Linda Ikeji Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Linda Ikeji Net Worth

Net Worth $40 Million
Name Linda Ikeji
Career Blogger, Businessperson
Source of Wealth Blogging, Business
Born September 19, 1980
Age 39
State of Origin Imo State
Latest Update 2020

Linda Ikeji is a famous internet entrepreneur and blogger who has accrued millions of naira from her internet ventures.

This quite about her net worth, biography, career, and her lifestyle. If you’re interested in getting to know more about the Nigerian blogger, stay on!

Early Life

Linda Ikeji was born on the 19th of September, 1980. She’s the second born child in her family, and she was born into a Catholic family.

She’s from Nkwerre, Imo State, Nigeria. Linda Ikeji is not only a blogger, she’s also a writer and a onetime model who turned blogger after her career as a model got no headstand.

Linda started writing at the age of 10 years. She was a brilliant kid who rounded off her secondary school education when she was 17.

At 18 years of age, the celebrity news blogger gained admission to study English Language at the University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.


As a student, she took up side jobs to assist her family and younger ones.

She was a waitress, a model and writer at same time, though all was in a hustle to make things better with her family. In 2004, she graduated with a degree in English Language from the University of Lagos.

Things didn’t work out fine for her as a model, she couldn’t live off her career. There wasn’t a better job on the way for her at that time, and in 2006, she made the decision that changed her life.

After reading the BellaNaija blog for four months, she created her blog, and began blogging.

During this time, the internet and owning blogs were not a reigning trend, so published content on the blog from Cyber café,  and in 2007, she got serious with her blogging career.

Linda Ikeji initially started blogging on a free domain, a sub-domain –

Later on she acquired a domain name and continued in the business more seriously. The name of her blog is just an obvious name of hers, it was commonly picked.

She didn’t want personality hidden behind the blog, rather, she wanted her audience to know her, and interact with her as a person, not a brand.

The Linda Ikeji TV Network

Linda Ikeji’s blog got so popular, and in 2012, it was surprisingly worth $1.2 million dollars.

It had thousands of news content of controversial nature. It didn’t take her time to surpass BellaNaija. Why? Nigerians love controversial personalities.

At every little political issue, Linda Ikeji reported situations from her point of view oftentimes with a formal tone.

She also picked on celebrities and engage in media battle with them. Linda Ikeji announced the creation of other projects like her television network, Linda Ikeji TV.

This was announced on the 22nd of August in 2016, and since then, she gets offers and contracts from companies regarding her achievements and her already established ventures.

Linda Ikeji TV is now very much an active TV network airing reality shows, interviews, and other television programmes.

The Linda Ikeji Radio Station

Linda Ikeji has a media house she acquired for millions of naira. It’s literarily her office where her team of writers manage the content on her blog, where the Linda Ikeji TV is run, and where she’s got her radio station.

Linda Ikeji is a woman of many dreams. With the radio station in operation, she passes across news content, live interviews and many other programmes. Some of the programmes aired on her radio station are also aired on her TV network.

Linda Ikeji Social was one of the many projects of Linda Ikeji which she launched in 2016. The project was described as a fusion of Facebook, OLX, Twitter, Nairaland, and Lindaikejisblog.

It was a platform that allowed users to create threads like a forum would, it allowed users to put up items for sale, allowed users to buy items from the store, follow and “unfollow” other users, and the platform was updated with news content several times per day.

Users are also allowed to create ad campaigns and run adverts with their accounts. Unfortunately, the platform was shut down due to short fails and inability to meet people’s expectations.

Nonprofit Project

Linda Ikeji has rooms in her heart for women. She tries to make other ladies in the society self made. Hence, she runs a project she titled” I’d Rather Be Self-Made, No Thanks”.

The project is nonprofit, she doesn’t look towards getting anything in return from her efforts.

With this project at a run, she assists young ladies who have entrepreneurial ideas and are aged 16 to 25. A huge sum of N10 million naira was given out by Linda Ikeji during the maiden phase of the nonprofit project.


Forbes is a well known media outlet, a multi-billion dollar company at that. The company’s branch in Africa, Forbes Africa, compiled a list of the top 20 most prominent African women in August 2012.

Interestingly, Linda Ikeji was listed alongside another Nigerian lady, Chibundu Onuzo. Both Nigerian ladies, Linda Ikeji being the second, featured on Forbes Africa’s list of 20 most prominent women in Africa, 2012.

This goes a long way to say that Linda Ikeji’s prominence has gone continental. In 2014, Nigerians searched for “Linda Ikeji” on Google several million times each month.

By the end of the year, Linda Ikeji’s name turned out to be the most searched term by Nigerian Google surfers notwithstanding the several prominent names in the country.

Controversial Blog Posts & Feuds

Like was earlier mentioned, Linda Ikeji is a very controversial blogger. She’s more like Sahara Reporters’ Omoyele Sowore. Her posts are very controversial oftentimes.

This has gotten her into unfavorable grounds with Nigerian celebrities like Wizkid, Tonto Dikeh, and fellow top blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus.

Her blog has been used to foster campaigns like the #SaveMayowa campaign. She also has published controversial posts about Nigerian actress Funke Akindele, top Nigerian actor Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), and descriptively defamatory posts about Doyin Okupe.

The Shutdown of Lindaikejisblog

On the 8th of October, 2014, Linda Ikeji’s blog was shut down for reportedly violating some of Google’s polities. However, the blog was put back online on the 10th of October, 2014.

