Lyta Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Lyta Net Worth and Biography

Net Worth $50,000
Name Lawal Raheem
Career Singer, Songwriter
Source of Wealth Music
Born July 4, 1998
Age 21
State of Origin Kwara State
Latest Update 2020

Lyta is a Nigerian artiste first signed to the YBNL music label by Olamide.

He is known for a couple of hit singles, and has worked with others top and talented singers in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

This is about the biography of Lyta, his net worth, age, real name, girlfriend, house, cars, and more.

Early Life

Lyta was born Lawal Raheem on the 4th of July, 1998, in Ajegunle, Lagos State, Nigeria. He’s talented and hails from Kwara State, Nigeria.

Lyta is really talented – Olamide doesn’t just sign untalented artistes, he sees a talent and provides a platform to grow it.

Lyta was signed into the top record label, YBNL Nation, on the 15th of February 2018.

He began singing as a child and discovered his musical talent at an early age.


He rose to stardom after his signature to become part of the YBNL family in February 2018.

At age 12, he was already a good musician who took music seriously, and who went to shows.

That’s how he met Olamide at a music concert where he performed.

Lyta already began performing at an early age of 12 years old, and when he performed at a concert Olamide was present at, he was contacted by the label boss and interest in his musical career spiked.

Olamide asked to see him at his place, and Lyta complied.

At Olamide’s convenient venue, Lyta was asked to do a little freestyle just to confirm the talent was real and pure.

Lyta’s freestyles were cool and Olamide had him close until he got signed in February 2018.

Olamide confirmed Lyta to be the best kid around, and Lyta also mentioned Olamide to be one of the biggest stars in the music industry considering his hit songs and several awards won.

Lyta did a song titled “TIME”.

The song was inspired by the loss of his best friend in 2017 – so he revealed.

TIME is Lyta’s hit song featuring label boss Olamide.

The song was remixed by Lyta, featuring Junior Boy.

Lyta also covered Adekunle Gold’s Ire, and his version of the song was super cool.

Much isn’t known about Lyta’s private life, but he isn’t married – this is a known fact.

Lyta at the moment is busy working on his music singles which would be released soon.

He’s working on a lot, including his debut album and also having a good time with the YBNL Nation music family.

Lyta’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is the net worth of Lyta?

Lyta has a estimated net worth of $50,000 dollars.

There’s a huge possibility that he’ll get endorsement offers from brands depending on how fast he grows in the music industry, and depending on the number of followers he’ll gain overtime.

Lyta was the newest, alongside Limerick, artiste signed to the YBNL music imprint after the first lady Yemmie Ovwasa.

From his looks, Lyta is a cool dude, a big drift from the conventional soul music is what’s expected from Lyta by several hundred thousand fans loving him already.

He earns from music sales, and performing at music concerts. Lyta also gets gifts from friends, and fans.

10 Facts About Lyta

  • His real name is Lawal Raheem.
  • Lyta was born on the 4th of July, 1988.
  • Born in Lagos State, he is a native of Kwara State, Nigeria.
  • He was signed to Olamide’s YBNL in 2018 alongside rapper Limerick.
  • At the age of 18, Lyta purchased his first vehicle which was a Mercedes Benz.
  • The youngster started performing at the young age of 12.
  • He is currently unmarried.
  • Lyta has not signed any mega endorsement deal yet.
  • He has worked musically with a lot of top Nigerian artistes including his former boss, Olamide.
  • He’s one of the youngest most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram.

FAQs About Lyta

Here are some of the most asked questions about Lyta…

Lyta’s Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Lyta’s net worth is N17.5 million.

What is the Real Name of Lyta?

Lyta’s real name is Lawal Raheem.

When Was Lyta Signed to YBNL?

Lyta was reportedly signed to YBNL on February 15th 2018. He was signed alongside Limerick, a young and talented rapper.

How Much is Lyta Collecting Per Show?

To book lyta for a show, it would cost well over N1 million naira. He’s a top star in Nigeria, and would turns the stage upsidedown wherever, whenever.

Who is Lyta YBNL?

Lyta YBNL is a simple, young and talented singer signed to YBNL.

He has released a number of hit singles and has been pretty much a success since the start of his professional music career.

How Old is Lyta?

Lyta was born in 1998. He is currently 20 (2019).

The exact age of Lyta can be gotten by subtracting his birth year from the current year.

Lyta’s Girlfriend

Does Lyta have a girlfriend?

This information isn’t yet known.

He’s of age to be into a relationship, but it’s not known if he’s into one yet.

Lyta’s House

The Nigerian music star lives in a comfortable apartment in Lagos, and he’s enjoying the company of the YBNL Gang.

Lyta’s Cars

Does Lyta have cars??

At the age of 18, Lyta acquired his first car – a Mercedes Benz.

Lyta’s Phone Number

Are you in search of the artiste’s phone number?

His correct and private phone number isn’t yet available to the public.

Is Lyta Still in YBNL

Reports hit the media that the young star was signed to YBNL in 2018 alongside Limerick.

In May 2019, it became news that Olamide unfollowed Lyta on social media.

Lyta is no longer signed to YBNL.

In an interview with Naijaloaded TV, he says YBNL and Olamide will always be a part of his story.

3 Good Lessons from Lyta

Age is No Barrier

You can be young and getting it right. Age is not a barrier. Lyta broke into fame before he clocked his 20s, you can do same (if you’re younger).

Live Ready

Opportunities may not wait for you to become prepared before it presents itself.

You’ve gotta live ready, and be prepared at all times to grab opportunities by the neck when it comes.

Stay Different

There’s a saying that goes… “If you try to make a difference in a society where everybody is trying to make a difference, you’ll be stuck back in the place you started from”.

Stay different. You don’t always have to TRY to be different. Uniqueness is in originality.


Here’s Lyta’s top 5 career highlights…

  • Honey (Single, 2018)
  • Cherry Eyes (Single, 2018)
  • Poison (Single, 2018)
  • Loke Loke (Single, 2019)
  • Monalisa ft. Davido (Single, 2019)


Lyta is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and recording artiste who got signed to YBNL in 2018.

He is known for a couple of hit singles including “Pesin”, and has worked with top stars in Nigeria.

Lyta has an estimated net worth of $50,000 dollars.

What do you think about Lyta’s net worth and biography?

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