How to Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria Today

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Barbing business in Nigeria is turning out to be one of the neatest and most lucrative businesses anyone can start up.

Gone are the days when barbing was done by people who could not afford to go to school.

Today, there are professional barbers making more money than bank managers.


Do you want to know how it’s possible to earn over 1 million naira from a barbing salon every month, you’ll get to know very soon.

Personally, I know a few barbers in my State, Edo State who earn over N2 million naira per month, and have workers doing the business for them.

They’re good barbers though, but they pay their employees pretty well and still get over N2 million naira in profit.

These are barbers that cut for just N1,000 naira and get about 50 customers daily.

You can imagine.

You might want to know the average price a barber earns from his business right?

Let’s face it.

How Much Do Barbers Earn in Nigeria Monthly?

Barbers, like it or not, are entrepreneurs. They do not earn a fixed amount, say N50,000 naira per month.


Their monthly revenue is based on a few factors. These factors include:

1. Location of the Salon
Barbers in a very dull location will earn less than barbers in active and lucrative areas.

The location determines how frequently people will come to your store, and how much you earn.

2. The Number of People They Cut in a Month
A barber that cuts 10 people in a month will definitely earn less than the one that cuts 100 in a month. This depends on something else…

the price per cut…

3. Price Per Cut
So, if a barber cuts for N200 naira per hair, that’s N200 * 100 if he cuts 100 people in a month = N20,000.00.

If a barber cuts 10 people in a month, and cuts for N10,000 naira per hair – yes they cut this high especially in Lagos – per month, that’s N10,000 * 10 = N100,000 naira.

What happens if a barber cuts for N5,000 per cut and gets 300 customers in a month 😎?

4. Opening Hours
Opening hours also determine the amount of money a barber earns in a month.

This is because the more hours you spend at work is the more customers you’re likely to get. The more customers you get, the more money you’re likely to earn.

5. The Uniqueness and Quality of Service
The cost of services from barber to barber varies, and its a major cause of difference in monthly earnings.

Some barbers charge very high, and some very low, as low as N200 naira per cut, and N1,000 naira for nail manicure.

Basic Tools and Equipments in Starting a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria and Elsewhere

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There are various equipments that you find in a barber’s shop. These equipments complement each other, and sometimes, one can be used in place of the other.

There are a lot of barbing tools most barbing salons in Nigeria don’t even think of buying because they’re either too expensive or not in the country for sale at all.

Here are the most basic furniture, equipment and tools you’ll need in starting your barbing salon:

  • Couches
  • Neck Tissues
  • Hair Cream
  • Moisterizers
  • Clipper Guards
  • Clipper Fluid
  • Brooms
  • After-shaves
  • Hair Dye & Tint
  • Hair Spray
  • Tables
  • Wahl Detailers (Secondary)
  • Dye Spray (Secondary)
  • Markers
  • Powder
  • Cupboards
  • Wallpapers
  • Good Clippers
  • Sterilizers
  • Pictures
  • Waiting Chairs
  • Proper Lightening
  • Towels
  • Towel Warmer
  • TV set
  • Wall Mirrors
  • A Standard, Reliable Generator
  • Blades
  • Dusting Powders
  • Hair Driers
  • Combs
  • Hairbrushes
  • Cover Clothes
  • Air Conditioners or Ceiling/Standing Fans

How to Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria and Earn Millions from Your Business

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Barbing is not a dirty job, here’s how to do it good and earn a lot of money from it.

You could even become know as one of the best barbers in your community or the State if you do it right:

1. Make Plans

It’s best to make plans before you do anything. The plan should be the things you’d run with in the long run.

From how many employees you’ll have in the beginning of the business to the amount you will be collecting per haircut, make the plans.

Also, you should visit several barbing salons, see how they’re doing it, spot what they’re not doing and make plans to fill in the gap. You should have a business plan in general, and a proposal.

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2. Find Out the Cost of Starting the Business

It’s time to find out what it costs to establish a barbing salon.

How Much Will it Cost to Open a Barbing Salon?

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It depends on what you want and how you want it. There’s really no fixed price in opening a barbing salon in Nigeria or anywhere else.

All that makes up the cost of establishing the business is the location, and the equipments.

When I say the location, I mean the cost of renting a shop in the different locations, and the quality of equipments you’ll have to purchase.

If you intend rending a small salon and starting small, you could spend as little as N300,000 naira in starting your barbing salon. Bigger dreams come with bigger investment.

So, if your barbing salon is set to be one of the best in the state, and you plan on earning a fortune, you could spend more than N3,000,000 naira in establishing it.

