Linda Ikeji Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Linda Ikeji Net Worth

Linda Ikeji Net Worth

Net Worth $40 Million
Name Linda Ikeji
Career Blogger, Businessperson
Source of Wealth Blogging, Business
Born September 19, 1980
Age 39
State of Origin Imo State
Latest Update 2020

Linda Ikeji is a famous internet entrepreneur and blogger who has accrued millions of naira from her internet ventures.

This quite about her net worth, biography, career, and her lifestyle. If you’re interested in getting to know more about the Nigerian blogger, stay on!

Early Life

Linda Ikeji was born on the 19th of September, 1980. She’s the second born child in her family, and she was born into a Catholic family.

She’s from Nkwerre, Imo State, Nigeria. Linda Ikeji is not only a blogger, she’s also a writer and a onetime model who turned blogger after her career as a model got no headstand.

Linda started writing at the age of 10 years. She was a brilliant kid who rounded off her secondary school education when she was 17.

At 18 years of age, the celebrity news blogger gained admission to study English Language at the University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.


As a student, she took up side jobs to assist her family and younger ones.

She was a waitress, a model and writer at same time, though all was in a hustle to make things better with her family. In 2004, she graduated with a degree in English Language from the University of Lagos.

Things didn’t work out fine for her as a model, she couldn’t live off her career. There wasn’t a better job on the way for her at that time, and in 2006, she made the decision that changed her life.

After reading the BellaNaija blog for four months, she created her blog, and began blogging.

During this time, the internet and owning blogs were not a reigning trend, so published content on the blog from Cyber café,  and in 2007, she got serious with her blogging career.

Linda Ikeji initially started blogging on a free domain, a sub-domain –

Later on she acquired a domain name and continued in the business more seriously. The name of her blog is just an obvious name of hers, it was commonly picked.

She didn’t want personality hidden behind the blog, rather, she wanted her audience to know her, and interact with her as a person, not a brand.

The Linda Ikeji TV Network

Linda Ikeji’s blog got so popular, and in 2012, it was surprisingly worth $1.2 million dollars.

It had thousands of news content of controversial nature. It didn’t take her time to surpass BellaNaija. Why? Nigerians love controversial personalities.

At every little political issue, Linda Ikeji reported situations from her point of view oftentimes with a formal tone.

She also picked on celebrities and engage in media battle with them. Linda Ikeji announced the creation of other projects like her television network, Linda Ikeji TV.

This was announced on the 22nd of August in 2016, and since then, she gets offers and contracts from companies regarding her achievements and her already established ventures.

Linda Ikeji TV is now very much an active TV network airing reality shows, interviews, and other television programmes.

The Linda Ikeji Radio Station

Linda Ikeji has a media house she acquired for millions of naira. It’s literarily her office where her team of writers manage the content on her blog, where the Linda Ikeji TV is run, and where she’s got her radio station.

Linda Ikeji is a woman of many dreams. With the radio station in operation, she passes across news content, live interviews and many other programmes. Some of the programmes aired on her radio station are also aired on her TV network.

Linda Ikeji Social was one of the many projects of Linda Ikeji which she launched in 2016. The project was described as a fusion of Facebook, OLX, Twitter, Nairaland, and Lindaikejisblog.

It was a platform that allowed users to create threads like a forum would, it allowed users to put up items for sale, allowed users to buy items from the store, follow and “unfollow” other users, and the platform was updated with news content several times per day.

Users are also allowed to create ad campaigns and run adverts with their accounts. Unfortunately, the platform was shut down due to short fails and inability to meet people’s expectations.

Nonprofit Project

Linda Ikeji has rooms in her heart for women. She tries to make other ladies in the society self made. Hence, she runs a project she titled” I’d Rather Be Self-Made, No Thanks”.

The project is nonprofit, she doesn’t look towards getting anything in return from her efforts.

With this project at a run, she assists young ladies who have entrepreneurial ideas and are aged 16 to 25. A huge sum of N10 million naira was given out by Linda Ikeji during the maiden phase of the nonprofit project.


Forbes is a well known media outlet, a multi-billion dollar company at that. The company’s branch in Africa, Forbes Africa, compiled a list of the top 20 most prominent African women in August 2012.

Interestingly, Linda Ikeji was listed alongside another Nigerian lady, Chibundu Onuzo. Both Nigerian ladies, Linda Ikeji being the second, featured on Forbes Africa’s list of 20 most prominent women in Africa, 2012.

This goes a long way to say that Linda Ikeji’s prominence has gone continental. In 2014, Nigerians searched for “Linda Ikeji” on Google several million times each month.

By the end of the year, Linda Ikeji’s name turned out to be the most searched term by Nigerian Google surfers notwithstanding the several prominent names in the country.

Controversial Blog Posts & Feuds

Like was earlier mentioned, Linda Ikeji is a very controversial blogger. She’s more like Sahara Reporters’ Omoyele Sowore. Her posts are very controversial oftentimes.

This has gotten her into unfavorable grounds with Nigerian celebrities like Wizkid, Tonto Dikeh, and fellow top blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus.

Her blog has been used to foster campaigns like the #SaveMayowa campaign. She also has published controversial posts about Nigerian actress Funke Akindele, top Nigerian actor Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), and descriptively defamatory posts about Doyin Okupe.

The Shutdown of Lindaikejisblog

On the 8th of October, 2014, Linda Ikeji’s blog was shut down for reportedly violating some of Google’s polities. However, the blog was put back online on the 10th of October, 2014.

During this time, several Nigerian blogs got the news that Linda Ikeji’s Blog had been brought down.

It was deduced that the blog was brought down due to content violations and copyright infringement. Good news is that the blog was restored.

Linda Ikeji for now isn’t married. She’s not married, and it has not been made known if she’s into a relationship or not.

She has dated several highly placed individuals including Cool FM’s Dan Foster in the past. She lives in Banana Island, Lagos state with her family.

Linda Ikeji is currently has a boy child named Jayce for Nigerian businessman and oil magnate Sholaye Jeremi.

Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

Linda Ikeji has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars. She makes a lot of money from her blog;, and her media house; Linda Ikeji TV.

Her blog is one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria. Linda is paid heavily by brands to put their adverts on their blog. She also earns from Google AdSense, direct sponsored posts, and featured posts.

Her blog has been used severally to support the decisions of campaigns of politicians, brands or companies.

Individuals who wish to influence the masses or pass across an important message to them in form of advertisements pay Linda to upload these adverts or posts on her blog.

In the past, she got paid heavily by politicians, celebrities, and other dignitaries to help them land one or more sponsored content her blog. Aside this, her blog is painted with adverts by different brands in Nigeria.

Most of these brands put millions annually into advertising on Linda Ikeji’s blog. Her Google AdSense earnings would essentially be one of her primary and most stable means of income from the blog.

Her defunct social media,, which was also an e-commerce platform fetched her some cash.

Linda Ikeji is currently the richest blogger in Nigeria, Africa, and with her current net worth and blog worth, she’s now one of the world’s richest bloggers.

10 Facts About Linda Ikeji

  • Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger, entrepreneur, and a businesswoman.
  • She was born on the 19th of September, 1980.
  • Linda Ikeji was born in Imo State, Nigeria.
  • She’s a native of Nkwerre in Imo State.
  • She was born into an average Catholic family as the second child.
  • Linda Ikeji studied English Language at the Lagos State University.
  • She started writing at the age of 10.
  • At age 17, she was done with secondary school.
  • Her blogging career started in 2006, and she started in a cyber café.
  • Before she started blogging, she was a professional model. Along the way, modeling didn’t get her far, so she quit for blogging.

FAQs About Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji’s House and Cars

Linda Ikeji is resident in Banana Island, Lagos State, which is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Africa.

Her gigantic mansion there in Banana Island is worth over N500 million naira. She owns a N75 millions naira duplex in Imo State, and another house in Surulere valued at over N100 million naira. Linda got her first vehicle in 2011, a Toyota Camry worth millions at the time.

She later purchased an Infinity, and then another more superior vehicle – a range rover sport. Both cars cost her several millions of naira.

She has also been very generous to her parents, she gifted her mum an Acura SUV worth over N15 million naira.

She also bought her younger sister, Sandra Ikeji, a N30 million naira worth Mercedes Benz GLE.

Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth in Naira

Her net worth in the Nigerian currency is an estimated N14 billion naira.

Who is Linda Ikeji’s Husband?

Linda Ikeji was in an affair with Sholaye Jeremiah, and they both had a child. She was never married to him, and unfortunately, they’re no longer together.

How Much is Linda Ikeji Worth?

The Nigerian blogger is worth over $40 million. She has been in the media industry for over a decade and her blog is worth well over $10 million.

How Old is Linda Ikeji?

She was born in 1980. To know the current age of Linda Ikeji, subtract the year of birth from the current year in question.

Where is Linda Ikeji from?

Linda Ikeji is from Imo State, Nigeria. She hails from Nkwerre in Imo State, Nigeria.

How Much Does Linda Ikeji Earn Daily?

It would be near impossible to get the accurate figure of Linda Ikeji’s daily earnings as QIB is quite far from their bank statement and financial pocket. Her blog is a multimillion dollar blog, and generates over N2m daily.

How Does Linda Ikeji Make Money from Her Blog?

She earns from direct adverts from companies and individual personalities, and from Google Ads. Other sources of income from her blog would include sponsored posts and product sales.

How Much Does Linda Ikeji Earn Monthly?

Linda Ikeji earns over N10m from her blog on a monthly basis. She earns from other sources including her TV channel.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Linda Ikeji’s Blog?

It could cost from as low as N50k to as much as N3m to place adverts or buy advert spots on Linda Ikeji’s blog.

