JowiZazaa Net Worth 2019, Biography, Father, Age, House, and Cars

JowiZazaa Net Worth, Biography, Father, Age, House, and Cars

JowiZazaa is one of Nigeria’s richest money bags who is trending on social media.

The young man whose under 40 has been living under the low since the reign of other Nigerian big boys including the likes of Investor BJ, B Naira, and Mompha.

He has exotic cars and he cruises them in and out of the Nigerian borders.

Jowi Zaza owns a mansion at Chevron Drive, Lekki, and that’s where he lives in.

Based on our lite research, JowiZazaa is a graduate of Coventry University, London.

He also attended the Madonna University, Okija.

Jowi Zaza acquired secondary school education at the Sacred Heart Seminary, Enugu.

He parades the air in first-class cabin, and shops with top designers including Dolce and Gabbana, Zara, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

JowiZazaa’s Father

Who is the father of Jowi Zazaa?

At the moment, the father and mother of Jowi Zaza isn’t known.

He doesn’t talk much about his family, and himself.

From the properties he owns, it’s inferred that his father would be the founder of Jezco Oil.

JowiZazaa’s House

He owns several mansions in Chevron Drive, Lekki, and in the US.

JowiZaza’s Instagram Page

Jowi Zaza is available on Instagram as @jowizaza.

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JowiZazaa is from Which State?

The state of origin of Jowi Zaza is not available anywhere on the internet.

Most of the information about him are not available because he hasn’t been approached by any notable news media, or agency.

JowiZazaa’s Net Worth 2019

At the moment, the net worth of JowiZazaa is $45 million dollars.

From his photos with several white people and rich folks, it seems like he’s from a very wealthy family.

Fans of the Nigerian social media sensation believe he is into some sort of illegitimate business.

Besides all of the shadow, he’s into Oil business, and he’s known to be the CEO of Jezco Oil.

His business is worth billions of naira, and his wealth is genuine.

Jowizazaa’s Wikipedia Profile

Currently, Jowi Zazaa’s profile on Wikipedia isn’t available.

All information about him basically is what I try to reprint here on this page.

JowiZazaa’s Real Name

The real name of Jowi Zaza isn’t known.

Very little is known about his personal life.

Who is Jowi Zazaa for Real?

Jowi Zaza is a Nigerian big boy, and a very wealthy one.

He is known for his lavish lifestyle, and some advertising agencies have seen reasons to use his photos as a cover for adverts relating to making money, and trade.

JowiZazaa’s Business

What business does Jowi Zaza do?

From the photos he shares, it is close to obvious that he is into cargo business, which is his Jezco Oil & Gas.

JowiZazaa’s Cars

The Nigerian billionaire has a fleet of very expensive vehicles including a Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, and other costly SUVs.

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