Emmanuella Samuel’s Net Worth in 2020

Emmanuella Samuel net worth

Emmanuella Samuel’s Net Worth

Emmanuella Samuel has an estimated net worth of $30,000 dollars. She is a popular comedienne and actress who has gone global.

Emmanuella Samuel is loved widely by fans all over the world. She earns from performing at event bookings, from YouTube videos, and from her career as an actress.

The Mark Angel Comedy team earn a lot of money from adverts, YouTube videos, and events. The millions they earn is shared between all active members of the team, and the founders (Mark Angel and Denilson Igwe) carve in the largest share.

Emmanuella was born as Emmanuella Samuel on the 22nd of July, 2010. She is one of the youngest and most talented female comedians in Nigeria today who got to limelight after her appearance in the Mark Angel Comedy themed “My Real Face”.

Since her appearance in the comedy skit, Emmanuella has become the primary symbol of the comedy house, emerging an internet sensation overnight.

Emmanuella is the nice to the cofounder of the comedy house, Mark Angel. Mark, who has tried his hands on several other online comedy skits before the successful “Mark Angel Comedy” discovered Emmanuella when she was a few months old.

The young child was influenced easily, and Mark thought it wise to sprout her talent positively.

She preferred to live with her uncle Mark Angel, and got familiar with him as they lived together although her parents were still alive.

When Emmanuella earned her educational promotion to class Primary 1, Mark Angel got her introduced to the business of comedy.

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She understood things easily, and that’s how she started appearing in short comedy videos alongside her uncle, Mark Angel.

The youngster is often motivated by her parents who have been very supportive of her comedy career. Her parents support her a lot, and they have been of great motivation to her.

While some parents would urge their kids to “FACE BOOK” in school, essentially in Africa, Emmanuel’s parents have chosen to give the young talent a chance at her dream.

Emmanuella was already a comic actress at an early age, and was acting as a child in Primary 1. It took 3 to 5 shots for her to get a scene correctly, and when she isn’t getting it right, she’s allowed to relax her mind, sleep, and she gets it right after that.

Interestingly, Emmanuella got to limelight by picking and landing a role that was originally not written for her.

She took the role due to the dramatic incompetence of the kid chosen for the role. After her performance with the role at Mark’s acting school, things literarily changed in her favour.

Emmanuella Samuel has performed at shows, including the ones organized by comedians FunnyBone, and Julius Agwu.

She has also created rapport with famous actors, actresses, movie producers, and comedians in the entertainment industry of Nigeria.

In 2015, Emmanuella won the G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award, and went on tour with her uncle Mark Angel in 2016 and 2017.

Emmanuella Samuel is currently unmarried, she’s still a student studying in one of the best schools in Nigeria, and currently working with her uncle, Make Angel, to groom her standup comedy skills, and her comedy career.


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