3 Good Lessons from Linda Ikeji

Never Give Up

Notwithstanding the odds, don’t give up. Management acumen, and the ability to adapt quick would help a longtime.

Be Irresistible

Don’t give up chances for conditions or situations to resist you. Keep pushing up.

Don’t Find Excuses

Excuses will always be there even when they don’t have to. The more excuses you make up, the more time you waste. And the more time you waste, the more life runs out.


Some of Linda Ikeji’s biggest career highlights are:

  • Started Blogging Career (2006)
  • Acquired First Vehicle (2012)
  • Got on Forbes Africa (2012)
  • Blog Shut Down (2014)
  • Launched LIS (2016)
  • Launched Linda Ikeji TV (2016)
  • Moved Into Office (2016)
  • Ushers in First Child (2018)


Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian entrepreneur, blogger, fashionista, and businessperson. She’s one of the richest bloggers not just in Nigeria or Africa, but in the world.

She’s very successful, and has won awards for her hard work. Linda Ikeji now has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars.

What do you think about Linda Ikeji’s net worth, biography, career, and lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.

Wizkid Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Wizkid net worth

Wizkid net worth

Net Worth $40 Million
Name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun
Career Musician, Entrepreneur
Source of Wealth Music, Endorsement Deals
Born July 14, 1990
Age 29
State of Origin Lagos State
Latest Update 2020

Wizkid is one of Nigeria’s biggest and finest musicians. He’s known to have won several awards, and has release a lot of hit tracks.

Early Life

Wizkid was born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun on the 16th of July, 1990, in a commercial region in Lagos State – Surulere.

Interestingly, he was brought up in the midst of 12 female siblings. His mother was a Christian and his Dad, Muslim.

According to Wizkid in an interview with Tim Westwood, his Dad married three different wives as a Muslim.

Up till this moment, Wizkid still sights Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade as his greatest music influences as he grew up listening to their songs. At age 11, Wizkid was already a good singer who went by the name Lil Prinz.

Then, he founded a music group amongst his Church friends the name of which was called Glorious Five.

The Glorious Five did pretty well to produce an album become everyone in the group went separate ways and the Glorious Five group went down. Later on, Wizkid met a record producer, OJB Jezreel.


Wizkid learnt a lot while frequently visiting Jezreel’s PointBeat Studios as he watched the recording sessions of Nigerian singer and producer Sound Sultan’s album titled Jagbajantis.

He also witnessed Nigerian legendary musician 2Baba record songs for his album, Grass 2 Grace.

The record producer, Jezreel, did him a lot of good as he kept him away from recording any single for a year; this was his preparation.

According to Wizkid in an interview with Factory 78 TV, his parents didn’t see him becoming a star musician as they didn’t receive the idea of him doing music in the first place, not to talk of sponsoring his music career and sharpening his music skills.

He also said that he was coached and mentored by Naeto C, a Nigerian rapper, when he was 15 years of age.

Wizkid had to prove his music skills was worth the trust of his father, and to gain his father’s trust, more time was spent in the Studio doing music stuff.

Prior to becoming mega, Wizkid operated as an underground artiste as he co-wrote a song off Banky Wellington’s The W Experience album.

The song co-written by Wizkid is titled Omoge You too Much. Being a talented underground artiste, he got help from Naeto C, record producer OJB Jezreel, and superstar rapper Jude Abaga while composing his own songs.

He also got signed into Banky Wellington’s E.M.E (Empire Mates Entertainment) Records in 2009 which gave him a platform to drop his hit song the following year.

In the same year he got signed into his first music imprint, he dropped out as a student from Lagos State University, Lagos State, to concentrate on music.

Wizkid later went to study for two sessions at the Lead City University, after which he also dropped out of the school system.

Superstar Album

After dropping out of two University systems, he continued working on his album, Superstar, in the same 2009.

The lead single for the album was titled Holla at Your Boy and was released in January 2010, precisely on the 2nd day of January, 2010.

The single as critically acclaimed, aired on several radio stations and also got Wizkid a nominated for the Best Pop Single award at the 2011 edition of The Headies and won him the Next Rated award at The Headies in the same year.

The music video for the hit single, Holla at Your Boy, was a bomb itself. It topped several music charts at the moment and was repeatedly aired on local TV stations.

The music video got nominated in the Most Gifted Newcomer Video at the Channel O Music Awards in 2011.

The music video in the same year also got a nomination as the Best Afropop Video at the Nigeria Music Video Awards. Wizkid followed this single with a second single off the music album.

This second single was titled Tease Me/Bad Guys and was dropped on the 2nd of April, 2010. The single was initially a freestyle song.

A third single off the album was released on the 6th of December, 2010. Titles had gotten hotter with this one as it was titled Don’t Dull.

The complete album released on the 12th of June in 2011 by his initial music label, Empire Mates Entertainment.

Genres of raggae, dancehall and R&B were found to be the types in the album which was recorded in both English language and Yoruba.

Before the album was released, Wizkid had to work with a couple of music producers which included Jay Sleek, Q-Beats, MasterKraft, Samklef, Shizzi and other producers. Appearances were made in the album too by music acts like Banky W and Wande Coal.

The album was said to be released in February 2011, but somehow, launch date was postdated for the album. In July, a launch part was organized by Wizkid for his album.

The party was organized at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos State, Nigeria. It was a fun party as artistes like Lynxxx, Olamide, eLDee, Ice Prince, Skales, Wande Coal, Jesse Jagz, Banky W, Seyi Shay, 2face Idibia and a host of other musicians performed.

The album, Superstar, which was a hit album got nominated at the 2012 edition of The Headies in the Album of the Year category.

The was also good enough to win and it won the Best Album of the Year at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in the same year, 2012.

Second Album: Ayo

In 2012, Wizkid started working on his third album titled “Ayo”. Work on the album was underway till 2014.

Guest appearances were featured from Akon, Banky W, Seyi Shay, Femi Kuti and other musicians.

The album was jointly worked on by several top music producers in Nigeria including Shizzi, Sarz, Legendury Beatz, Uhuru, Del B, Maleek Berry, Spellz and Dokta Frabz.

The album, which was initially named Chosen suffered a push back release date as reported by MTV Base.

Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy, YBNL boss Olamide and Efya were two artistes who Wizkid said would be featured in the album.

On the 6th of September, 2014, Wizkid went forward to release the tracklisting and cover art of the album, Ayo, was made known by Wizkid. He wanted to release a Mixtape in 2013, Wizkid.

He already had plans to release a Mixtape in 2013 just before releasing a second studio album.

In an interview in London with OK!Nigeria TV at the Disturbing Headquarters, Wizkid revealed to the TV that the Mixtape would be released in April and would feature international stars Tinie Tempah and Wale.

He also told OK!Nigeria that his second music album would drop in June, 2013, specifically on the 12th.

Shortly, Banky W, who was Wizkid’s guardian musically and who managed his career at the time told HipTV the initial title of Wizkid’s second studio album and made a comment on why it hasn’t been released yet.

He also gave a time in advance for the album to be released. The lead single for the album was later released in May 2013, and titled Jaiye Jaiye. The single featured vocals from Femi Kuti.

But why Femi Kuti?

In a chat with Showtime Celebrity, Wizkid unveiled that he featured Femi Kuti because he didn’t want his audience to picture him as a musician whose lyrics are always about material things like money and girls.

On the 26th of October in 2013, a second single off the album was released and this time, a hit was dropped. The single was titled On Top Your Matter and produced by top Nigerian producer Del B.

The music video for On Top Your Matter, which was shot in South Africa and directed by Sesan Ogunro was released on the 13th of February, 2014.

In July 2014, Wizkid at The Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos State, Nigeria, revealed to Toolz Oniru that he did a collaboration with Rihanna; the Barbadian songwriter and singer known worldwide.

Sounds from the Other Side

After several hard work had been put in place, Wizkid released the music video for Ojuelegba on the 5th of January in 2015.

The single was one of the songs in Nigeria that started the sound and paradigm shift in the industry of Nigeria.

Ojuelegba narrates the hurdles and struggles Wizkid faced in the early days, and rising times.

In brief, it’s a story about the music career of Wizkid, his rise from grass to glory. A remix for the single was also released with featured vocals from Drake and Skepta.

In July 2015, Ojuelegba premiered on OVO Sound Radio and had previously been aired severally on multiple TV and Radio stations.

When Wizkid visited London in October 2014, he made it known publicly that he’s working on a new album.

He revealed that African Bad Gyal which is the title of a collaboration with Chris Brown would be the lead single for the me album.

The collaborative single titled African Bad Gyal was performed live on stage by both Wizkid and Chris Brown at the latter’s concert which was hosted in Durban, South Africa.

May 2015 witnessed the release of Expensive Shit by Wizkid. The single was unique being an Afrobeat song with more strings and lines from the Guitar and Saxophone.

Expensive Shit was said to also be part of the forthcoming album Wizkid talked about in October 2014.

The superstar, Wizkid went on in July 2015 to make a big announcement through his Twitter handle that he would feature Angelique Kidjo on the same album underway.

In September 2015, after 2Baba’s Fortified tribute concert came to a close, Wizkid made a different turn and announced through his Instagram handle that he was releasing his Extended Play and pushing forward the release of his third album to which many news, ears and eyes have been out for, down for and on a lookout for respectively for a while.

Somehow, 2face Idibia’s concert influenced Wizkid’s decisions and made him realize he had to put in more effort.

From an interview publication by The Fader magazine, we got to know that Wizkid’s Extended Play (EP) would be titled Sounds from the Other Side.

One Dance With Drake

2016 was a new big year for wizkid as he had become really famous and bagged several awards.

