Dr. Paul Enenche’s Net Worth in 2020

Dr. Paul Enenche Net Worth

Dr. Paul Enenche’s Net Worth

Dr. Paul Enenche has an estimated net worth of $150 million dollars. He’s a Nigerian preacher, author, and businessperson. He earns from a lot of sources and has been able to impart the world around him positively.

Dr. Paul Enenche was born in Benue State, Nigeria. He’s an Idoma by tribe, and is a graduate in the field of medicine. Just before he started his ministry, Dunamis, in Abuja, Dr. Paul Enenche was a practicing medical doctor in Benue State, Nigeria.

The Church, Dunamis, started far back in the hands of time. On the 10th of November, 1996, Pastor Paul Enenche started the Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja.

The first services that was organized for the ministry ever was held at the Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture. After two weeks of running services and staying existent, Dr. Paul Enenche moved to the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja.

After six months of Operation, the Church moved to permanent site in June, 1997. The Dunamis, services are held more than once. Last time I checked, the church had a specific timetable to accommodate six services in a single Sunday.

In September 2014, commencement of the construction of the Lord’s Garden was announced. At this time, the Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, visited the ministry (Dunamis) and laid a stone (symbolizing the solidification of spiritual foundation) at the Lord’s Garden.

The Lord’s Garden accommodated structures that could take up more than 75,000 people in a sitting. The structures (Glory Dome, and International Conference Centre) were built to unite branches and house them whenever there was a need to hold a major meeting as such.

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Dr. Paul Enenche and his wife Dr. Becky Enenche came together to launch the Seeds of Destiny publication that was produced monthly to breed future spiritual leaders and people who wanted to go deeper in God.

The Dunamis School of Ministry was also created by Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche to train future leaders and spiritual leaders.

God has worked through him, and today, he has successfully built a College (Destiny College), an academy (Destiny Academy), and a press (Destiny Publications). Dr. Paul Enenche also owns a TV station in Nigeria which runs on satellite.

People without much knowledge about the ministry of the Man of God would say he hasn’t done anything with the millions (and billions) he has.

Dr. Paul Enenche’s ministry has aided societies across Nigeria with health facilities, power supply, classroom supply, and even water supply.

Dr. Paul Enenche has authored several powerful books which include 10 Principal Secrets of Principal People, 21 Laws of Life, Reason for Living, 21 Uncommon Keys to Financial Overflow, Wisdom of Planning and Time Use, 30 Secrets to the top, and many others.

The name of his Church, Dunamis, means POWER in the Greek language. And Dumanis is the name of his Church nationwide.

As his purpose of his ministry of to bring the power and glory of God to the people, Dunamis seemed like the best name for the ministry.

His aim as a called and genuine minister of the gospel is to spread the good news not just to the people or his congregation, but to the people of the earth; the people outside his church and those walking on the street.

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From the light that will be released to his congregation, he has the purpose to transfer that light to the world.

He’s currently married with four children to his lovely wife, Dr. Becky Enenche, and they live in FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

His wife, Dr. Becky Enenche is also a trained medical doctor who dropped all to follow God just like her husband.

Today, the Church Dunamis is one of the biggest Churches in Nigeria with branches spread across the different States in the country.

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