Top 20 Richest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria 2020

Dharmie Richie

Dharmie Richie

This is a censored list of the top 20 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria who are mainly Nigerians and also the most popular ones known.

While there may be other unknown bigger boys in the country, the listed ones are the ones we know and the ones that have been able to create a name on the web for spending and posting lavish photos.

What makes them the alleged yahoo guys in Nigeria is because their wealth source is not fully known, they spend time having fun but grow richer by the day.

This is yet another censored list as the first was published here.

This is your list of the top 20 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria 2020…

Top 20 Richest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria 2020

Sure you’re ready for this?

Let’s dive in…

1. Ray HushPuppi


Hushpuppi is increasingly becoming famous by the day. He’s a popular name in news sites and blogs.

Ray HushPuppi who was born to a poor family but became super wealthy after four years in Malaysia now has one of the largest following on the social media network, Instagram.

He grew to become very famous after several media fights with Nigerian celebrities like Ice Prince, Kcee, Phyno and Davido.

He was also mentioned by Ayo Makun, a very enterprising Nigerian comedian.

Just like other big boys, he shows off his belongings in photos shared on Instagram and Twitter, and also has really expensive items.

This is the guy who spent N11.5 million naira at a Lagos Nightclub called Quilox just to make it known to Davido that he’s “selfmade”.

He is a self acclaimed Gucci Ambassador and from secured sources, he earns per day.

2. Shy Boss


Shy Boss looks the most innocent on the list, sure he’s got the most innocent looks and cash to it.

He’s a Nigerian socialite who disguises? himself in really expensive wears and accessories.

Shy Boss isn’t so shy, no one knows why he used Shy, or maybe he’s shy because we really don’t know him, but all we know is this guy tops the list here as a top Nigerian big boy.

On IG, he has over 180k followers who are witnesses to his luxury photos and lifestyle.

3. Mompha


Mompha is a married businessman in Lagos State, Nigeria and he is considered the one of the top Nigerian big boys.

He posts photos of himself flaunting piles and bunches of dollar and naira bills on his Instagram page.

This has given over a hundred thousand people following him a new orientation towards hard work and money.

He also posts photos of a kid boy counting heavily hipped currencies.

To some point, the source of his wealth is known as he reportedly owns the Mompha Bureau De Change venture in Lagos State.

4. Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha is one of the Nigerian big boys 9ice called out in his song titled “Living Things”.

He’s based in Malaysia but sometimes strolls into his birth country, Nigeria.

Born as Badmus Akeem O., Baddy Oosha has overnight become a good actor after featuring in Toyin Aimakhu’s film known as “Alakada Reloaded”.

Aside 9ice who mentioned him, he has also gotten mentions by Nigerian music stars like Lil Kesh and YBNL label boss, Olamide Baddo Sneh.

5. Xpensive Aboki Wire

Xpensive Aboki Wire

Very obvious from his name, this guy might be into wire wire yahoo.

He’s one of the trending yahoo boys on the internet, and has several thousand followers on IG.

His lifestyle is flamboyant, and…


Xpensive Aboki Wire joins the league of the alleged richest yahoo boys in Nigeria today.

6. Opa6ix


Opa6ix is one of the biggest boys in Nigeria and his name has been mentioned so many times with the other Nigerian big boys like Kayode Philips and H Money.

This guy spends like crazy!

The funniest thing is that these guys on this list make the average Nigerian youth see no reason why they need two kidneys, one can do the work.


Opa6ix was born Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun and has been mentioned in songs by Nigerian music acts like Small Doctor, Indigenous rapper Reminisce and most recently, 9ice.

7. Aremo Gucci

Aremo Gucci

He’s a really popular socialite with hundreds of thousands of followed on Instagram.

Aremo Gucci just like his name implies is a Gucci killer and lover, he’s known for spending lavishly and also has a taste for expensive wears.

He has flashy cars and the place where he lives is so classy and exquisite.

He’s one of the top big boys in Nigeria who tries to stay hidden, but is exposed pulled into fame for his luxury living.

8. B Naira


B Naira is a musician.

He earns from his music sales and he also has music producing facilities.

His song titled “Jasi” eared him fame and recognition in the Nigeria music industry.