On April 5th, 2015, Wizkid made mark as the first Nigerian music act to appear on Twitter Last 24 Hours chart by Billboard after he featured on the single titled One Dance by Drake which sat on the #21 spot on the chart.

On May 12, 2016, One Dance reached the first spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and charted on the #1 spot for 10 weeks simultaneously.

The single by Drake also topped charts in 15 countries including the United Kingdom, France and Canada.

This single skyrocketed Wizkid’s career and registered him as a featured artiste in these 15 States. The 5th of June, 2016 saw the release of Like This by Wizkid.

The promotional single which was produced by DJ Henry X premiered on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio in the same month it was released.

Wizkid’s Tours Since 2012

Wizkid was still a part of EME record label, and after the label had released their compilation album titled Empire Mates State of Mind, the mates in the label, including Wizkid toured the United States of America from 4th of July 2012, to 2nd of September, 2012.

The label mates in the EME record label performed at different concerts in different states and cities including Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, New York City, and Vancouver.

Wizkid toured in London during the EME label acts tour in the US, and he performed at the HMV Apollo.

On the 12th of November, Wizkid performed alongside international music acts like Trey Songz, Kendrick Lamar and Tulisa in Brixton at the BBC Radio 1Xtra Live 02 Academy.

On the 17th of October, 2013, Wizkid performed at Felabration; a concert organized to celebrate the late legend of Afrobeat in Nigeria, Fela Kuti, whom Wizkid mentioned as one of his music influences.

He also performed on the 2nd of November, 2013 at the Guiness World of More concert alongside Nigerian musicians like Davido, Phyno, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, Ice Prince, Olamide, D’banj, the now defunct music duo P Square and a host of other singers.

The event was hosted at Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos State, Nigeria. On the 23rd of November in the same year, Wizkid was invited to perform at the Guiness Big Eruption Concert (GBEC).

In May 2016, the Ojuelegba crooner went with Chris Brown on his world tour named One Hell of a Nite.

Prior to joining Chris Brown in 2016, he was invited as a special guest to some events in 2014 in Tinie Tempah’s UK tour.

Wizkid Breaks Out of Empire Mates Entertainment

Rumours that Wizkid was no longer a signee under the EME music label which was run by Banky W at the time went viral after Wizkid made changes to his twitter handle and tweeted a msssgae that was below the threshold of perception.

It was reported that Wizkid left the EME label mansion and went to purchase his own mansion there in Lagos State, specifically in the area of Lekki Phase 1.

In the midst of this, the Empire Mates Entertainment boss, Banky Wellington assured fans that nothing was going wrong under the label.

Later on, a report came in that the trouble with the label had something to do with money and that it all started in 2012 at the Empire Mates Entertainment all stars concert. On February 20, 2013, a solid information was delivered by Information Nigeria.

The report narrated that Segun Demuren and Banky W got 50% of Wizkid’s performance, while Wizkid himself got 25%, making it 75% in total between Segun Demuren, Banky W and Wizkid.

The last 25% was channeled to Osagie; the former manager of Wizkid. Wizkid wanted a 50-50 income share with Banky W when he fired his manager Osagie and employed Godwin Tom; a manager he stopped working with in 2014, but Banky W wasn’t ready to take that deal from Wizkid, but was ready to find a manage who would accept 25% for Wizkid.

As a result of disagreement between Wizkid and Banky W, things started going off track. According to Information Nigeria, Wizkid brought in about N24 million naira per month from performing at 3 shows weekly.

Wizkid and his former label reportedly reconciled after a contract negotiation as reported by Nigerian Entertainment Today on the 30th of April, 2013.

After the reported reunion, Wizkid performed at an event hosted in The Republic of Benin alongside label mates DJ Xclusive and Shaydee.

Strangely in August 2014, Wizkid made it known to Olisa Adibua that he’s going separate ways with the label after he drops his second studio album titled “Ayo”.

The Making of StarBoy Entertainment

On the 5th o March in 2013, a Vanguard writer named Charles Mgbolu reported that Wizkid had created his own music imprint called StarBoy Entertainment.

Wizkid confirmed this and revealed that he plans to sign new music acts to his own label in an interview with Yvonne Vixen Ekwere of Silverbird TV.

The superstar, Wizkid went on to state that he created his record label, StarBoy Entertainment, to provide a platform for upcoming artistes to glow.

In the same year Wizkid created StarBoy Entertainment, he signed Maleek Berry exactly on the 17th of April.

A couple of collaboration by Wizkid with Maleek Berry include songs like Lagos to Soweto and The Matter.

On the 29th of April, 2013, it was reported by Premium Times that Wizkid had signed popular Nigerian duo music producers and musicians, Legendury Beatz, to his StarBoy Entertainment.

The music team consists of biological brothers Uzezi Oniko and Okiemute Oniko. Wizkid also made the news super viral as he tweeted the new deal on his Twitter page through his handle.

On the 9th of May in 2013, Wizkid shared photos of Legendury Beatz and himself, which was a more vivid confirmation of the new music contract with them.

Wizkid had signed quite a number of talented acts in a short while, and went on to sign L.A.X on the 20th of August, 2013.

He made it known publicly after the music video for the label’s official first single titled Caro, was debuted.

On the 7th of May in 2013, After performing at the 17th season of Ghana Music Awards, Wizkid announced the signings of Ghanaian music acts Efya, Mr Eazi and R2bees to his label, StarBoy Entertainment.

Wizkid Shocked in Ghastly Accident; Buys New Porsche Cayenne

On the 15th of June in 2013, Wizkid had an accident as he drove through the Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos State, Nigeria.

It was later reported by Silverbird TV that the star was hospitalized due to the shock from the accident.

MTV Base compiled a couple of reports by eyewitnesses and from the reports, it was gathered that at about 3:30am, Wizkid’s driver upon returning from the SoundCity Nokia Lumia Beat Party, drove with high-speed in a Porsche Panamera.

Suddenly the front tires of the flashy car blew put and left the driver confused on the steering while he ran into a road barrier at the from of the GET Arena.

It was also gathered that the airbag in the vehicle instantly safeguarded both Wizkid and the driver. Just as was guessed, the Porsche Panamera was badly compressed in some parts and damaged.

Photos of the incident studded blogs, Instagram and Facebook hours after the scene. Two weeks later, Wizkid got a new car, and this time, he got a Porsche Cayenne. He posted the photo of the new car on his Instagram page and captioned it “#Blessed”.

Wizkid, The Media & The Fatherhood Strife

On the 22nd of August, 2011, a report by the Nigerian Entertainment Today made it known that Wizkid had his first child at the age of 21.

Futher investigation revealed the mother of Wizkid’s first child. From the investigation, it was unveiled that Wizkid impregnated Sola Ogudugu; an undergraduate student at the time.

A few news outlets related to the family of Sola Ogudugu confirmed they knew about the relationship between the duo.

In addition, the news didn’t seem to bother friends and relatives of Wizkid as DNA tests of the child were not out and confirmed.

However, Wizkid had spoken out of silence in several interviews when asked questions pertaining the issue.

Shockingly, he denied having a child in an interview with an editor with Nigerian Entertainment Today.

He denied the responsibility of having a child and said he doesn’t want to find himself in that very situation in an interview organized at Ogudu-GRA in Lagos State, Nigeria.

He also denied having a child and having impregnated an undergraduate student in an interview with The Punch’s Nonye Ben-Nwankwo in December, 2012.

In October 2013, After the child controversy and media strife on the same issue in 2011 and 2012, Wizkid uploaded a photo of a 2-year old child known as Boluwatife, son of Sola Ogudugu; the undergraduate student Wizkid had impregnated at the time, on his Instagram page.

This act by Wizkid was a thorough confirmation of the supposed rumour floating in the air for 2 years, and it empowered the Nigerian Entertainment Today as an authority news outlet that caught the story at first.

Charged for Duping Students in UNILAG

On the 19th of June, 2013, Men from the Nigerian Police Force approached and question the Daddy Yo crooner and his management due to charges dressed against them by a couple of students from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

The students from UNILAG reported that Wizkid agreed to perform on the 21st of May, 2013 at the UNILAG Sports Centre for the total sum of N500,000, but he didn’t show up neither did he return the money they paid.

After investigation by the Police, the came to a common ground that the students were tricked by scammers who created fake email and social media accounts, and who claimed to be under the Empire Mates Entertainment record label.

These scammers were later caught and detained in Lagos State by law enforcement agents.

Wizkid, in an interview with Showtime Celebrity, commented on both the accusations laid on him and on the scammers who were at last detained. Wizkid lives a really good life in Lagos State, but travels to different places to perform.

Wizkid’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

Wizkid has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars. He works with international stars like Drake and Chris Brown, and he’s got his name on the payroll of a couple of companies or brands in Nigeria to which he’s brand ambassador.

Wizkid earns cool from music sales, show bookings, endorsement deals and other personal deals.

In past times Wizkid bagged a $350,000 dollar endorsement deal with mega drink manufacturing company, Pepsi.

He also signed a brand endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria which was worth several millions of naira.

Wizkid also bagged a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Guiness Nigeria for the Guiness World of More Concert. These endorsement deals form a large part of Wizkid’s total annual earnings and net worth.

10 Facts About Wizkid

  • Wizkid is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and vocalist.
  • He’s one of the richest and most successful musicians in Nigeria.
  • He’s the founder of StarBoy Entertainment – a leading music label in Nigeria.
  • Wizkid was born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.
  • He was born in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. The Nigerian singer was born on the 16th of July, 1990.
  • He has 12 female siblings.
  • Wizkid started singing very well at the age of 11.
  • As a growing teenager, he founded a music group known as Glorious Five at his local Church.
  • Wizkid’s father was a Muslim, and his mother was a Christian.
  • He dropped out twice from two different schools – Lagos State University and Lead City University – for the sake of his musical career.

