Kizz Daniel Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Kizz Daniel net worth

Net Worth $5 Million
Name Oluwatobilola Anidugbe Daniel
Career Musician
Source of Wealth Music, Endorsements
Born May 1, 1994
Age 25
State of Origin Ogun State
Latest Update 2020

Kizz Daniel is a very famous Nigerian music star who got to limelight with his hit single titled Woju.

The song brought him out and also opened doors of opportunities for him. Until the hit song, he was signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment music label.

Although he remained signed to the label after he got famous, things went the wrong path and he broke out of the label to form his label known as Fly Boy Inc.

Early Life

Kizz Daniel was born Oluwatobilola Anidugbe Daniel in Ogun State, Nigeria. The very talented Nigerian singer hails from a local government area known as Abeokuta North in his birthplace, Ogun State.

He grew up in Ogun State, and schooled there as well. He schooled at the Ogun International Montessori, Nursery and Primary School, Abeokuta Grammar School in Ogun State and there he acquired basic primary education.

Upon rounding off primary and secondary schooling, he gained admission to study at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

In 2013, Kizz Daniel was done with University education as he bagged a bachelor’s degree in Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology from FUNAAB (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta).

Growing up was normal for Kizz Daniel as he revealed that his parents wanted the best education for him, and childhood experience for him wasn’t all bad and sad.

Kizz Daniel revealed quite a lot about himself. He revealed that his relatives do support his musical career, and they’d do a lot to push him forward.

According to Kizz Daniel, he’s a big fan of food. He also loves junk food, especially ice cream. At age 11, Kizz Daniel already started singing and writing songs.

His talent grew alongside his age over the years to what it has become today. While in school at FUNAAB, Kizz Daniel started doing music professionally alongside doing bookwork.

He would often travel to different cities in different Nigerian States during school vacation, and he loved it so well.


After graduating from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Kizz Daniel settled down, had his head put right, and took music more seriously.

Eventually, Kizz Daniel met with the chief executive officer of G-Worldwide Entertainment, Emperor Geezy.

After confirming that Kizz Daniel was a load of talent, he got him signed to his record label, G-Worldwide Entertainment.

On the 1st of May, 2014, Kizz Daniel released his debut single which he titled Shoye.

The single was produced by BeatBurx under the G-Worldwide music imprint operated by Emperor Geezy.

The music video of the single was also released and was directed by MEX. On the 1st of September, 2014, Kizz Daniel released his second single titled Woju.

The single was produced by DJ Coublon, and a video for the song was shot and directed by Adasa Cookey in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Woju was a bigger hit than the debut single. It topped charts and attracted several artistes in Nigeria.

Later on, a remix for the single was released by Kizz Daniel featuring vocals from Tiwa Savage and OBO Davido.

Kizz Daniel mentioned that he draws inspiration from music artistes like Ed Sheeran, 2Baba, Oritse Femi, Wande Coal, and a few other legendary musicians in Nigeria. He loves ice cream and junk foods.

How He Got His Name

Kizz Daniel is now his display name, or stage name. He got his former name, Kiss Daniel, when he was in school.

At school, he wasn’t the only Daniel so it was somewhat difficult to describe a particular Daniel someone wanted to talk about.

If you’re a big fan, you would observe that Kizz Daniel has a dimple on one cheek, and when a person has two dimples, they’re normally called Kisses. Kizz Daniel’s case was unique with one dimple, and so he was called “Kiss”.

“Kiss” is the singular of “Kisses”. It served as a way to differentiate both Daniels in school, and Kizz Daniel mastered the name, added his own name in from of it and got “Kiss Daniel”.

Split from G-Worldwide Entertainment

Kizz Daniel officially announced that he had left his first music label G-Worldwide Entertainment.

The announcement was made in 2017, and he announced same time that he had created his music label, Fly Boy Inc.

The management at G-Worldwide, and the boss, Emperor Geezy however did not allow him leave the label so cheaply.

He was sued and charges were dressed against him.

At the end of it all, Kizz Daniel was found innocent of all accusations by the G-Worldwide management.

Kizz Daniel is currently not married, and he’s living well performing at shows, and making music. He lost his Dad in 2015, precisely in May 9th.

He is at the top of his musical career at the moment being a young CEO of a new music label.

Kizz Daniel’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is the net worth of Kizz Daniel?

Kizz Daniel (formerly Kiss Daniel) has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars. He makes a lot of money from show bookings, music sales, and other deals.

Kizz Daniel signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Hennessey in January 2017, and has probably penned advert deals with private individuals, brands and companies in the past.

10 Facts About Kizz Daniel

  • Kizz Daniel is a talented singer and songwriter.
  • His real name is Oluwatobilola Anidugbe Daniel.
  • He was born in Ogun State, Nigeria.
  • He schooled at the Ogun International Montessori, Nursery and Primary School, Abeokuta Grammar School, Ogun State.
  • Kizz Daniel studied Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology at FUNAAB (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta)
  • He started singing at the age of 11.
  • His first single was released in 2014 under G-Worldwide Entertainment.
  • Unfortunately, the Nigerian singer lost his Dad in year 2015.
  • He had support to become a musician from relatives and his parents.
  • He was a lead music star at G-Worldwide Entertainment and in 2017, Kizz Daniel launched his own music label, Fly Boi Inc.

FAQs About Kizz Daniel

How Much Does Kizz Daniel Charge/Collect Per Show?

Per show, Kizz Daniel earns over N2 million naira in Nigeria, and we know these artistes, especially famous ones, get booked more frequently in every month of the year.

While he’s out of the country, in the UK/US, he earns several thousand dollars per show. Fans are going crazy to see this “Jaho” crooner.