He was born Adewale Adebayo and he lives in Lagos State.

B Naira is a native of Ekiti State, although he studied Geography and graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

He’s rich, young, heavily followed and loved for his simplistic, but luxury living.

9. Investor BJ

Investor BJ
Investor BJ is considered the biggest boy on the list.

Though he claimed to be the only recognizable African by Gucci in Malaysia, we have certain reasons to believe this.

He’s one of the socialites 9ice praised in his song titled “Living Things”, alongside Opa6ix, Hushpuppi and Baddy Oosha.

It went all on news when Investor BJ blasted Hushpuppi for testing clothes and taking photos with them at the Gucci office.

He then posted a photo of himself in Malaysia at the office where he bought a few costly Gucci outfits.

This time he captioned the photo with words that points at Hushpuppi’s showoff and dramatically nice photos with the Gucci brand products.

10. Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne makes one the most unusual big boys on the list.

Normal guys with such money as him will go out with several girls per week, but no, he’s satisfied with his girlfriend he calls “The Queen”.

Deskid Wayne is living the best life as one of the Biggest guys in Nigeria.

Though young and not so tall, his money is longer than two ladders placed on each other.

He got to become quite noticed by the media when he lighted up a dollar currency, reportedly the highest, and published the photos online.

Deskid posts soft intimidatingly cute photos with his girlfriend on the social network Instagram and leaves his over 50k followers to drop their thoughts.

11. Dharmie Richie

Dharmie Richie

It is unsure if Dharmie Richie is into petroleum or something else.

He’s superb in almost every way, and just like Jowi Zaza, his taste of luxury is over the roof!

Also one of the youngest, and one of the richest, Dharmie Richie is an entrepreneur.

He calls himself a serial entrepreneur and oil magnate.


12. ClassicBaggie


Not exaggerating, Classic Baggie could easily be the richest man standing on this list.

He’s tough, fit, and loves to live good.

Classic Baggie owns some of the most classic vehicles that’s not a Mercedes Benz.

For his kind of lifestyle, he has several hundred thousand followers on IG.

13. ClassicMan411

Classicman 411

Classic Man is indeed classic.

This is not a contest for beauty, but he’s one of the freshest and good looking on the list.

Like the others, Classic Man lives a classic lifestyle.

His dress codes are mature, and you hardly see him throw off wads of dollar bills here and there.

He has several hundred thousand followers, and has a lot of asset valued at millions.

14. Rahman Jago

Rahman Jago

I’m openly speaking here.

One of my favourite guys on the list is no other person but Rahman Jago.

He’s not as popular as Mompha or Hushpuppi, but he has swag.

His money rolls.

And he’s not the type that sprinkles wads of dollars into the air every second.

He’s one of the top 20 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria allegedly.

15. Otunba Cash

Otunba Cash

Otunba Cash was arrested by the Turkish police in Turkey, Istanbul for an email scam of $1.4 million dollars.

He was a friend to Nigerian singer Oritse Femi, and it is not known if he has been released or has been sentenced.

Otunba Cash was one of the most lavish and wealthiest G guys before the arrest.

After he got arrested, Oritse Femi denied being friends with Otunba Cash, and stated that he would not return from the Turkish prison.

Too bad…

16. JowiZazaa


JowiZazaa isn’t a yahoo boy..

Maybe he’s from a wealthy family.

Photos from his Instagram page suggests that he’s a business mogul, and has a wealthy family.

For the fact that nothing is known of his wealth to much of his fans, it makes him a victim on this list of yahoo boys on  several news outlets.

Let’s make it.

Jowi Zazaa’s wealth surpasses almost every other guy on this list.

He’s nearly unmatched. His taste of luxury is topnotch.

17. Opaka1


Opaka1 also happens to be a very known Nigerian big boy.

He’s easy going, and has a ton of followers.

Opaka is seen in Jalamia, and has cruised several hot vehicles.


Speaking of the richest yahoo boys, he’s on the list.

18. Moshhhhhhh


Not the most popular, but Moshhhhhhh has a lot going on his IG page, and his life.

He’s a top Nigerian big boy, and has several thousand followers on social media.