FAQs About Wizkid

Wizkid’s House and Cars

Wizkid has several landed properties across Nigerian States. He lives in his mansion in Lagos State, Nigeria, and also has a houses abroad.

He owns flashy cars, houses and properties worth over N500 million naira. The star music act also earns cool cash from invitations to perform at shows, where he earns nothing below than N5 million naira.

In October 2018, Wizkid performed at a royal wedding ceremony in India where he was reportedly paid 50 million rupees, which is equivalent to over $680,000 dollars and over N240 million naira.

Wizkid’s Net Worth in Naira 2020

What is the net worth of Wizkid in the Nigerian currency, naira? The naira equivalence of Wizkid’s net worth is a staggering N14 billion.

How Old is Wizkid?

Born in 1990, Wizkid’s exact age can be gotten by subtracting 1990 from the current year.

What is Wizkid’s Height?

Wizkid isn’t very tall. He’s about 5.4 ft tall.

What Tribe is Wizkid?

He’s a Yoruba guy. It is very obvious from his name.

When Did Wizkid Leave EME?

Wizkid went separate ways with EME in 2013.

Who is the Father of WizKid?

Wizkid’s father is known as Alhaji Muniru Olatunji Balogun.

Who is the Mother of Wizkid?

The mother of Wizkid is known as Jane Dolapo.

Who is the Owner of Star Boy?

Wizkid is a primary owner of the record label, but not the sole owner.

Who Signed Wizkid?

Wizkid has been signed to several record labels since he rose to limelight.

These record labels include his label Starboy Entertainment, Empire Mates Entertainment, RCA Records, and Disturbing London Records.

When Was Wizkid Born?

The Nigerian artiste, Wizkid, was born on the 16th of July, 1990.

What is the Full Name of Wizkid?

Wizkid the name is just a stage name. His real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.

Is Wizkid Signed to Sony?


Wizkid is one of the few Nigerian artistes signed to Sony Music.

Which School Did Wizkid Attend?

He attended the Lagos State University before he was transferred to the Lead City University where he dropped out during his Year 2.

What is Wizkid’s State Origin?

Wizkid is a native of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Which University Did Wizkid Drop Out from?

In 200 level at the Lead City University, that’s when Wizkid dropped out to focus on his musical career.

How Much is Wizkid’s Net Worth in 2020?

Wizkid has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars.

Which Country is Wizkid from?

Wizkid is from Nigeria.

When Did Wizkid Drop Holla at Your Boy?

He dropped the debut hit single on the 2nd of January, 2010.

Wizkid’s Phone Number and Contact Details

Wizkid’s phone number isn’t available publicly. You can get to him through a long chain of management.

Wizkid’s Son and Babymama

From all we know, Wizkid is busy and has a son from his babymama, Sola Ogudugu. He also has another son from a second babymama.

Wizkid has been involved in social media fights with top musicians in the Nigerian entertainment industry, but has done more good than harm to the industry.

Celebrities Wizkid Has Fought With

He has had mutual hostilities with musicians like Dammy Krane, his former label boss Banky W, his former label mate Skales, Samklef, Davido, popular celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji, and actress Tonto Dikeh.

How Much Does Wizkid Charge Per Show?

Wizkid is topnotch in Nigeria, and Africa. He charges well over N10 million naira to perform at a show.

3 Superb Lessons from Wizkid

Make Right Smart Moves

Smart people make smart moves, but some smart moves could be wrong moves. Be wise enough to know when to move, and to know what moves to make.

Be Rude Sometimes

Like I’ve told quite a lot of young people, if you go too humble and all respectful and cold in life, people will definitely see you as a the right soul to toss.

Hate the Comfort Zone

The comfort zone has kept people crippled towards achieving their dreams all their life. Refuse to be comfortable and reach out for the best.


Here are top career highlights of Wizkid:

  • Superstar (Album, 2011)
  • Caro (Single, 2013)
  • Ayo (Album, 2014)
  • Sounds from the Other Side (Album, 2017)
  • Featured in LION KING — Beyonce (Album, 2019)


Wizkid is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and performing artiste. He’s one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, and has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars.

What do you think about Wizkid’s net worth, career, biography, and lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.

Ray HushPuppi Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Ray HushPuppi Net Worth (Forbes)

Ray HushPuppi Net Worth (Forbes)

Net Worth $20 Million
Name Raymond Igbalodely
Career Businessperson
Source of Wealth Real Estate, Business
Born July 14, 1988
Age 31
State of Origin Lagos State
Latest Update 2020

Ray Hushpuppi is a Nigerian socialite, and one of the most followed Nigerian socialites on Instagram.

If you’re interested in knowing a lot more about him, this post is garnished right for you!

Early Life

Raymond Igbalodely, known as Hushpuppi is a Nigerian socialite born into a poor family in Lagos State, on the 14th of July, 1988.

Mentioning his name in the middle of contemporary Nigerian youths brings to mind the luxurious lifestyle of a Nigerian guy whose primary source of income is unknown, but who’s lifestyle and flamboyant spending pins the web like a glue.

HushPuppi is very popular, and despite having a few celebrity haters, he’s loved by millions of Nigerians in the country.

He got popular by being a simple rich dude who likes to show off. Ray HushPuppi isn’t an actor, neither is he an entertainer of any sort.

He became famous eventually alongside his friends Ismaila Mustapha, and ClassicBaggie as they kept posting pictures of their luxury shopping moments and as they awed the social media populace.

Another activity that got HushPuppi so much attention on social media is the big-time argument he got into with Nigerian singers Davido, Tekno, Phyno, Kcee, Ice Prince, and fellow social media sensation Mompha.

HushPuppi claims to be a Gucci ambassador, he got a gift cake from the brand during his birthday, and he’s often seen in differently coloured Bentleys, Rolls Royce Phantom, and a Lamborghini driving around the streets of Dubai.


Ray HushPuppi is a Nigerian socialite, and also a big boy who has been called out to be a fraudster by several Nigerian celebrities and critics.

The primary business HushPuppi runs isn’t known entirely, but, he mentioned that he makes a living from “begging” in one of his social media posts.

Ray Hushpuppi’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

Ray HushPuppi is a famous social media sensation with an estimated net worth of $20 million dollars.

His net worth and biography is much talked about in Nigeria especially after the socialite got into a media scuffle with celebrities Davido, Phyno, and Ice Prince.

10 Facts About Ray Hushpuppi

  • Ray Hushpuppi is a Nigerian socialite, and businessperson.
  • His real name is Raymond Igbalodely.
  • He’s from Lagos State, Nigeria.
  • Ray Hushpuppi was born on July 14, 1988.
  • He loves living lavishly and has a lot of money.
  • Ray Hushpuppi was born into a poor family.
  • He’s close friends with several Nigerian celebrities and relevant personalities.
  • Ray Hushpuppi is currently the most followed Nigerian socialite on Instagram.
  • He’s a Gucci lover, and has stamped his name on the Gucci store in Malaysia (not literarily).
  • He’s currently unmarried.

FAQs About Ray Hushpuppi

Ray HushPuppi’s Net Worth in Naira

What is the net worth of Gucci Master Hushpuppi in naira?

Ray HushPuppi has an estimated net worth of N7 billion in naira. He is a top influencer on social media, and a super rich young guy.

The spending lifestyle of HushPuppi has brought so much attraction to him. Ray Hushpuppi has very costly cars and items worth several millions of naira.

He’s a multi millionaire, and is much admired by the average Nigerian guy.

While Ray HushPuppi’s net worth has been estimated to be N7 billion naira, it is just an estimated figure as he has been seen in photos parading several bundles of dollar bills on Instagram.

Ray Hushpuppi’s Private Jet

HushPuppi moves around in a private jet, and his shoes alone would be enough to start up a shoe sale store in Lekki.

It is not known if he owns the private jet, or he loans it. HushPuppi is one of Nigeria’s most luxurious celebrities.

He shows off literarily everything, from wads of dollars and other currencies, to hotels, cars, private jet travel times, moments at Gucci brand boutique, and expensive wristwatches.

According to his friend Mompha who stated that HushPuppi tried to put him in jail by using his account for fraudulent activities, HushPuppi’s mother is a bread trader, and his Dad, a taxi driver.

HushPuppi revealed that he was heavily involved in Gambling and was very poor before he found his way to Malaysia.

Ray HushPuppi’s Source of Wealth

He’s into real estate management and some other businesses undisclosed by the Gucci Master.

What Does HushPuppi Do for a Living?

These are the messages the Gucci Master has posted about his rise to stardom and wealth:

As man that I am today who developed from being one of you guys, who went through the same struggles you are presently going through, who had to run and jump hurdles where other kids just walk past the same situation in a better environment with better resources and much provisions, I know the society do not expect you to make it, the government don’t care about your future, they toy and joke around making rules and laws that only affect you and benefit the rich.

You lack everything it requires to become who you might have loved to be, do the things you would have loved to do or to live the life you may have seen on TV or the internet, which I know you even have limited access to because there’s never power supply for such, which means you are deprived most of the things that can be learnt through tv and internet in the first place which makes your dreams smaller, quicker to fade away but I want you to know that darkness you are, without the dark, the stars won’t shine and so you can shine out if that darkness.

