Mercy Eke Net Worth 2019, Phone Number, House & Cars

Mercy Eke BBNaija

Fans have gone crazy in casting votes weeks after weeks to get their favourites housemates to remain in the Big Brother Naija House where everything and anything is possible.

In 2019, a group of even more fascinatingly vibrant and actively fun people made it to the BBNaija Reality Show. One of the very “crazy” young people who got to the house, and who eventually emerged the winner of the show is Mercy Eke.

If you’re in love with this lady from all of her craziness and funny behaviours throughout the entire show, you’re not alone. If you’re in love with her a**, you’re not alone too. And if you’re in love with her cash prize and deals, you’re definitely not alone on that one too.

In this post, you get to know a lot about Mercy, her lifestyle, age, where she’s from, and a lot more about her. It’s kind of a big deal to have a female win the BBNaija Reality Show, because it’s been guys all the way from the very beginning.

Early Life and Career

Mercy Eke is one of the 2019 set of BBNaija Housemates. She is one of the most followed on social media and she’s very much moved by her fans.

Known as the “Pepper Dem Gang” of BBNaija Reality Show, Mercy stood by being a regular tweaker on the show who can be sweet and crazy in short moments.

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She’s a Nigerian social media sensation, businesswoman, and a reality TV star who has appeared on several music video shoots.

Mercy Eke, famous as simply Mercy, won the hearts of millions of Nigerians as she displays reality in her attitude.

This kept her votes higher week by week as fans casted them, keeping her close to her verges of winning the show until she finally won it.

She’s got no really big competitor in the BBNaija house aside Tacha, and she surpassed her (Tacha) in votes by far.

Born on the 4th of June, 1993, she’s from a family in Imo State, Nigeria. Mercy Eke is Igbo by tribe, but not the dialectic type of Igbo girl (this would’ve hindered her chance of winning by much).

Educational Background

Mercy Eke is well schooled. She speaks very well, and also pidgins it appropriately.

She completed her primary, secondary, and higher institutional education in Nigeria. For her primary education, she schooled in Imo State, Nigeria.

She completed her secondary school education at the Egbu Girls Secondary School, Owerri, and afterwards attended the Imo State University where she graduated successfully.

Mercy Eke’s Age

Born on the 4th of June, 1993, she’s currently 26 years of age (2019). You can get the exact age of Mercy Eke by simply subtracting her birth year (or year of birth) from the current year in question.

Mercy’s Relationship With BBN Housemate, Ike

Many things happened in the BBNaija House. Some are crazy, some extremely intimate, some funny, and some annoying. One of the many things that happens in the Reality TV Show is in fact, Love.

Mercy Eke got attracted to an handsome guy in the BBNaija house named Ike. They were much into an affair.

On the 27th birthday of Ike, he passionately kissed her (Mercy) in the presence of other housemates. They were known to be a sweet thing until they weren’t. Along the lone, things went askew, and they broke up.

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One of the biggest issue that led to the breakup was an honest statement that Ike made, which directly suggested that he valued the BBNaija cash prize more compared to Mercy and the relationship they had.

He made it quite clear he would pick the N60m cash prize over Mercy, and would do this without hesitation (the painful part though).

Life Before & After the Show

As mentioned before, Mercy is a businesswoman, and was a businessperson before the start of the Reality TV show.

She’s active, and fun. She already had a lot going on in her life before she made it to limelight by first becoming a housemate, and by winning the show eventually.

When asked what she would do with the prize, it was intriguing she had answers already. She said she would expand her fashion brand which was already gaining ground.

Her Twerking Side (Crazy!)


Mercy Eke is really a beautiful being. She’s got it all round from the face to the skin tone, to the backside, and front side. Well endowed by the way. One of the activities she does the most that makes her male fans go crazy for her is twerking.

With her curvy booty bag, she does this unhesitatingly like she’s being hurried. She’s one of the hottest ladies (if not the hottest) in the 2019 BBNaija Reality TV show, and also one of the housemates with the most committed fan base on social media.

Her fans created an hash tag for her, simply #TeamMercy. And if you’re not a follower of this hash tag, go find it (else I doubt your loyalty 😁).

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Mercy Eke’s (BBNaija) Contact Details

The Reality TV star is very active on social media. She is available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and operates an email account. Here are her handles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter:

Instagram: @official_mercyeke
Twitter: @real_mercyeke
Facebook: Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke’s Phone Number

Currently, she phone number of the reality TV star, and her WhatsApp contact isn’t available to the public.

This is to ensure security, and I know many of my brothers would be like “Mercy Please I’m one of your diehard fans, I just need a crate of Pepsi from you” πŸ˜‚…

Quick Interview With Mercy

Here are three questions she was asked after the won the BBNaija Reality TV show.

From her answers, it goes a long way to show how she’s humble, yet intolerant of proud people.

She has plans to start her fashion label/line, and she knows she’s a sweet girl who can be crazy when it’s necessary.

Interview Questions…

Q: What irritates you most about other people?

A: I dislike people who are proud.

Q: What will you do with the prize money?

A: I want to start my own fashion brand or label.

Q: Why will you be a fan favorite?

A: I’m a fun person and I’m a sweet girl. Some people call me β€œSugar”. Plus, I can be crazy!

Mercy Eke’s Net Worth 2019 (in Dollars)

Mercy Eke is has an estimated net worth of $200,000. This figure is expected to depreciate as time flies out.

From the many deals she’ll be singing, to the N60 million prize at the BBNaija Reality show, it’s hard to not triple the figure in years ahead.

What do you think about Mercy Eke’s biography and net worth?

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