His name is unique, he has fleet of cars, and other multimillion naira assets.

Definitely one of the top 20 richest yahoo guys in the Nigeria.

19. Bamzy Riches

Bamzy Riches

After uploading a video that went viral, Bamzy Riches attracted a ton of followers to his page.

His video was about girls that smoke and drink with guys.

It was a warning video, telling those category of girls that the same guys they go out with, smoke, and drink with, can’t get married to them.

Bamzy Riches has several costly vehicles, lives at the top of luxury, and he’s known to be one of the top 20 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria.

20. Small Terry

Small Terry

Small in no measure, Small Terry is lavish in nature.

From his photos, you’ll know easily that he loves easy life.

Small Terry finds himself a place on this list of the top 20 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria.


These are the names of the top 20 richest yahoo guys in Nigeria.

These guys aren’t yahoo boys for real, they’re alleged because of their lavish lifestyles and unknown sources of wealth.

Here’s your rundown:

  1. Hushpuppi
  2. Shy Boss
  3. Mompha
  4. Baddy Oosha
  5. Xpensive Aboki Wire
  6. Opa6ix
  7. Aremo Gucci
  8. BNaira
  9. Investor BJ
  10. Deskid Wayne
  11. Dharmie Richie
  12. Classicbaggie
  13. Classicman411
  14. Rahman Jago
  15. Otunba Cash
  16. JowiZazaa
  17. Opaka1
  18. Moshhhhhh
  19. Bamzy Riches
  20. Small Terry

What do you think about the top 20 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria?

Leave a comment below.

Top 20 Richest Female Musicians in Nigeria 2019 and their Net Worth


Lola Rae
Here’s an exclusive list of the top 20 richest naija female musicians in Nigeria amongst whom may also be the highest paid female musicians in Nigeria.

Female singers are making waves alongside their male counterparts when it revolves around Nigeria music and the world in general.

We’ve got both female and male music idols, but today, we bring you the richest female artistes in Nigeria who through hardwork and consistency have garnered millions of lovers and fans, won awards and gained recognition in the country.

I previously compiled the list of top 10 richest female musicians in Nigeria, this list is a complement of the former which had just 10 female singers listed. Other singers who followed the list of richest female singers in Nigeria, but were not mentioned in the previous top 10 list due to updates and further study are mentioned here.

In Nigeria, music which is a huge part of the entertainment industry has given a lot of individuals hope and motivation. These individuals are mostly Nigerian youths who are well-read, graduates with degrees but ventured into music either out of the passion they had for it or out of the nonavailability of job vacancies in the country.

The good news is that, some of these artistes are living off their careers now, they even earn better than many white collar employees and employers in Nigeria. Today, we put before you the top 20 richest female musicians who are making it big off their careers as Nigerian singers.

Top 20 Richest Female Musicians in Nigeria and their Net Worth

1. Aramide | Net Worth: $100,000 Dollars



Aramide is a Nigerian Afro-soul singer who rose to stardom in 2015. She was birthed in Lagos State, Nigeria, but raised in Jos, Plateau. There in Jos, she trained herself musically and studied Political Science at the University of Jos from where she graduated after her study year was completed.

In 2006, her musical career had its rooting as she took part in the talent hunt show known as “Star Quest”. At the end of the contest, Aramide and her band came out third position. On the 9th of September, 2014, she signed a music contract with Baseline Music after breaking out of her previous music label, Trybe Records. Her music genre described by her as Afro-soul is actually a mix of African sound, Jazz and then, Soul. She has a unique sound and this has created for her a niche in her career.

Married to Pelumi Alli, Aramide has won a couple of awards which include the “Best Female Artist in West Africa” award at the AFRIMA 2016 awards event, and the “Best Vocal Performance (Female)” award at The Headies 2015. Aramide has an estimated net worth of $100,000 dollars and is one of the richest female singers in Nigeria.

2. Niniola | Net Worth: $150,000 Dollars



Niniola is one of the most trendy Nigerian female singers of this era. She was born as Niniola Apata and is a songwriter and singer. The female naija musician became a public figure and gained fame after coming in the third place winner at the 6th edition of Project Fame West Africa.