You have been deprived so many right a child deserves and the world look down on you because you are nothing but a clot of blood miraculously turned a baby, and an unfortunate one at that. Good health, good foods or good education hasn’t been in any way your chance to have. Looking at you disgusts not your brethren only but even strangers are not so impressed for your unhealthy appearance. Your strength; courage; and dreams are nothing but hallucination just because you were not supposed to dream big.

I am sure nobody ever believed in whatever you say or do. You have been victimized by neighbors; friends; and even family members who were supposed to give you hope. This is my story, this is me and this is the hushpuppi you have been hearing about. The Ghetto kid in me is at Its peak and ready to explode and spread around the globe. I am you and you are me.

I represent every underprivileged kid of the world and especially of Nigeria and of Lagos and of Bariga and of Oworonsoki Where a landlord had chased me and my family out of a rented room. I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face trying to send me and my siblings to neighbors and relatives and the sadness in the eyes of my siblings. Now, you see I represent you?

Trust me I know how it feels to not have parents come watch you in school play football or run races in ur school, I know how it feels to come out your apartment to take showers in a zinc sheet bathroom separated from the building. The society made me who i am today, i was never one of those who their parents couldn’t afford a movie ticket to see a movie when Silver bird cinema came newly, I shared shoes, toiletries and underwears with my younger ones as well as mats and see me now at my early thirties, i am writing you a letter from one of the favourite places any human alive would have loved to be, billionaire or penniless.

Nobody is listening to your cries; your lamentation; and your grievances are not felt a bit. If i had sat down complaining about the bad government; bad economy ; bad friends, I will not be here today. I had a dream i was not supposed to cry, knowing nobody would listen, so i rose from the hood and decided to do the things my forefathers never did. I crossed the seas, walked through burning bushes, jumped over thorns and babbed wire.

A lot of people know me from when I used to use okada to be selling akube clothes to boys that was making cheddars in diff hotels up and down the mainland of Lagos. Look at yourself, do you like the way you are right now? Are you pushing beyond limits? Are you succumbing to the tune of the selfish Baba Alaye in your neighborhood? Nobody will help you if you decide not to help yourself even hailing Hushpuppi 1,000 wouldn’t help you either, be about you, get up, pick a struggle, leave your comfort zone, work hard at it, pray a lot and don’t kiss ass, rich people are users and inconsiderate. Dear hustling hood kid, let no man hold you down. My advice for you is never to put your dreams in the hands of Ambode and Buhari, they don’t know you, they don’t believe in you cos there’s millions of people like you on their neck, it’s not much they can do if they can even do anything at all so don’t expect you will ever win or make it by waiting for anyone.

…The Gucci Master ended.

HushPuppi would be the most luxurious celebrity in Nigeria if a list were to be created.

He’s often compared in all sense to Wizkid and Davido, and for the fact that they’re young celebrities, HushPuppi does show off better.

He has a lot of celebrity friends, and has met with many. In fact, HushPuppi has become the talk of celebrities so much so that popular musicians Timaya and 9ice have sang about him and his wealth.

Ray HushPuppi’s House and Cars

Ray HushPuppi’s exact house isn’t known. At least, the house address has not been made known.

He lives in different countries, and mostly lives in some of the finest hotels by all standards.

From Malaysia, to Dubai, and to Nigeria, Ray HushPuppi lives the best life in some of the most expensive and classic hotels.

From all the money he’s got, he has acquired a lot of expensive vehicles including a Rolls Royce Wraith, Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sports, and Ferrari.

How Much is Ray Hushpuppi Worth?

Hushpuppi is worth about $20 million dollars.

Who is Billionaire Gucci Master’s Net Worth?

As of the time of this writing, Hushpuppi’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

Where is Ray Hushpuppi?

One of the most interesting facts about Ray Hushpuppi is the fact that he hasn’t been in Nigeria for a long time. He’s based in Malaysia.

What is Ray Hushpuppi’s Real Name?

The real name of Billionaire Gucci Master Ray Hushpuppi is Raymond Igbalodely.

Who is Hushpuppi’s Father?

His father isn’t known by name. But he wasn’t a very wealthy personality.

Ray Hushpuppi’s Wikipedia Profile

Currently, Ray Hushpuppi isn’t available on Wikipedia. A dedicated Wikipedia page hasn’t yet been created for him.

Ray Hushpuppi’s Job

He’s a real estate operator and has other petty businesses he earns from.

Ray Hushpuppi’s Age

He was born on the 14th of June, 1988. To get his current age, 1988 should be subtracted from the current year.

What Does Ray Hushpuppi Do for a Living?

Hushpuppi is a Nigerian socialite who’s into real estate and online deals. Many Nigerians believe he’s a yahoo boy but we at QIB can’t take a full stand with that.

Ray Hushpuppi’s Reddit Profile

Is Hushpuppi on Reddit? There’s been several articles about him submitted on Reddit but he doesn’t officially operate a Reddit account.

How Did Ray Hushpuppi Make His Money?

Ray Hushpuppi made his money through participation in businesses such as real estate and online deals (fraudulent or not).

What State is Hushpuppi from?

Although born and raised in Lagos State, Ray Hushpuppi is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

3 Fascinating Lessons from Ray Hushpuppi

Be Outspoken

It’s your outspokenness that’ll shut the doors for people to step on you, use, and manipulate you when they want to.

Show What You’re Made Of

Yes! Don’t be slow to show the world what you’re made of. You can’t tell who’s watching and who can help.

Think Big

Don’t be scared to think big. For the fact that you haven’t achieved a quarter of what you would like to achieve or what you’ve planned to achieve doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not achievable.


Here are some of the most trending highlights about Hushpuppi since he got to spotlight:

  • Spends N11.5m at Quilox Nightclub (2017)
  • Buys Bentley Bentayga (February, 2019)
  • Buys Mercedes Maybach S650 (May, 2019)


Ray Hushpuppi is a Nigerian socialite and businessperson. According to some mouths, he’s into real estate management, and other forms of businesses in foreign countries.

He’s one of the most famous social media sensations with an estimated net worth of $20 million dollars.

What do you think about Ray Hushpuppi’s net worth, biography, career, and luxurious lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.

Burna Boy Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Burna Boy Net Worth

Burna Boy Net Worth

Net Worth $10 Million
Name Damini Ogulu
Career Musician
Source of Wealth Music, Endorsement Deals
Born July 2, 1991
Age 29
State of Origin Rivers State
Latest Update 2020

Burna Boy is a Nigerian musician, and a multiple award winning artiste. He is known for several hit tracks, and has worked with a lot of top musicians in Nigeria.

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🦍> 🏠 – – 📸 @whipalo

A post shared by Burna Boy (@burnaboygram) on

Early Life

Burna Boy was born as Damini Ogulu on the 2nd of July, 1991. He’s a pure native of Mbiama, Ahoda West Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria.

As a growing child, he schooled at Montessori International School just before he moved to Lagos. In Lagos, he schooled at Corona, Agbara Secondary School.

After rounding off his secondary school studies in Lagos State, he flew abroad to the United Kingdom.


Burna Boy fell in love with music because of his grandfather, Benson Idons. However, he really admired the musical abilities of legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

His grandfather, Benson Idons worked with Fela Kuti as his manager. Burna Boy wasn’t going to allow his troubles with the UK authorities pull him down.

For many Nigerians, deportation from any European country is the worst thing that can happen to them.

But there’s more…

His musical career kick started back in 2010 after penning a record deal with Nigerian music record label Aristokrat.

With his unique style of music and voice, he rose to fame with the release of his hit single titled Abeg Abeg Abeg.

After the release of the hit single, he followed up with the release of another hit track titled Like to Party.

“Like to Party” was released on the 31st of May, 2012, and it recorded much success than the first. The single was shot and directed by Square Ball Media.

After the release of Like to Party, Burna Boy started getting offers to collaborate, started getting booked more to perform at shows and also was getting endorsement deals.

The song made him more than just known, it classed him among the biggest singers in the Nigerian music industry.

Thereafter, he released a music album that boasted of over 50,000 sales on the first day in market.

Clearly, Burna Boy is one of kind. He brings in something fresh, and doesn’t just stop there, he does more and let his fans feel it.

He believes he’s way different from other Nigerian musicians and that his breed of music is totally unique.

Burna Boy follows the footprints of Nigerian legendary singers like the aforementioned Fela Kuti, Ninja Man, Super Cat and others.

According to him, his brand of music is Afro Fuju. This is because it’s basically a fusion of R&B, Hip Hop, Dancehall, and Afro Beats.

His songs do deliver messages of relevance to his listeners. Sometimes, they’re about the economic issue, and other times, meant to make you move your body.

Under Aristokrat, he released mixtapes Burn Identity, and Burn Notice in 2011.

In 2013, Burna Boy released an album titled L.I.F.E. which in full means Leaving an Impact for Eternity.

Burna Boy followed up with the production of another album titled On a Spaceship. In 2016, he released an Extended Play (E.P.) titled Redemption.

He has released several award winning singles and collaborated with other musicians since then.

Featuring Davido, The Sauce Kid and others, Burna Boy sampled Novacane by Frank Ocean and tells a story about his journey to greatness with the sound.

Awards and Nominations

In 2013, Burna Boy won the Best New Act of the Year award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards ceremony.

In same year, he also won the Best Pop award at the South South Music Awards ceremony.

Luckily for the unique singer, he grabbed the Next Rated award at The Headies 2013.

After storming the Nigerian music waves with hit singles, he was able to win the Best New Act award at the MTV Africa Music Awards ceremony and Best Album of the Year award at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards both in 2014.

Still in 2014, he earned nominations under the Best R&B Single, Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best R&B/Pop Album categories at The Headies 2014.

