Dr Mrs Becky Enenche’s Biography and Net Worth in 2020

Dr Mrs Becky Enenche Biography and Net Worth

Dr Mrs Becky Enenche’s Biography and Net Worth

Dr. Paul Enenche is the senior pastor at Dunamis International Gospel Centre; a popular Bible-believing Church with its headquarters at Area 1, Garki, in Abuja State, Nigeria.

The church has branches scattered across Nigeria. Dr. Paul Enenche and his wife, Dr. Becky Enenche are the senior pastors and spiritual parents of the Ministry. The title of a doctor wasn’t just put there for the sake of nothing, they’re both medical doctors and are academically sound.

As a result of a mandate undertaken by Mrs Becky Enenche to set free the women of this generation and to thwart the operations of the devil in homes, she turned a full-time preacher of the Gospel.

Dr Mrs Becky Enenche hails from Ikachi in Oju Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria. She understands the ministry of praise, love and teaching the gospel to others alongside showing them what God’s love is about.

She wasn’t called as a pastor’s wife, she was called as a servant of God not because she had gotten married to an anointed pastor and servant of God, Dr. Paul Enenche.

Dr. Mrs Becky Enenche is both the co-pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja State, Nigeria, and a senior pastor of a fast growing satellite branch in Abuja also.

A minister of truth with a difference would be a perfect description for Dr. Mrs Becky Enenche who has been a good wife and not a knife to her husband.

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Dr. Becky Enenche also has served both in the ministry as a pastor and also as a teacher in the academic sphere. She operates as the proprietress of the Church school known as Dunamis International School.

The school runs with the goals of the Church in their operations. They’re set up to train their students in God’s fear and wisdom. It’s beautifully built and designed to topnotch.

With sister branches in other States in Nigeria, the Dunamis International School operates a crèche, daycare, nursery and primary classes.

The life of Dr. Mrs Becky Enenche reflects the glory of God in every activity she does and also in the lives of those she counsels and ministers to.

She’s ever ready to help out and transform lives. She’s the humble type, kind and her service to others makes her the very good example for other women in ministry to admire.

In a bid to aiding women in becoming better wives, mothers, role models, daughters and to promote unity, Dr. Mrs Becky Enenche founded the Women Ministry at DIGC.

She passionately ministers in the grace of God to those that are sick, undermining the fact that she’s a medical doctor who should depend basically on the rudiments of medicine and science.

By God’s will and purpose for her, she’s been anointed to minister healing to sick bones and affairs.

Being a pastor and a lovely woman, she loves young people and is happy to guide them towards achieving bigger dreams.

She also mentors several ladies who’ve had no model to look up to and who seem lost and misled. Like was mentioned, she’s been of great assistance to her husband, Dr. Paul Enenche.

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Her primary aim remains bringing up and guiding goodly children, and terminating the works of the devil in homes and lives. Her teachings of the word of God has been labelled “seasoned”.

She’s a teacher, preacher whose teachings bring about instantaneous manifestations. They’re practicable and applicable to realities, and not just words from shallow studies.

Her division of the word of knowledge permits for divine intervention and the manifestations of the miraculous.

Dr. Becky Enenche is a mother with four children, an administrator, a role model to several women both in the ministry of the gospel and out.

She’s a proprietress, an adorable wife, a teacher, and servant of God. Hopefully, her children are being brought up in the ways of God.

Her teachings are very practicable and not theories that are baseless and boring. In addition to being an instrument of healing, she also teaches the secrets of wealth and success that’s vividly reflecting upon her life.

The very elected woman organizes a monthly conference known as the Marital Success Strategies for Enriching Sisters (MASSES).

In this conference, Dr. Mrs Becky Enenche outlines and addresses the problems and challenges women tend to face in every aspect of their lives, most especially their marital lives.

She does this with the understanding that better social and marital relationship will make it easy to build a burning and upstanding spiritual life.

The MASSES monthly conference is therefore targeted towards guiding and producing women that will relate properly with humans in the society, with their spouses, and colleagues.

These will further make it less difficult to experience God and build a better relationship with him.

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From deep studies and understanding of both marital and spiritual living, she’s written knowledge-packed books like “Are You Bitter”, “Protocol of the Ark”, “The Alabaster Box”, “In-laws, In-loves and Ministry”, and “14 Secrets Plus One to a Beautiful Marriage”.

Dr Mrs Becky Enenche’s Net Worth

Dr Mrs Becky Enenche has an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars. She is a very powerful woman and wife of popular and anointed Nigerian pastor, Dr Paul Enenche.


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