Signed to Drumroll Records, Niniola has been nominated for awards and has released a couple singles including the hit song titled “Ibadi”. Currently, Niniola is one of the top 20 richest female artistes in Nigeria with a reported net worth of $150,000 dollars.

3. Mo’Cheddah | Net Worth: $180,000 Dollars



Top Nigerian female rapper Mo’Cheddah was birthed as Modupe-Oreoluwa Opeyemi Ola. She’s a rapper and singer. Sometimes called Mocheddah or Mocheeda. Her debut album titled “Franchise Celebrity” was released in 2010 under the Knighthouse Entertainment music recording label.

In 2012, Mo’Cheddah broke out of the Knighthouse Entertainment label and founded her own music imprint named Cheddah Music. Mo’Cheddah has sold thousands of her music records and also worked with top music personalities in the Nigerian music industry. She has an estimated net worth of $180,000 dollars and is a top female Nigerian musician.

4. Eva Alordiah | Net Worth: $200,000 Dollars

Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah is a Nigerian female rapper, entrepreneur, fashion designer and also, a makeup artist. She was born as Elohor Eva Alordiah, and is one of Nigeria’s best female rappers.

She released her debut Extended Play on the 20th of November 2011, which was made free to download online. Eva has several hundred thousands of fans, has won awards and earned nominations since the start of her musical career in Nigeria. Her earnings come a big part from music sales, her enterprise and other deals.

She’s the founder of a makeup service company known as MakeupbyOrsela. In 2016, Eva Alordiah dropped her debut album titled “1960: The Album”. The album which had a number of supportive hit tracks was a huge success for her. Currently, Eva is one of the wealthiest Nigerian female musicians with an estimated net worth of $200,000 dollars.

5. Sasha P | Net Worth: $200,000 Dollars

Sasha P.

Sasha P.

Sasha P is a Nigerian Hip-Hop musician with a huge difference. She’s a lawyer, a businessperson, a motivational speaker and also a rapper. Sasha P was birthed as Anthonia Yetunde Alabi and raised by a single mother. She’s the last born in a family with 8 born children. She lost her father at a very tender age and all was left for her mother, Sisi Fadekemi, to cater.

Her musical career started when she was still a child, in Ibadan, Oyo State and since then, her musical skills through opportunities and chances have brought her into limelight. Sasha P is a graduate with a Law from the University of Lagos. How does Sasha P earn, and why she’s on our top 20 richest female Nigerian musicians’ list? Alongside Banky W, Sasha P was one of the first ambassador of Samsung Electronics in Nigeria. This ambassadorial deal with the multi billion dollar electronic producer was worth several millions.

She also joins the list of Nigerian musicians who has signed multimillion naira endorsement deals with 9mobile telecom company. Sasha P was also the National Ambassador to Anabel, a Nigerian mobile phone producing company, and a Cultural Ambassador for Ekiti State, Nigeria. She has an estimated net worth of $200,000 dollars and is living comfortably.

6. TY Bello | Net Worth: $220,000 Dollars

TY Bello

TY Bello

TY Bello is a popular name in the music industry of Nigeria. She’s a songwriter, photographer, philanthropist and a singer. She’s gone secular now, but just like Simi, TY Bello was a gospel music act and a member of Kush, a defunct music band. TY Bello was birthed as Toyin Sokefun-Bello and is known for hit singles like “This Man”, “Ekundayo”, “Freedom” and “Greenland”.

Overtime, Toyin has risen to become one of the brand-friendly Nigerian artiste. In past times, TY Bello signed a N1 million naira endorsement deal with online shopping platform, Payporte. She was made Face of Stanbic IBTC (a deal which fetched her cool millions), and also, she signed a multimillion naira contract with Shirley’s Confectioneries.

TY Bello has signed other deals and contracts, she also earns from her music sales and she remains one of the vocally finest female musicians in Nigeria. With an estimated net worth of $220,000 dollars, TY Bello remains one of the richest female musicians in Nigeria today.

7. Emma Nyra | Net Worth: $350,000 Dollars

Emma Nyra

Emma Nyra

Emma Nyra is a Texas-born Nigerian singer, actress and songwriter. She was brought up in Tyler, Texas, and also rounded off her elementary education there in Texas. As she grew older, she travelled down to Nigeria in 2012 to focus on a career in music and also, in modelling as she got the looks of a natural model.

