attribute of boldness.

Be Creative

With creativity, you’ll open doors you never thought would open up. The most billionaires in the world today made their wealth from being super creative and useful.


Here you have 3 biggest career highlights of Small Doctor:

  • Street Ambassador (Album, 2015)
  • Penalty (Single, 2016)
  • This Year (Single, 2017)
  • Firi Yahoo (Single, 2019)


Small Doctor is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and dancer. He’s known for several hit tracks, and has performed at some mega music concerts in Nigeria.

The Nigerian crooner famous, and has a very inspirational story behind his success. He’s one of the youngest most influential musicians in Nigeria and has an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars.

What do you think about Small Doctor’s net worth, career, and lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.

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