Does Kizz Daniel Have a Girlfriend?

Well, I thought you’d want to know if he does have a girlfriend.

True fact, Kizz Daniel is really handsome, and has dated quite a number of beautiful ladies in the past.

Currently, details of his love aren’t scattered all over the internet just yet. But for a guy like Kizz Daniel who wants to remain relevant in music, having a girlfriend would be some sort of distraction.

Who knows?

Kizz Daniel’s Phone Number & Contact Details

The private phone number of Kizz Daniel isn’t publicly available. This is due to security reasons. Many of our Nigerian brothers and sisters will call his line the whole day till he picks up.

You can get to his management on +447960174514.

Kizz Daniel’s Parents

His parents are Mr. & Mrs. Anidugbe. Very little is known about them.

Unfortunately, he lost his Dad, Mr. Kola Anidugbe, on the 1st of May, 2015.

Kizz Daniel’s Age

He was born in 1994, and he’s currently 25 years (2019). You can get his exact age by subtracting his birth year from the current year in question.

Kizz Daniel’s Wedding

For now, no wedding ceremony has been organized for the star.

He isn’t married.

Kizz Daniel’s Awards

Kizz Daniel has been a recipient of several awards. These awards include:

Nigeria Entertainment Award: Afropop Artist of the Year (2016), Hottest Single of the Year (2016), Best New Act to Watch (2015)

City People Music Award: Music Artist of the Year, Male (2016)

The Headies: Best R&B/Pop Album (2016), Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year (2016), Album of the Year (2016)

Kizz Daniel and Chidinma’s Relationship

For real, Kizz Daniel and Chidinma’s relationship status isn’t known.

In an interview, this is what Chidinma said about their relationship:

I don’t like to speak about my relationship or love life in public. There is nothing to talk about me and Kiss Daniel; people can say anything they want to say. Whether I am in a relationship with him or not, everyone will get to know later. I find it weird that I am always linked to one musician or the other. At times, it takes extra effort for me to convince people that certain reports about me are untrue.

Kizz Daniel’s Family

Very little information has been surfaced about the family of Kizz Daniel.

For sure, I don’t know if he’s got any sibling, but he has parents and loved ones.

Does Kizz Daniel Have a Private Jet?

In January 2019, photos of Kizz Daniel in a private jet broke on the internet.

Different news platforms took it to the people’s notice that the music star purchased a private jet and hung out with Triple MG’s Ubi Franklin.

Does Kizz Daniel Have a Child?

Not yet.

Kizz Daniel does not have a child yet.

In spite of his uncertain relationship with Chidinma Ekile, he’s not expecting a baby anytime soon.

What is the Real Name of Kizz Daniel?

His real name is Oluwatobilola Anidugbe Daniel, and his stage name was Kiss Daniel, now Kizz Daniel after incorporating his new record label, Fly Boy Inc.

Who is Kizz Daniel’s Father?

His Dad’s name is Kola Anidugbe, and he passed away on the 29th of May, 2015.

How Old is Kizz Daniel Now?

Kizz Daniel is still pretty young.

He was born in 1994, and you can easily get his current age by doing a simple arithmetic: subtract his birth year from the current year.

When Was Kizz Daniel Born?

He was born on the 1st of May, 1994.

Is Kizz Daniel a Graduate?

Of course. He is a graduate of Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology from FUNAAB (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta).

Who is Kizz Daniel Currently Dating?

The current girlfriend of Kizz Daniel isn’t known.

He is into a relationship, whether it is with Chidinma or some other pretty lady, very few people know.

What is the Net Worth of Kizz Daniel?

His net worth is a whooping $5 million dollars.

Kizz Daniel’s Net Worth in Naira 2019

What is Kizz Daniel’s net worth in naira?

The equivalence of his dollar net worth would be N875 million.

Where is the Home State of Kizz Daniel?

Kizz Daniel is a native of Ogun State, Nigeria.

Kizz Daniel’s House and Cars

Kizz Daniel lives in a comfy apartment and has acquired a number of exotic and expensive vehicles since 2015.

3 Fascinating Lessons from Kizz Daniel

Stick With Your Style

Your style will stand you out and make the people or audience develop unmeasured value for you or your brand. You don’t have to turn a photocopying machine. Stick with your style.

Keep Moving

There’s a secret about successful people and companies – they don’t cease to function very easily. There’s nothing you can’t achieve if you keep moving.

Be Fearless

Fearless people always get the bigger share off a profit, and they make life changing decisions. Fear strips you off the chances to take risks, fail, and succeed.


Here are some top career highlights of Kizz Daniel:

  • Woju (Single, 2014)
  • Mama (Single, 2016)
  • Jombo (Single, 2016)
  • Launched Fly Boi Inc (2017)
  • Yeba (Single, 2017)
  • No Bad Songz (Album, 2018)
  • Fvck You (Single, 2019)
  • Pak ‘n’ Go (Single, 2019)


Kizz Daniel is a Nigerian singer, and songwriter. He’s known for several hit songs and has bagged a couple of musical awards in Nigeria.

Over the years, Kizz Daniel has met with some of the biggest musicians in Nigeria including Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Burna Boy, Lil Kesh, and Don Jazzy.

Notwithstanding the challenges he went through with his ex record label, he remained creative enough to release hit songs that won him awards.

The talented Nigerian singer and songwriter has performed countless times at major music concerts in and out of Nigeria.

He also sealed major endorsement deals with companies, and has a couple of albums that remain relevant till this day. Kizz Daniel is the CEO of Fly Boi Inc, and has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.

What do you think about Kizz Daniel’s net worth, career, and lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.

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