Emma Nyra is a graduate with a degree in Health Care Administration from the Texas Southern University. Emma Nyra is a native of Delta State, Nigeria. While in the United States, the singer and model released her two first singles titled “Everything I Do” and “Do it”. After leaving the United States for Nigeria in 2012, she began working with top Nigerian music personalities, Iyanya and D’Tunes, both of whom she met in the United States.

Since then, she has released hit singles, been nominated for several awards and has worked with top Nigerian music stars including Patoranking, Olu Maintain and Davido. Her movie acting career is also one to discuss as she has appeared on three hit movies titled “Rebound”, “The Re-union” and “Driver”. Emma Nyra is one of the top 20 richest female musicians in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $350,000 dollars.

8. Lola Rae | Net Worth: $400,000 Dollars

Lola Rae

Lola Rae

Lola Rae is a British-Ghanaina musician and dancer born in Nigeria. Her real name’s Rachael Akosua Funmilola Garton. Lola’s parents are Nigerians, although she has one Nigerian name but her Dad is a British man, and her mother, a Ghanaian woman.

She quickly rose to prominence after her hit song titled “Watch My Ting Go” went wide. Since then, she’s released other singles and worked with stars in the music industry including Davido and Iyanya.

Lola Rae has been nominated for a number of awards since she established presence in the Nigeria music industry. She studied Fashion Textiles in England and also was part of a music group known as Mystikal. Lola is currently a top female music star in Nigeria and has an estimated net worth of $400,000 dollars.

9. Simi | Net Worth: $400,000 Dollars



Simi is a currently booming female singer in Nigeria. She really became popular in 2015 and quickly rose to prominence after her musical works with Nigerian rapper Falz went viral. She was born as Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye and is the last born child in her family. Before going secular, Simi was formerly a gospel artiste.

As of 2006, Simi’s first album titled “Ogaju” which would be a gospel bunch was released. Interestingly, Simi is a graduate who studied Mass Communication from the popular private university known as Covenant University. Her earnings come a huge part from endorsement deals, YouTube video revenue, show bookings and features by other singers.

She signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Etisalat (now 9mobile) in 2017, and a fresh deal worth several millions with software browser developer, Opera Mini, in January 2018. Simi, who was selected by music legend, Wizkid, as his favourite Nigerian music act is one of the top 20 richest female musicians in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $400,000 dollars.

10. Niyola | Net Worth: $500,000 Dollars




Niyola is one of the biggest female music stars in Nigeria birthed as Eniola Akinbo in Lagos State, Nigeria. She’s the 10th and last child in her family. As a very little human being, Niyola was a singer at her local church alongside her siblings.

She got really inspired after being present at the Funmi Adams concerts. Her musical career kicked off in the year 2000 and she rose to become a popular personality after emerging second winner of the Starlet Competition. Her first music label was Trybe’s Records owned by eLDee. She also signed a production deal with Make Some Noise Entertainment shortly after career in music attained a professional stand in 2005.

In 2012, she was signed as the first lady to Empire Mates Entertainment music imprint under which she dropped her first hit song titled “Toh Bad”. Since then, she’s won awards and earned nominations, released other hit singles and sold several records. Niyola has an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars, and is one of the richest Nigerian female musicians.

11. Di’ja | Net Worth: $500,000 Dollars



Dija is one of the most popular female music act in Nigeria signed to a king music label, Mavin Records. She’s a visual artist and singer. In one word, Dija is multi-talented. She got to become a popular Nigerian singer after releasing her hit single titled “Awww”.

Since then, she’s been doing business musically with the guys at Mavin Records and other labels in the music community. She’s also the vocal beauty behind the very popular song, Falling for You. Dija settles as both a popular female singer and a top 20 richest musician in Nigeria. She earns from show bookings, sales of her musical records and endorsement deals.

In 2015, it went on record that the Awww crooner penned an endorsement deal worth several millions with Globacom. In 2017, she also signed an endorsement deal with Trim and Prissy. Since the inception of her career as a solo artiste, she’s won awards and have established herself as a game changer in the music industry in Nigeria.