During this time, several Nigerian blogs got the news that Linda Ikeji’s Blog had been brought down.

It was deduced that the blog was brought down due to content violations and copyright infringement. Good news is that the blog was restored.

Linda Ikeji for now isn’t married. She’s not married, and it has not been made known if she’s into a relationship or not.

She has dated several highly placed individuals including Cool FM’s Dan Foster in the past. She lives in Banana Island, Lagos state with her family.

Linda Ikeji is currently has a boy child named Jayce for Nigerian businessman and oil magnate Sholaye Jeremi.

Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

Linda Ikeji has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars. She makes a lot of money from her blog;, and her media house; Linda Ikeji TV.

Her blog is one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria. Linda is paid heavily by brands to put their adverts on their blog. She also earns from Google AdSense, direct sponsored posts, and featured posts.

Her blog has been used severally to support the decisions of campaigns of politicians, brands or companies.

Individuals who wish to influence the masses or pass across an important message to them in form of advertisements pay Linda to upload these adverts or posts on her blog.

In the past, she got paid heavily by politicians, celebrities, and other dignitaries to help them land one or more sponsored content her blog. Aside this, her blog is painted with adverts by different brands in Nigeria.

Most of these brands put millions annually into advertising on Linda Ikeji’s blog. Her Google AdSense earnings would essentially be one of her primary and most stable means of income from the blog.

Her defunct social media,, which was also an e-commerce platform fetched her some cash.

Linda Ikeji is currently the richest blogger in Nigeria, Africa, and with her current net worth and blog worth, she’s now one of the world’s richest bloggers.

10 Facts About Linda Ikeji

  • Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger, entrepreneur, and a businesswoman.
  • She was born on the 19th of September, 1980.
  • Linda Ikeji was born in Imo State, Nigeria.
  • She’s a native of Nkwerre in Imo State.
  • She was born into an average Catholic family as the second child.
  • Linda Ikeji studied English Language at the Lagos State University.
  • She started writing at the age of 10.
  • At age 17, she was done with secondary school.
  • Her blogging career started in 2006, and she started in a cyber café.
  • Before she started blogging, she was a professional model. Along the way, modeling didn’t get her far, so she quit for blogging.

FAQs About Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji’s House and Cars

Linda Ikeji is resident in Banana Island, Lagos State, which is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Africa.

Her gigantic mansion there in Banana Island is worth over N500 million naira. She owns a N75 millions naira duplex in Imo State, and another house in Surulere valued at over N100 million naira. Linda got her first vehicle in 2011, a Toyota Camry worth millions at the time.

She later purchased an Infinity, and then another more superior vehicle – a range rover sport. Both cars cost her several millions of naira.

She has also been very generous to her parents, she gifted her mum an Acura SUV worth over N15 million naira.

She also bought her younger sister, Sandra Ikeji, a N30 million naira worth Mercedes Benz GLE.

Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth in Naira

Her net worth in the Nigerian currency is an estimated N14 billion naira.

Who is Linda Ikeji’s Husband?

Linda Ikeji was in an affair with Sholaye Jeremiah, and they both had a child. She was never married to him, and unfortunately, they’re no longer together.

How Much is Linda Ikeji Worth?

The Nigerian blogger is worth over $40 million. She has been in the media industry for over a decade and her blog is worth well over $10 million.

How Old is Linda Ikeji?

She was born in 1980. To know the current age of Linda Ikeji, subtract the year of birth from the current year in question.

Where is Linda Ikeji from?

Linda Ikeji is from Imo State, Nigeria. She hails from Nkwerre in Imo State, Nigeria.

How Much Does Linda Ikeji Earn Daily?

It would be near impossible to get the accurate figure of Linda Ikeji’s daily earnings as QIB is quite far from their bank statement and financial pocket. Her blog is a multimillion dollar blog, and generates over N2m daily.

How Does Linda Ikeji Make Money from Her Blog?

She earns from direct adverts from companies and individual personalities, and from Google Ads. Other sources of income from her blog would include sponsored posts and product sales.

How Much Does Linda Ikeji Earn Monthly?

Linda Ikeji earns over N10m from her blog on a monthly basis. She earns from other sources including her TV channel.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Linda Ikeji’s Blog?

It could cost from as low as N50k to as much as N3m to place adverts or buy advert spots on Linda Ikeji’s blog.

3 Good Lessons from Linda Ikeji

Never Give Up

Notwithstanding the odds, don’t give up. Management acumen, and the ability to adapt quick would help a longtime.

Be Irresistible

Don’t give up chances for conditions or situations to resist you. Keep pushing up.

Don’t Find Excuses

Excuses will always be there even when they don’t have to. The more excuses you make up, the more time you waste. And the more time you waste, the more life runs out.


Some of Linda Ikeji’s biggest career highlights are:

  • Started Blogging Career (2006)
  • Acquired First Vehicle (2012)
  • Got on Forbes Africa (2012)
  • Blog Shut Down (2014)
  • Launched LIS (2016)
  • Launched Linda Ikeji TV (2016)
  • Moved Into Office (2016)
  • Ushers in First Child (2018)


Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian entrepreneur, blogger, fashionista, and businessperson. She’s one of the richest bloggers not just in Nigeria or Africa, but in the world.

She’s very successful, and has won awards for her hard work. Linda Ikeji now has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars.

What do you think about Linda Ikeji’s net worth, biography, career, and lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.

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