It’s better to spend more, because it won’t take time to earn what you spent in starting the business after months of starting it.

There is no fixed cost in starting a barbing salon business, the quality of things make up the cost.

It depends on the number of equipments, furniture, size/location of the shop.

A barber planning to start with 10 clippers will spend more than the one planning to start with 3 clippers. Like I said before, it depends.

3. Find a Good Location

A good location is one that has no to very little competitors, has a very high number of inhabitants, and one that business would easily thrive in.

What happens if you have no competitor?

Well, you know the story. You’ll have more customers and will earn a lot of money before someone starts thinking of starting a barbing salon near you.

On the second note, your prices could go way up, and people will just have to get used to it (if your services are equally worth it and topnotch).

What happens if you have a lot of competitors?

You may easily fold up after a few months into the business, and it will be very difficult for you to get loyal customers.

Lucrative locations or communities where barbing salons are barely in existence, and where there are lots of people is best to start one.

4. Rent a Good Shop

In renting a shop for your barbing salon, you should look at the:

i. Location
Unless you want to cut 5 people in a day, you should look for vacant shops in environments that are lively.

There’s a slim chance you could earn N1 million naira monthly from your barbing salon if you start in a very closed environment.

Lively areas or communities are the best places to start a barbing salon. Shops are pretty expensive in these areas, but it’s worth it.

ii. Size
The size of the shop matters because you may need to do other things aside barbing later. Whichever way, the shop should not be as small as a self-contained kitchen.

It should be able to accommodate everything you have – furniture, equipments, and human resources.

In spite of this, there should be free space to walk around in. A spacious shop would allow for proper ventilation than a smaller shop.

iii. Cost
Don’t go for a shop that is overly expensive. Chances are you may not be able to renew your rent fee the next year upon the expiration of your rent.

So, it’s wise to go for a shop that is not too expensive so that you could renew it when you want.

5. Design Your Store, Get Good Furniture and Equipments

In designing your barbing salon, put quality rather than aesthetic first. You should go for the modern designs and get the best equipments in barbing.

There are some barbing equipments like Clippers that are very quality, modern, but not all that expensive.

In making a difference, you should not use what other barbers are using.

Your equipments should be topnotch and like the ones not easily seen or used.

There are smaller stronger clippers, shaving blades, and other real modern tools in the market.

Speaking furniture, you should get quality and equally modern designs. From your chairs to your drawers and mirrors, everything should speak of quality.

I’m emphasizing on quality because you won’t have to spend money in replacing it every three months.

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Ensure your salon has a nice smell…

Not the smell of dead cockroaches everywhere…

Speaking of design, don’t paint your barbing salon all red like a shrine.


Use the most modern paintings and designs. You could get wallpapers and use POP ceiling designs.

Lightening shouldn’t be fire bulbs…


Use something of class. It may not be the best, or most expensive, but let it be out of normal.

6. Get and Use a Good Brand Name

Your barbing salon shouldn’t have a name that will make people laugh whenever they hear it.

Give your business a name that people will find fun, and easy to remember.

It’s all about creating a brand. The more professional and modern your business looks, the better for you.

I’ve observed that good name is not only better than riches, it spreads faster than riches.

When your business name is unique, you have more chances of going viral. Some of the biggest barbers in Nigeria today and worldwide have epic names.

They don’t use names like “Thence Is Here Barbing Salon” or “Thames Fizzle Store and Salons”.


They use easy names that their customers find very easy to remember. Most of the salons I’ve been to usually have the “haircut” at the back of their names.

For example, it’s either “Wesley’s Haircut” or “Sam’s Haircut”. Don’t make it a tradition to include “haircut” to your business name.

7. Recruit Good Barbers

If you want your business to be a mega one, you can’t work alone.

You will have to employ other hands when you start getting a lot of customers and also, you can venture into other areas of nail and hair maintenance such as manicure and weaving respectively.

But if you plan on starting alone and becoming the sole barber, get ready for real work. Whichever way you want it, as long as you can deliver the perfect services, you’re good to go.

If you’ll be recruiting new barbers to your shop, make sure:

i. The Barbers are Experienced and Good

You can’t make the mistake of recruiting a barber who has never cut someone’s hair before, or, who has been practicing with a mannequin.

If you’re to recruit new barbers, they’ll have to learn for months and after that, you can choose to retain them or free them.

ii. They Have Good Manners

Sometimes, it is not the owner of a business that ruins the business, it is the staff. Barbers with poor attitude may end up starting a fight with your customers.