12. Nneka | Net Worth: $1.3 Million Dollars



Very different light-skinned Nigerian singer, Nneka graces the list as the 9th richest naija female music act in Nigeria. Born as Nneka Egbuna, she’s a rapper, a singer, an actress and songwriter. Nneka is based in Germany, and she’s one of the first African female musicians to ever sign a music contract with Sony Music.

Her songs are also different in sound as she raps in English language, native pidgin and sometimes, her dialect, Igbo language. She’s been on the scene for a long time, actually over a decade. In 2004, Nneka rose to the spotlight as she performed at Stadtpark, Vienna, as an opening act for Sean Paul.

She earns from music sales, contracts and other sources. Nneka was unveiled in 2011 as the first ever brand ambassador to Starcomms telecom. She’s multi-talented and this has earned her several millions of naira, tens of thousands of fans (as she isn’t all too popular in Nigeria) and makes her a top Nigerian female singer with an estimated net worth of $1.3 million dollars.

13. Cynthia Morgan | Net Worth: $1.5 Million Dollars

Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan is also one of the top 20 richest female artistes in Nigeria as well as one of the most beautiful. She was birthed as Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan in Benin City, Edo State.

Cynthia Morgan’s musical career officially had a headstart in 2007, but then she sang as a backup singer for her mother’s music band just before breaking into limelight. She has released hit songs and also worked with several Nigerian musicians. In 2010, her name joined the list of mos trendy Nigerian female singers as she won several awards to her good work and uniqueness in the music industry as at that time.

Cynthia Morgan is still very well on board, collaborating with top stars, and earning from a couple channels. Hopefully, she’s working on something big and different, meanwhile, she remains one of Nigeria’s leading female celebrities in the entertainment world with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars.

14. Waje | Net Worth: $1.7 Million Dollars



Waje is a popular Nigerian music act, and one of the richest female naija musicians in Nigeria. Vocally, she’s great and would be one of the female singers with a very high vocal range. She was birthed in Lagos State, but raised in Benin City by both her parents, both of whom later parted while Waje was still young.

As the first female and first child in her family, she took interest in studying Social Works and graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Her name, Waje, which is but her stage/music name is an acronym. Each latter of the word has a meaning, and that is “Words Aren’t Just Enough”. Over the years as a solo artiste, Waje met and worked with a lot of musicians in Nigeria.

These artistes include Jude Abaga and the now separated brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye (the formal P Square duo). Waje became a household name in Nigeria after she won the contests hosted by MTV Base and Zain (now rebranded as Airtel). The experienced singer earns quite a lot of money from just being famous.

She joins the clique of Nigerian artistes with signed multimillion naira endorsement deal with Nigeria-based mega telecommunications service company, Globacom. Waje has an estimated net worth of $1.7 million dollars, and is one of the top 20 richest Nigerian female singers.

15. Asa | Net Worth: $2 Million Dollars



Asa is a unique France-born Nigerian singer. She has been around for a long time and is still trending and relevant till date. Her songs become hit automatically and for her uniqueness, she remains one of Africa’s most sought-after female musician.

Birthed as Bukola Elemide, Asa, the name she has taken to be her stage name means “Hawk” in her dialect, Yoruba. Her musical career kicked off in Paris after she living a time of 2 decades in Nigeria, and digesting sounds from music legends Femi Kuti and D’Angelo whilst her stay in Nigeria. Her music is in no other word but different and then, unique; appealing to specific kind of people in the country.

Asa’s earning come in from endorsement deals and show bookings. She signed a multimillion naira ambassadorial deal with mega bank, Guarantee Trust Bank back in time. She also earns millions from performing at concerts across Africa and other continents as her fans are spread across parts the entire continents. Asa has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars, and is one of the top 20 richest female musicians in Nigeria.

16. Seyi Shay | Net Worth: $2.1 Million Dollars


Seyi Shay

Seyi Shay

On our list is Seyi Shay, an England-born Nigerian female singer and songwriter. Birthed as Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, music to Seyi Shay is a family thing as her mom and sisters are lovers of music. An interesting fact about Seyi Shay is that she studied music at a United Kingdom College and during her secondary schooldays, she was a member of the school choir, singing beautifully at age 6 even before she started secondary school in Lagos State.