In 2015, Burna Boy was nominated in the Best Pop Artiste of The Year category at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

Not much is known about the personal life of Burna Boy, but he allegedly has a babymama known as Uju Stella Johnson.

Uju Stella took to social media network Instagram in May 2016 to announce that Burna Boy abandoned her after she got pregnant for him.

She now has a son, and she said Burna Boy abandoned them both.

Adding to this, she stated that also raped a girl in the United Kingdom.

Could this be true, she mentioned he abandoned the trial process in the UK upon raping a girl.

Burna Boy got back to her, admitting to have slept with her, but not gotten her pregnant. He’s unmarried at the moment, and is at the top of his musical career.

Barred from the United Kingdom

While schooling in London, he had troubles with the law, which is very unlike the law in his home country, Nigeria. In 2010, he was arrested by the London Police in the United Kingdom.

He was allegedly part of a gang that stabbed someone to death in the UK. This was during the time he was studying in the United Kingdom.

After 11 months in jail, Burna Boy was released and given two months community service and parole to prove he’s changed and of good behaviour.

As a born Naija guy, Burna Boy outlived the law and flew to Nigeria where he signed a music contract with a record label known as Aristokrat.

Unluckily, he travelled back to the United Kingdom where the laws he abandoned. At the airport, he was easily identified, and arrested.

Without further negotiations, he was deported to Nigeria and barred for 15 years from the United Kingdom.

Burna Boy’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

He’s a topnotch Nigerian musician and has been awarded multiple times. Burna Boy earns from endorsement deals, music sales and show bookings.

In the past, he signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Globacom, and in 2016, Burna Boy struck a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Martell Cognac.

10 Facts About Burna Boy

  • He’s a Nigerian musician and songwriter.
  • Burna Boy was born Damini Ogulu.
  • Burna Boy was born July 2, 1991.
  • He’s a native of Mbiama, Ahoda West LGA, Rivers State.
  • He schooled at the Montessori International School, and the Corona Secondary School in Lagos State.
  • He’s very educated, and acquired higher education in London.
  • His musical career officially started in 2010 after signing a music deal with Aristokrat.
  • In the same year’s when he got arrested by the London police for a crime committed.
  • He won his first music award in 2013, the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.
  • His grandfather, Benson Idons, was a close friend and music partner of Nigerian music legend Fela Kuti.

FAQs About Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s House and Cars

It’s no more news that Burna Boys dazzles in expensive vehicles which he acquired.

Some of these four-wheel engines he acquired in the past include a N17 million naira Range Rover Sport, and a N20 million naira G-Class Mercedes Benz.

The Nigerian singer has a number of houses in Lagos, and landed properties.

The Source of Burna Boy’s Wealth

Burna Boy earns millions of naira from his music sales, show bookings bring him a ton of money, endorsement deals and other private business deals are fillers to his bank account.

Burna Boy’s Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Burna Boy’s net worth is N3.5 billion. This figure could either plummet or skyrocket depending on the level of career success of Burna Boy as time flies.

What is Burna Boy’s Net Worth in Dollars?

The net worth of Burna Boy is an estimated $10 million in dollars. Most of his earnings come from music sales, endorsement deals, and bookings.

Is Burna Boy a Graduate?

Yes, he’s a graduate. He’s educated, and studied in London.

What is Burna Boy’s Real Name?

The real name of Burna Boy is Damini Ogulu. His stage name, Burna Boy, is just a stage name and it’s one of the most famous names in Nigeria.

How Old is Burna Boy Now?

He was born in 1991. To get the real age of Burna Boy, subtract 1991 from the current year.

Which Country is Burna Boy from?

He’s a Nigerian by nationality. His parents are both Nigerians and are in support of his musical career.

Burna Boy’s Girlfriend

Currently, Burna Boy and British rapper Stefflon Don are loved up. Several times, Burna Boy has shared photos of beautiful moments with her.

Burna Boy’s Phone Number and Contact Details

You need the phone number of Burna Boy? Currently, this information isn’t available on the internet.

3 Good Lessons from Burna Boy

Consistency Matters

I’ve got nothing much to say about consistency – just be consistent. The good fruits of your consistency will pay off later.

Be Totally Unique

Your uniqueness will always stand you out in what you do. Try to be unique, don’t follow the footprints of your supposed mentors or the people you admire. Be yourself, do yourself.

Always Strive Hard

There’s one thing about not staying down even when things seem to not be working out really well. Strive HARD!


Since the start of Burna Boy’s musical career, here are some his biggest breakthroughs:

  • Soke (Single, 2015)
  • On A Spaceship (Album, 2015)
  • Hallelujah (Single, 2017)
  • Gbona (Single, 2018)
  • On The Low (Single, 2018)
  • Outside (Album, 2018)
  • African Giant (Album, 2019)


Burna Boy is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and performing artiste. He’s one of the richest and most successful Nigerian musicians, and has won several musical awards of local and foreign relevance.

Burna Boy has released several hit singles, and has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars.

What do you think about Burna Boy’s net worth, career, and lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.


Mayorkun Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Mayorkun Net Worth

Mayorkun Net Worth

Net Worth $2 Million
Name Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel
Career Musician
Source of Wealth Music
Born March 24, 1993
Age 26
State of Origin Osun State
Latest Update 2020

Mayorkun is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian music industry today. He’s a talented singer, songwriter, and performing artiste.

Currently one of the biggest stars signed to DMW, Mayorkun has released several hit songs and he’s known for many.

This is about the biography, net worth, story, age, siblings, properties, and career of Mayorkun.

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A post shared by MAYORKUN (@iammayorkun) on

Early Life

He was born Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel on the 24th of March, 1993. He was born in Osun State, Nigeria.

His mother is a Nigerian actress known as Toyin Adewale, and his father is a doctor, director and a professional musician.

He attended the Living Spring Montessori, and Hi Grade College before gaining admission to study Accounting at the University of Lagos.


Mayorkun released his debut track in 2013 titled GBO. In 2015, Mayorkun recorded a song with his cousins Piano and shared it with Davido on Twitter.

Davido saw the song and messaged Mayorkun, asking to know more about him. Eventually, he got signed to DMW and released his debut single under the record label titled Eleko.

Since then, Mayorkun has released other hit singles, earned music awards, and worked with top names in the entertainment industry.

Mayorkun’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is Mayorkun’s net worth?

Mayorkun has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars. He’s a very fast rising Nigerian musician and songwriter. Mayorkun earns from music sales and show bookings.

He also gets paid by brands, and companies to run promotional adverts. He has released a lot of hit song, and has earned a lot of money from the sales of his songs.

He is currently signed to the prestigious DMW music label owned and operated by topmost Nigerian musician Davido.

Mayorkun is paid a fortune to perform at shows – and as a fast rising Nigerian musician, he storms the stage and puts it upsidedown wherever and whenever.

10 Facts About Mayorkun

  • Mayorkun is a Nigerian singer and songwriter.
  • He was born Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel.
  • He was born in Lagos State on the 24th of March, 1993.
  • Mayorkun attended Living Spring Montessori, and Hi Grade College in Lagos State.
  • He studied Accounting at the University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.
  • His first music track was titled GBO and was released in 2013.
  • Mayorkun, unlike several Nigerian artistes, had the full support of his parents and siblings in becoming a Nigerian musician.
  • His first official record label is DMW (Davido Music Worldwide).
  • Mayorkun’s father is a professional musician and doctor, and his mother, a Nigerian actress.
  • He’s known otherwise as the Mayor of Lagos.

FAQs About Mayorkun

Mayorkun’s Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Mayorkun’s net worth is N700 million naira. This figure is very likely to change as the singer approaches the apex of his career.

Who is Mayorkun’s Mother?

Mayorkun’s mother is known to be Toyin Adewale. She is a Nigerian writer who writes in English and in German.

As a famous writer, she has worked with The Guardian, The Daily Times, and Post Express as a critic on literary works.

She was given birth to in Ibadan, Nigeria, and bagged an MA Lit degree from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University.

Toyin Adewale still looks young, and she was barely 25 when she had Mayorkun.

How Old is Mayorkun?

Born in 1993, Mayorkun’s real age can be gotten from subtracting 1993 from the current year.

Mayorkun’s Siblings

Mayorkun has two known siblings – Morenikejimi Adesewa Ajokemi (Sibling), and Ayobami Samuel Adewale (Brother).

Mayorkun’s Height

Mayorkun isn’t a very tall guy. The exacts height of the music star isn’t known, but he’s not above 72 inch.

Mayorkun’s House and Cars

One of the biggest things Mayorkun achieved in 2018 would be the completion of his mansion in Lekki, Lagos.

The house is a show stopper, and was completed in February 2018.

After being signed to DMW music label, Mayorkun released several hit bangers, and in August 2018, he acquired his first ride, a Porsche SUV.

Mayorkun’s House Worth/Value

How much is Mayorkun’s house?

The Mayor of Lagos’ house is worth over N700 million naira. It is an exquisite building with some of the best furniture and fittings located in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

How Much is Mayorkun’s Porsche Car?

The Porsche acquired by Mayorkun is about N6 million naira. It is a brand new Porsche 4×4 SUV, and photos of the car was shared on IG by the star.

Mayorkun’s House Address & Contact Details

The house address of Mayorkun isn’t known. But for sure, the gigantic building is in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

It is an attention seizer, and some people who have been in Lagos State for years would know the exact area of the house just by seeing the surroundings.

How Much Does Mayorkun Charge Per Show?

Mayorkun performs at several musical concert each month. He’s known to storm events and put the arena on fire. To book Mayorkun, it’ll cost quite over N3 million naira.

3 Good Lessons from Mayorkun

Be Dynamic

Not being static and glued to one system of getting things done is a good habit to embrace. Be dynamic – there’s no limit to how far you can go with your dynamic intrinsic.