On this note, you’ll have to give proper orientation on how to approach customers and how to interact.

iii. You Can Trust Them

You would make a big mistake to entrust resources into the hands of someone you don’t know or can’t trust.

You should have the complete details of the employee or employees, know their house, their referees or guarantors, and know what they’re capable of to an extent.

What if I Can’t Barb?

If you’re not so good in barbing yourself, you can’t escape employing a good barber to run the shop while you perform administrative roles.

Basically, this is an arrangement that leaves the expert barber with a percentage (maybe 30%) of monthly earnings and the owner of the store with 70%. It’s based on arrangement.

8. Register Your Business

Government officials and ministries are known to look into something when it’s growing exponentially, and rapidly.

So, to safe yourself and your business, you should register your barbing salon and get whatever license needed for the business.

You should register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, and ascertain your business is ready to stand legally.

Businesses get into government trouble when they don’t obtain the necessary documents or licenses.

9. Create Awareness

One of the biggest falls most barbing salons make before and after their launch is failure to create exposure, or failure to try and create exposure.

When you open your salon, there’s no guarantee customers will start rushing down to your shop, unless your a relative to Davido or one famous celebrity.

You have to reach out, make tell people you’re into this business. How can you do this?

Here are 6 real ways to create exposure for your barbing salon:

Words of Mouth

Before you even start up your salon, you should tell your friends, family, and people around you about it.

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This way, interested ones will keep asking when and where your salon would be open and located respectively. Words spread faster than fire.

So, when you tell a person, that person tells another, and another.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of customers you would have in the first week of opening your barbing salon.

Post Banners

You could place banners and posters around specific focus centres in your community or your city.

You can also make it Statewide as people could travel from one community or city in a State to another just to get an haircut from their barber.

Posters and Banners that are catchy will drag customers to your salon.

Play Good Music


Play good music! People wound want to know what’s going on there and the more they get they’re attention directed at your salon, the more people you’ll get to cut in a day.

Some people just will pass your store without ever knowing there’s a barbing salon there.

So, there needs to be something to pull in their attention, something to let them know “there’s a barbing salon here”.

Share Fliers

Sharing fliers with your contact details and salon name on it would increase the number of customers you’ll get to your shop eventually, and in the long run.

People are good at trying something for the first time, and after that, if they’re pleased, they keep coming.

Social Media Awareness

I know of several barbers with thousands of followers on social media.

These barbers spend money in advertising their brand online and also, they get new customers by the day.

Creating awareness on social media is one of the best ways to reach out to new customers especially if you’re into home service.

Traditional Advertisement

This has to do with you paying for an advert space on your local TV/Radio channels.

I said local channels because local people in your community or city are the ones who will form the majority of customers you’ll have.

So, when advertising your salon on the TV/Radio channels, make sure your services and prices are topnotch and affordable respectively.

Some people will not find it difficult to pay N5,000 naira for an haircut given that the place is modern, conducive, entertaining, topnotch, and the haircut is much more than okay.

10. Make Good Impressions

Within the first few months or few days to weeks of opening your barbing salon, try your best to make the best impressions.

People in the community where you opened your saloon will be more interested in patronizing you after hearing your cut is excellent than hearing you badly cut people’s hair or your have a poor attitude.

It you give the wrong impressions at the beginning, it can go a long way in ruining your business in the long run.

This is one of the reasons several huge barbing salon that started big end up with very little customers and eventually close up, or relocate to a new location.

I’ve seen…

One of the things you should try your best to do it treat people with maximum respect.

However, this doesn’t mean you should smile when someone starts damaging your equipments in your salon.

People like to be treated with respect, and they’ll respect themselves back most of the time.

Be nice in starting a conversation, be friendly and give them the best haircut as possible.

Try not to be too boring, because boring barbers barely have returning customers.

When you’re lively and interactive, and still manage to give them the best haircut, your customers will increase rapidly, and you might start rendering home service soon.

Again, when your customers are satisfied with your services and are happy with you, they won’t find it very troubling when you up your price.

They wouldn’t want to miss the comfort they get from barbing at your salon, and so, they’ll stick with your price.


In summary, here are 10 steps to starting a successful barbing saloon in Nigeria…

  • Make Plans
  • Find Out the Cost of Starting the Business
  • Find a Good Location
  • Rent a Good Shop
  • Design Your Store, Get Good Furniture and Equipments
  • Get and Use a Good Brand Name
  • Recruit Good Barbers
  • Register Your Business
  • Create Awareness
  • Make Good Impressions


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