In 2015, she performed on stage live with popular American musician, Neyo, at the MTV MAMA concert. In that same year, a music contract was penned with Island Records and released “Seyi or Shay” which went on to become her maiden and hit album. Seyi has won a couple of awards and has a track record of endorsement deals with mega brands.

In 2013, she signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Etisalat (rebranded as 9mobile). Part of her endorsement deals include the multimillion naira endorsement deals she signed with Pepsi and Barcadi Breezer. The humorous artiste who has a load of followers and admirers is one of Nigeria’s richest female singers with an estimated net worth of $2.1 million dollars.

17. Chidinma Ekile | Net Worth: $2.8 Million Dollars

Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma Ekile

Beautiful Nigerian female musician Chidinma Ekile is also a topmost singer in the music industry in Nigeria. She’s also one of Nigeria’s most beautiful female artistes and has been around for quite some time. Just before she broke out as the winner of the 3rd season of MTN Project Fame talent show, Chidinma worked in Lagos as a business promoter.

The popular music idol is a graduate with a degree in Sociology from the University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. For two Years, she was an MTN ambassador earning millions from the South Africa headquartered telecom company, she’s also won a number of awards to her creativity in music so far.

Chidinma has worked with several Nigerian music stars, has released hit songs and performed live on mega concerts. She earns from music sales and other means we don’t know about. As the fourth richest female singer in Nigeria, she has an estimated and reported net worth of $2.8 million dollars.

18. Omawumi | Net Worth: $3 Million Dollars



Sitting as the third of the top 20 richest female artistes in Nigeria is no other female music idol than the very special Omawumi. Omawumi, who is a Law graduate from the Ambrose Alli University rose to fame in 2007 after emerging runner-up at the West Africa TV show, Idols West Africa.

She actually practised what she studied in school first before fully becoming a musician in Nigeria. Although she lost the title to Timi Dakolo, Omawumi remained in the spotlight after the release of the hit song titled “In the Music”. Her earnings come from her music sales, her endorsement deals and bookings.

Endorsement deals signed between Omawumi and endorsing brands include a multimillion naira deal with Globacom, Mortein, West African online store Konga, and Malta Guiness. Omawumi has earned several millions of naira from show performances across Nigeria and Africa. Currently, she has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars.

19. Yemi Alade | Net Worth: $5 Million Dollars

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade

The name Yemi Alade rings a bell in the entertainment industry. She’s one of the richest female artistes in Nigeria currently with several hit songs released and a number of award winning albums.

Yemi Alade became a star after winning the 2009 edition of Peak Talent Show. Since then, she has released award winning singles and has collaborated with top stars in the music industry. Yemi Alade earns a lot from her music sales, endorsement deals and bookings to perform at shows where she earns nothing below N2 million naira.

Yemi Alade’s endorsement deals are just in one word – JUICY! She’s snagged endorsement deals worth millions of naira with CloseUp, Barcadi Breezer, and Bland2Glam. She’s really creative and is a top music star in the African continent. The “Johnny” crooner has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.

20. Tiwa Savage | Net Worth: $6 Million Dollars

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage

Topnotch Nigerian female musician, Tiwa Savage, remains the richest female artiste in Nigeria currently. She earns from her endorsement deals with brands and show bookings.

Music sales and online earnings from YouTube and music sales online also make up a huge part of her fortune. She reportedly earns over N3 million naira per show and yeah, her fans love her too much to pay more just to see her display.

Tiwa Savage signed a N20 million naira endorsement with one of West Africa’s biggest online stores, Konga. She also signed a N30 million naira endorsement deals with MTN Nigeria and another N30 million naira deal with Pepsi drink company. Tiwa Savage also has penned multimillion naira endorsement deals with Forte Oil, Pampers and Maggi.

She’s very creative, hardworking and is current signed to Mavin Records. She acquired her first house in the fall of 2017 and according reliable media houses, the house cost her several millions of naira. She has acquired expensive vehicles and definitely will acquire other wickedly flashy cars as time fizzles. Tiwa Savage’s net worth is an handsome $6 million dollars.

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