Prince Arthur Eze’s Net Worth in 2020

Prince Arthur Eze Net Worth

Prince Arthur Eze’s Net Worth

Prince Arthur Eze has an estimated net worth of $6 billion dollars. He’s a Nigerian businessman, one of the richest people in Africa, and the founder of Atlas Petroleum International Limited.

Regarded as a billionaire in the US Dollars, Prince Arthur Eze has sponsored several multimillion projects, and contributed to the betterment of his hometown.

Years after years, Prince Arthur Eze rakes in millions of dollars. In 2010, he realized a whooping $200m from his oil blocks in Liberia.

He’s into a number of business ventures that endlessly generate huge revenue on a daily basis. Currently, Prince Arthur Eze has his name written on sensored lists of richest people in Africa.

His company, Atlas Petroleum International Limited is now regarded for having the largest oil exploration blocks in not just Nigeria, but in Africa.

His oil blocks generate over 200,000 barrels of crude oil on a daily basis, and this in turn generates him millions of naira daily.

The Nigerian business tycoon like other very wealthy men has quite a lot of very expensive SUVs. Aside his 4-wheeled objects, Prince Arthur Eze owns a Falcon Airplane, and a $25 million dollar worth Bombardier Jet.

Surprisingly, Prince Arthur Eze has a number of Rolls Royce parked in his garage. These Rolls Royce are of different class, and model, and they’re worth more than $500k.

Prince Arthur Eze has a like for musicians his tribe. Observations and media outlets have it that he has a close relationship with Flavour N’abania, Emeka Morocco, and some other Nigerian highlife musicians from the Southeast.

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The like of King Chief Oliver De Coque also had close relationship with Prince Arthur Eze before he died in 2008.

As one of the biggest figures the Southeast as ever produced, Prince Arthur Eze is a business tycoon, one whose name rings a bell.

Not just overly relevant in Nigeria, Prince Arthur Eze has succeeded in establishing assets in other African States including Gambia, Liberia, and Guinea.

Called a Prince, he’s indeed a Prince. He’s known to be from a royal lineage as the younger brother of the traditional ruler of Ukpo. The name Ukpo is a community in Anambra State, known for its development.

Prince Arthur Eze was born into a royal family in Ukpo, Dunukofia. He’s an indegene of Anambra State, Nigeria.

He schooled in Nkwere at the St. Augustine Secondary School where he bagged a secondary school certificate.

After secondary school was over, he further went on to study at the California State University where he graduated with a certificate in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering.

As a philanthropist, Prince Arthur Eze has contributed a lot to the betterment of the Igbo people in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. He’s otherwise called “The God Father”, and Ozoigbondu by the people from Southeast, and this means “He who provides the Igbo’s with salvation”.

This he is called by the people because they are very well appreciative of the good things and philanthropic activities he has sponsored.

In 2012, Arthur Eze donated a sum of $6.3 million to help those who had fallen victim of the devastation of flood in Nigeria. In 2013, Prince Arthur Eze contributed a staggering $12m for the erection of an Anglican Church.

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In addition to this, Prince Arthur Eze has helped over 1000 people whom he rendered employment, and a lot of youths have greatly benefitted from the scholarship programme established by the Nigerian philanthropist. Prince Arthur Eze is now happily married with five children.



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