JJC Skillz Abdul Rasheed Bello’s Net Worth in 2020 and Biography

JJC Skillz Abdul Rasheed Bello Net Worth
JJC Skillz Abdul Rasheed Bello’s Net Worth and Biography

Abdul Rasheed Bello has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. He’s a Nigerian rapper, music producer, and songwriter. He earns from several sources which included music sales, music production, and other personal deals.

JJC Skillz was born Abdul Rasheed Bello on the 4th of April, 1977. He was born in Kano State, Nigeria, and has lived in London for more than 25 years. His stage name, JJC, means Johnny Just Come.

It’s a sort of Nigeria slang that indicates a beginner or someone who just arrived. It’s also a description of someone whose quite naive and who needs to be taught quite a lot.

He’s a Nigerian producer, and his songs have gone viral from Africa to the world. He’s quite an influential personality in the entertainment industry, and has a good flow with top industry guys in Africa.

Abdul’s journey into the music industry started as far back as when he was only 16 years of age. At the time, he wasn’t known and hadn’t become all too popular as he was just a newbie in the music industry, and in the game of music production.

He worked with the Big Brovaz, which was quite a successful music group at the time. The music group had singles going viral and they were on mainstream at the time.

The Big Brovaz had multiple platinum with their songs, and they topped music charts in Africa. They were a successful group, and the group remains one of the very first music group JJC worked with. He also worked with the likes of Jamelia, Liberty X, Lemar, and other foreign artistes from the UK, and US.

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Having gained enough grounds in the UK and US market, he sought to explore into the African market and this he did by launching musical projects which included Afrobeat and Afropean. To his favour, the projects went viral not just nationally, they went intercontinental.

Moving on with his career, he got to meet talented musicians and formed the African Super Group. The group was named JJC & The 419 Squad. Following their formation was success in the music industry, and they fortunately won a KORA All Africa Music Awards in 2004.

The Nigerian producer went far in performing in different countries which included his home Nigeria, the United States, France, and Italy. He worked with a ton of other African music giants including Don Jazzy, his 419 Squad, Weird MC, and Bouqui.

He and his 419 music squad broke the record as the first Nigerians and first music group to appear on Tim Westwood’s BBC Radio Show. JJC assisted in the organization of MTV 100th Live broadcasting programme in Abuja which was channelled to 164 countries, and reaching more than 400 million households.

The Nigerian music producer does a lot of good music from far home. Despite not being in Nigeria and Africa most of all the time, he still produces nice songs to oil the music industry in the continent.

One of his top hit singles he released remains the song, We Are Africans. The music video for the song was equally a hit, and has more than 2 million views on the video streaming and sharing platform, YouTube.

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The song was written to appreciate the beauty of Africa, and also recognize the uniqueness of the average African man. After the release of the song, it quickly became a hit vibe and was aired not just in Nigeria, but in many other African nations.

Most played and notable hit songs aside “We Are Africans’, include Save The Last Dance, Feeling You, My Life, Eru, and African S.K.A.N.K. Abdul Rasheed Bello has a good heart towards not just Nigerians but Africans.

He has contributed to the betterment of Africans by sponsoring and supporting charity projects which include the Walk for Aids 2012, Joyful Joy (Malaria & Aids Charity), and the SWAT (seminars organized to increase the intelligence and creativity of African kids).

JJC has a very happy family. The family comprises himself, his famous wife Funke Akindele who has risen to become one of Africa’s most loved actresses, and the kids he has with three different women.

Being that he’s married to Funke Akindele, he still gets in touch with the mothers of his kids, and gets across to the kids too. JJC Skillz has been married a couple of years to Funke Akindele, and they’re love life isn’t hidden from the media.

The Nigerian music producer keeps to his work, and he’s hellbent on promoting the African music and talented voices from Africa. He’s one of the most successful Nigerian music producers, and he’s topnotch at what he does.


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