Erigga Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Erigga Net Worth


Net Worth $150,000
Name Erhiga Agarivbie
Career Rapper, Songwriter
Source of Wealth Music
Born March 30, 1987
Age 32
State of Origin Delta State
Latest Update 2020

Erigga is one of the biggest indigenous rappers in Nigeria. He’s otherwise called the King of the South, New Money, or PaperBoi…

You know what makes him very unique?

It’s the fact that he carries everyone along. Erigga raps in the Nigerian broken English you know to be pidgin language…


…he does it very perfectly.

The young man has garnered lots of experience in life, and from his bags of experience, he spins out words and quotes that have never been heard. That’s why people say experience is the best teacher…

But I quite disagree.

Since he rose to limelight, the nature of his songs have led him to be underrated most of the time.

And due to the vulgar nature of his songs, he got very little exposure until now. In 2018, Erigga released an hit single, Motivation, featuring Victor Adere (AD).

The song was more like a street anthem, and it went viral like mad. Personally, I fell in love with the song, and it was difficult to let a day go by without playing it.

Early Life

Erigga was born Erhiga Agarivbie in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, on the 30th of March, 1987.

He was raised by his single mother who raised him and his sister. They had no father, so his mother was all he had.

Erigga started schooling in Warri, and completed schooling in the same region.


After schooling was done for, he spent years in Warri, Delta State, and was with his family.

Initially, Erigga didn’t want to become a rapper, or even a musician at all.

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He wanted to become a basketball player. While he was in school, he engaged in the Milo Basketball Championship, and was a player with the Delta State Basketball Team.

Everything changed after he got done with schooling.

He then started listening to Nigerian rap songs, and soon enough, he fell in love with rap and was influenced big-time by the top Nigerian rappers in that era including Ja Rule, 50 Cent, and Nas.

Empowered by motivation from these rappers, he began writing songs, and honing his rap skills.

In 2002, he dropped a debut single. Prior to this time, Erigga rapped in English language.

As he realized how the Nigerian people flow better with pidgin language than English, he fell into rapping with pidgin.

People think he’s not good with rapping in pure English, but the truth is…

…he prefers the pidgin language because

that’s what the Nigerian people understands better.

As time went on, Erigga battled in rap with other rappers from Benin City, Warri, and Port Harcourt.

From these contests and rap battles, he won over 24 awards. Erigga has since been working on himself.

He rose to limelight after releasing a hit track, Them No Get Two Heads. The music video of the song was directed and shot by Igho Films.

Erigga has been on the low for a long time, even as an artiste who once got to limelight.

The content of his songs kept him hidden, and underrated until 2018.

In 2012, he got nominated in the Lyricist on the Roll, and the Best Street Hop categories.

At the beginning of his musical career, he signed a record deal with a record label owned by Snowman.

The label was named New Money Entertainment, and Erigga worked under the label for 4 years.

At that time, he collaborated with Sean Tero, and other singers. He also released a number of songs which went viral.

In 2016, Erigga left the New Money Entertainment for Empire Emirates.

With the signature into Empire Emirates, he got paid N10 million naira, and was gifted a brand new Lexus SUV as part of the music deal goodies.

He was also given a well suited apartment in Lagos State.

In 2018, Erigga rekindled his musical career with the release of one hit single, Motivation (featuring Victor AD).

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After the release of a rekindling hit single, Motivation, he followed it up with another good track, Kettle.

Kettle is actually a story of a young man named Ukiemute, who sold his family’s land to move to Ghana.

When he arrived Ghana, he started spending like a rich kid, and as his money got exhausted, the people he lived with threw his things out.

Erigga’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is the net worth of Erigga?

Erigga earns from several sources.

As a famous Nigerian music star, he performs at musical concerts, shows, ceremonies, and gets paid a lot of money.

Prior to this time, his pay at music events wasn’t a very handsome one.

As of now, Erigga earns over N2 million naira per show booking. And he gets booked to perform at events several times in a month.

The Nigerian rapper also earns from music sales. If he made nothing from his hit single, Motivation, it would be N10 million naira at the very least.

As a recording artiste, he signed a musical record deal with Empire Emirates.

The music deal was worth over N10 million naira, and it came with a good car and modern apartment in Lagos.

Erigga has a huge following on social media, he could also be earning from his superuser IG account by selling products/show tickets to fans at a fee.

He has an estimated net worth of $150,000 dollars.

10 Facts About Erigga

  • He’s a Nigerian rapper and songwriter.
  • His real name is Erhiga Agarivbie.
  • Erigga was born in Delta State, Nigeria.
  • He’s a native of Delta State.
  • He was born on the 30th of March, 1987.
  • He completed his secondary school in Delta State Nigeria.
  • Erigga dreamt of becoming a basketball player professionall.
  • He once represented Delta State at the State level in a basketball competition.
  • He released his debut music single in 2002.
  • Erigga raps in English and pidgin English, but mostly in pidgin to ease his listener’s understanding.

FAQs About Erigga

Erigga’s Net Worth in Naira 2019

He’s living huge, and has an estimated net worth of N52.5 million in naira.

Where is Erigga from?

Erigga is a Warri Guy. He’s from the part of Delta State, Nigeria, called Warri.

Where Does Erigga Live?

Currently, the Nigerian rapper is based in Lagos.

But he travels to several Nigerian States to perform and for visiting purposes.

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Is Erigga Married?

Erigga is currently unmarried. But as a popular figure in Nigeria, it is nearly impossible to not have someone who gets your goosebumps up.

Erigga’s New House

Erigga lives in a good apartment in Lagos State. He probably has acquired one or more landed properties.

Erigga’s Cars

Erigga has a sweet ride. He also got a new Lexus SUV as a part of the music deal with Empire Emirates. He also owns a Camry which is worth over N2 million naira.

Where is Erigga Now?

He’s currently working on his musical career, performing at musical concerts and collaborating with other artistes.

How Much Does Erigga Charge/Collect Per Show?

As a top artiste, he charges over N2 million naira to perform at musical events.

He could bill you less if you’re a relative, a friend, or if you get to have a good rapport.

Since the inception of his musical career, he has gotten booked several times to feature as a primary performing artiste at events…

…and trust…

…he always turns the stage upsidedown.

Erigga’s Phone Number

Erigga’s cell line isn’t publicly available.

State of Origin

He’s a native of Warri, Delta State.

3 Good Lessons from Erigga

Consistency Pays

Whatever you do, if you keep at it consistently, you’ll break into limelight. Good or Bad, every consistent activity yields a fruit.

Uniqueness Stands You Out

If you dare to be unique and take a strange path, there’s a higher chance of getting to your heyday in a short time. Uniqueness doesn’t just make you different, it makes you celebrated.

There’s No Harm in Being Fearless

It is with fearlessness that you take hard choices and make huge decisions that cause paradigm shifts. Go fearless, fear does a lot of harm than good.


Erigga’s top career highlights include:

  • Motivation (Album, 2018)
  • Kettle (Single, 2018)
  • The Erigma II (Album, 2019)
  • Death Bed (Single, 2018)


Erigga is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter known for a couple of hit songs. Born and brought up in Warri, Delta State, the Nigerian singer has go far and wide from Warri.

He has worked musically with some of the top music stars in Nigeria and has am estimated net worth of $150,000 dollars.

What do you think about Erigga’s net worth, biography, and lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.


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