Avoid Staying Low-Profile

If you don’t blow your trumpet, no one will blow it for you. You’ve gotta be smart, and do your stuff yourself. Avoid being low profile, and reach out.

Grab Opportunities by the Neck

When your opportunity comes knocking, don’t be slow to grab it and leverage it. “Opportunity comes but once” is a saying that has crippled the hopes of many. Opportunity is definitive and can come several times – avoid the catch fail.


  • Eleko (Single, 2016)
  • Mama (Single, 2017)
  • Che Che (Single, 2017)
  • Bobo (Single, 2018)
  • The Mayor of Lagos (Album, 2018)


Mayorkun is a successful Nigerian musician and songwriter. He’s known to be a lead singer at the DMW Record Label (run by Davido).

He’s known for several hit singles, and has won quite a few musical awards. Mayorkun has also performed at countless events and has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.

What do you think about Mayorkun’s net worth, biography, career, and lifestyle?

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Victor AD Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Victor AD Net Worth

Victor AD Net Worth

Net Worth $150,000
Name Victor Adere
Career Musician
Source of Wealth Music
Born August 2, 1993
Age 26
State of Origin Delta State
Latest Update 2020

Victor AD (Adere) is a speedily rising singer and songwriter who rose to fame with a feature in Erigga’s song titled Motivation.

He’s talented, and has released hit singles since he made waves to limelight.

Early Life

Victor AD Adere was born on the 2nd of August, 1993 in Lagos State, Nigeria, as Victor Adere. He’s a native of Delta State, Nigeria.

He began singing as a child at age 6. His music career started in year 2014 with the release of a single titled Jowo. He’s a graduate from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi.


The singer fell in love so much with music and was inspired by the likes of Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, King Sunny Ade, and Lucky Dube.

However, he got to limelight after featuring in a music single by famous Nigerian rapper and songwriter, Erigga.

The hit single was titled Motivation, and Victor AD nailed to chorus perfectly well; leaving the hearers with nothing but questions pointing to know him.

After reaching mainstream with the feature in Motivation, he landed a single titled Wetin We Gain in 2018.

The single was an instant hit, and it earned him a record deal with Ghana-based record label, Etins Records.

Victor AD’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is Victor AD’s net worth?

Victor Adere or Victor AD has an estimated net worth of $150,000 dollars.

He’s one of the fastest rising musicians in Nigeria who rose to limelight after featuring in a hit single titled Motivation by indigenous rapper, Erigga.

He earns from YouTube video views (monetization), music sales, and show bookings.

Victor Adere is paid to perform at shows, and he has released a number of hit singles after his fast rise to stardom.

10 Facts About Victor AD

  • Victor AD is known as Victor Adere – which is the meaning of AD. He was born Victor Adere.
  • He’s a talented Nigerian singer, and songwriter.
  • Victor Adere was born in Lagos State, Nigeria.
  • He started singing at the age of 6.
  • Although born in Lagos State, he’s an indigene of Delta State, Nigeria.
  • He graduated from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi.
  • Victor AD’s musical career officially started in 2014.
  • His very first single was titled “Jowo” back in 2014.
  • He rose to fame after featuring in Erigga’s “Motivation” in 2018.
  • Officially, his first record label is Etins Records.

FAQs About Victor AD

How Much is Victor Adere’s Net Worth?

His net worth is $150,000 dollars. He earns from performing at music events, and from other sources which includes music sales.

Victor AD’s Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Victor AD’s net worth is N17.5 million. This figure is likely to change in due time.

Which Tribe is Victor AD?

As a guy from Delta State, he’s Urhobo by tribe. The Nigerian singer has been in the music industry for quite some time before limelight was hit.

Which State is Victor AD from?

The Nigerian singer and songwriter is from Delta State, Nigeria. He is known across his State, and other neighbouring Nigerian States.

Where is Victor Adere from?

Although an indigene of Delta State, he was born in Kirikiri, Lagos, Nigeria. However, he remains a native of Delta State.

What Record Label is Victor AD Signed to?

Victor AD is currently signed to Etins Records. The deal is worth millions of naira, and was signed in 2018.

How Old is Victor AD?

Born in 1993, the age of Victor AD can be gotten from subtracting his birth year from the current year.

Victor AD’s House and Cars

He has enough money to get quite any flashy car he wants, but in 2018, his record label, Etins Records, got him a brand new Mercedes Benz 4matic Sedan.

The car was delivered to the new apartment they secured for him to enable him focus on his musical career.

Victor AD’s Phone Number & Contact Details

The private number of Victor Adere isn’t publicly available. Apparently, this is for the sake of personal security.

Instagram Account

Victor AD is available and very active on Instagram. His official handle on Instagram is @victoradere.

Victor AD’s Wikipedia Profile

The official Wikipedia page of Victor AD is available online. You can get to it by a simple Google search.

Currently, Victor AD is one of the fastest rising musicians and has released singles with very known Nigerian artistes.

How Much Does Victor AD Charge Per Show?

For show booking and performances, Victor Adere charges over N1 million naira to show his face at your concert. This figure could be double or triple depending on the relationship of the parties involved.

3 Cool Lessons from Victor AD

Give Your Best Shot

Regardless of what you do, give it your best shot. It doesn’t matter if it directly impacts you or not, or whether it directly affects or benefits you or not, just give your best shot at it.

There’s a good old saying from the good book that goes “whatever is what doing is what doing well”. It’ll surprise you the results when you put your best into everything you do.

Shun Relaxation

Until you’ve achieved what you really out there to achieve, don’t go relaxing or unnecessarily rewarding yourself. There’s a time to work, and there’s a time to sleep. Just make sure you’re not swapping those times to your disfavour.

Measure Up

Sometimes it’s best to measure up, even if you’re not even at the level you really want to be. Mingle, class up yourself and measure up to those a head of you. Don’t think of yourself as too crude and backward… go classic – measure up.


Top 5 Victor AD’s career breakthroughs include:

  • Features in Motivation – Erigga (Single, 2018)
  • Wetin We Gain (Single, 2018)
  • Tire You Ft. Davido (Single, 2019)
  • Why Ft. Erigga (Single, 2019)
  • RED EYE (Album, 2019)


Victor AD is a Nigerian musician and songwriter. Known in full as Victor Adere, he has been able to remain relevant after featuring in a hit single by Erigga in 2018 – Motivation.

He is known today for several hit singles featuring top music stars in Nigeria, and he has am estimated net worth of $150,000 dollars.

What do you think about Victor AD’s net worth, profile, career, and lifestyle?

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Frank Edwards Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Frank Edwards Net Worth

Frank Edwards Net Worth

Net Worth $4 Million
Name Frank Ugochukwu Edwards
Career Gospel Musician, Music Producer
Source of Wealth Music
Born July 22, 1989
Age 30
State of Origin Ekiti State
Latest Update 2020

If you’re interested in knowing about Frank Edwards net worth, biography, profile, background, and career, then this article is just prepped for you.

Frank Edwards is one of the richest gospel musicians in Nigeria today, and his songs are aired commonly on radio channels, subscribed TV channels, and local stations.

He has over 10 million fans in Nigeria alone, and is a bona fide member of the Believers LoveWorld Church also known as Christ Embassy.

Keep scrolling and reading to know about the net worth, and biography of Frank Edwards brought to you by your #1 net worth reporter.

Early Life

Frank Edwards was born Frank Ugochukwu Edwards in Enugu State, Nigeria on July 22nd, 1989.

He was born to a family of seven, and began singing at age 10 after learning the rudiments of playing the piano from his Dad. At an early age, Frank Edwards became a committed Christian, and surrendered his life to Christ.

Frank Edwards didn’t have the dream to become a professional and renowned gospel musician in future, but with the mentorship and spiritual guidance of his spiritual father, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, he found himself where he is today.


Frank Edwards is a gospel musician, producer, pianist, guitarist, and entrepreneur. He is fondly called Richboy due to the unmeasured grace of God on his life.

He is a key member of the Christ Embassy overseen by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. In 2008, Frank Edwards released his debut gospel music album titled “The Definition”.

The album was a fourteen-track music album with supportive hit singles, and was promoted and distributed by Honesty Music.

In 2010, Edwards released a second music album titled “Angels on the Runway”. In 2011, he released two musical albums titled “Unlimited”, and “Tagjam”.

Frank Edwards is the CEO at Rocktown Records, and has a lot of upcoming gospel artistes signed to it. He has performed live on stage with Sinach, and a host of Nigerian gospel musicians.

He has released several music tracks, and has recorded hit songs more than a lot of gospel music acts in Nigeria today.

In 2009, Frank got nominated at the NEA Awards. Frank Edwards won the Best Gospel Rock Artiste at the maiden edition of, and was nominated in the Gospel Artiste of the Year category at the 6th episode of Nigeria Entertainment Awards in May 2011.

Frank also won three prestigious awards – the Best Male Vocal, Song of the Year, and Male Artiste of the Year – at the Nigeria Gospel Music Awards.

In 2012, he bagged the West Africa Best Male Vocalist and the Best Hit Single at the Love World Awards. In the same year, he also got nominated for an award at the Nigerian Gospel Awards.

Frank Edwards has collaborated with foreign gospel musicians like Micah Stampley, and Don Moen.

He shocked the world of gospel music when his album titled “Frankincense” featuring Nathaniel Bassey and Micah Stampley surpassed Beyonce and Adele’s album on the famous iTunes music albums chart.

Frank Edwards hit songs include “Mma Mma”, “Welcome to Zion”, “Omema O”, and “You too Dey Bless Me”.

At the 2012 awards ceremony of the Nigerian Gospel Awards, Frank Edwards was nominated six times, and in 2010, he won the Rock Artist of the Year award at the Nigerian Gospel Awards.

He is a talented instrumentalist who serves as a role model and an inspiration to millions of Nigerian singers.

He’s known for the hit song as well titled “Superstar Number 1” with which he won a $10,000 dollar worth award at the Love World Awards in 2012.

Frank Edwards at the time of this writing isn’t married, but in 2012, the media has it that he was engaged to a young lady. She’s named Chisom, and gained admission into the Abia State University to further her studies.

When the news hit the media, Chisom was 19 years old, and Frank Edwards was severely criticized for dating and engaging a 19 year old.

Another very interesting news that roamed the internet is the news that Frank Edwards was dating the daughter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Sharon Oyakhilome.

Frank Edwards is working on his musical career as a gospel musician, and also working with the likes of Don Moen to produce more wonderful songs.

He is a very popular gospel artiste, and is booked to perform his songs at musical concerts organized by Churches in Nigeria and other nations.

Frank Edwards’ Net Worth 2020 Forbes

Frank Edwards has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars. He’s the CEO of Rocktown Records, and earns from a couple of primary sources.

Frank Edwards is booked frequently each month in a year, and he warns nothing below N2 million naira to hold the mic and minister at a programme or concert.

He’s a young man of many investments, and is one of the richest gospel artistes in the country. Since 2008, Frank Edwards has sold over 5 million copies of his songs across Nigeria. He’s loved, and has been and is still a source of inspiration to many.

10 Facts About Frank Edwards

  • Frank Edwards is a Nigerian gospel musician and songwriter.
  • He’s from Enugu State, Nigeria.
  • He was born Frank Ugochukwu Edwards on July 22, 1989.
  • He started singing at the age of 10.
  • Frank Edwards was born into a family of 7.
  • He’s a core member of the LoveWorld Church, known as Christ Embassy.
  • He’s the CEO of Rocktown Records.
  • Aside being a musician, he’s a pianist, guitarist, and a music producer.
  • His first album was released in 2008 – The Definition.
  • His spiritual father and mentor is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy.

FAQs About Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards’ Wedding

Frank Edwards’ wedding day is not known. The date of his wedding is not announced yet. There has been no news as to whom he’s currently in love with or who he’s set to wed.

Frank Edwards’ Father

Frank’s father is a chorister in the Church till today. He had a role to play in the musical career of Frank Edwards, and he’s known as Mr. Edwards.

Frank Edwards’ Wife Name

The Nigerian gospel musician is not yet married, so his wife is not known… which means he doesn’t have a wife yet.

Frank Edwards’ Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $4 million dollars. He’s one of the richest gospel musicians in Nigeria today.

Which University Did Frank Edward Attend?

Frank Edwards is a graduate, but the school he attended and the course of Study is not yet disclosed.

Frank Edwards’ Mansion

Frank Edwards has a mansion in Lagos State, Nigeria. He also has landed properties and houses in other Nigerian States, especially in Lagos State.

Which State is Frank Edwards from?

He’s from Enugu State, Nigeria.

How Rich is Frank Edwards?

The Nigerian musician is $4 million dollar rich. That’s his current net worth, and he earns from a couple of channels.

How Old is Frank Edwards Now?

Subtracting his birth year from the current year in question, he’s 30 years old (2020).

When Was Frank Edwards Born?

Frank Edwards was born on the 22nd of July, 1989.

How Much Does Frank Edwards Charge Per Show?

Frank Edwards charges over N2 million per music concert. He charges far less for musical programmes organized by LoveWorld, and probably more to minister at other Churches or gospel organizations.

3 Good Lessons from Frank Edwards


I believe greatly in the power of focus. But in a while, diversifying and not putting all your eggs in one basket could save you from disastrous fails.

Remain Unrestrained

It’s hard to make a difference of make a great change when you’re being too conservative. Unrestrained moves and decisions goes a long way in creating breakthroughs amidst dark shackles.

Consistency is a Powerful Tool

Consistency is one of the biggest tools and catalysts to succeeding at whatever you do. Being consistent requires you to maintain a level of frequency and remain regular.


Some of Frank Edwards’ biggest highlights throughout his career include:

  • You Too Dey Bless Me (Single, 2008)
  • Okaka (Single, 2014)
  • Frankincense (Album, 2016)
  • Frank Edwards Collections Vol. 1 (Album, 2016)
  • Frank Edwards Collections Vol. 2 (Album, 2016)
  • Frank Edwards Collections Vol. 3 (Album, 2016)
  • Frank Edwards Compilations Pt. 2 (Album, 2016)
  • Celestial (Single, 2016)
  • Oghene Do (Single, 2017)
  • Here To Sing (Single, 2017)
  • Unlimited – Verse 1 (Album, 2017)


Frank Edwards is a Nigerian gospel musician, recording artiste, entrepreneur, and songwriter. He’s successful, and one of the richest gospel musicians in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars.

What do you think about Frank Edwards’ net worth, biography, career, and lifestyle?

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Adekunle Gold Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Adekunle Gold Net Worth

Adekunle Gold Net Worth

Net Worth $2 Million
Name Omoba Adekunle Kosoko
Career Musician, Graphics Designer
Source of Wealth Music
Born January 28, 1987
Age 39
State of Origin Lagos State
Latest Update 2020

Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and husband to famous XM3 artiste, Simisola. He’s known for a couple of hit songs and has worked with a number of music stars in Nigeria.

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Bringing this back just because it’s too good.

A post shared by AG BABY (@adekunlegold) on

Early Life

Adekunle Gold was born Omoba Adekunle Kosoko on the 28th of January, 1987 to Mr. & Mrs. Kosoko. He was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. Adekunle Gold is a multi talented individual.

He’s a songwriter, graphic designer, singer, and sculptor. With the establishment of a record label, he can also be called an entrepreneur.

Adekunle Gold happens to be a Prince of the Kosoko family in Lagos State, which is a royal family.

He’s the nephew of Jide Kosoko – a Nigerian actor, and Prince. His father was a Muslim, but didn’t force his children to be buried in same religion.

He allowed them to do what they wanted, and so Adekunle Gold became a Christian and joined his Church’s choir.

In 2011, Adekunle Gold unfortunately lost his youngest sister named Busayo.

She died of Heart Complications. She was the only one who understood Adekunle, and he referred to her as his twin because of this.


Adekunle Gold got the Gold part of his stage name from Church after his pastor preached a sermon.

As he grew older, he listened to songs by King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, and other singers which greatly influenced his love for music.

Eventually, he joined his Church’s teen choir, and was able to write his first song at the age of 15.

He later formed a music band named The Bridge Boyz back in 2010 with his friend Seyikeyz.

The music band released songs including All of Me (a cover of John Legend’s song), No Sleeping on a Bicycle, and Norm Breaker. He got separated from the music group in 2014 and went on to pursue his solo music career.

His friend, Seyikeyz, decided to become his producer after the breakout from the music band. He produced a song titled Let it Stop as his first solo single. The song wasn’t much of a success due to poor promotion and distribution.

On the 19th of December, 2014, Adekunle Gold released a cover of Story of My Life by One Direction, but his was titled Sade. The song earned a nomination at The Headies 2015, and was acclaimed critically.

Adekunle is a skilled Photoshop Editor. He was named King of Photoshop after releasing a photo, an edited Photoshop picture of himself hugging popular Nigerian female musician Tiwa Savage.

On the 5th of March, 2015, he signed a music deal with YBNL Nation; a music label owned by Olamide.

Sade gave him quite a few followers and exposure, he released Orente, which was his debut single under the YBNL Nation music label.

In the same year, he earned a nomination at the City People Entertainment Awards, in the Most Promising Act of the Year category.

On the 18th of July, 2016, he released his debut album’s track list. The album was titled Gold.

The album had 16 tracks, and was produced by Seyikeyz, MasterKraft, Pheelz, Oscar, Sleekamo, and B Banks. The album was released on the 26th of July, 2016.

The album debuted #7 on the Billboard World Album Chart for the week 13th August 2016.

After his music contract with YBNL Nation expired, he announced the creation of his record label named The 79th Element.

The name of the label actually refers to the atomic number of the element, Gold.

Adekunle Gold’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is the net worth of Adekunle Gold?

Adekunle Gold has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars. He earns mainly from music sales, endorsement deals, and show bookings.

Adekunle Gold in 2017 signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Revolution Properties.

On the 15th of January, 2018, he reportedly signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Unity Bank.

Aside these endorsement deals, Adekunle Gold gets paid several hundred thousands, and sometimes, millions to perform at events both in Nigeria and out of the country.

He makes a lot of money from the sales of his songs and he has claimed quite a few musical awards since the inception of his career.

He’s the boss of a music label, The 79th Element, so he’s fully in charge of his musical career and music production but still gets support from the YBNL label.

10 Facts About Adekunle Gold

  • He’s a Nigerian musician and songwriter.
  • Adekunle Gold was born Omoba Adekunle Kosoko.
  • He was born on January 28, 1987 in Lagos State, Nigeria.
  • He’s a Prince of the Royal Kosoko family in Lagos State.
  • Adekunle Gold, aside being a musician, is a skilled graphics designer.
  • He’s a nephew to Nigerian actor Jide Kosoko.
  • He and his friend SeyiKeyz formed a music group, The Bridge Boyz, in 2010.
  • Adekunle Gold lost his younger sister Busayo in 2011.
  • He wrote his very first musical piece at the age of 15.
  • He’s married to Simisola – Nigerian singer, vocalist, and songwriter.

FAQs About Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold’s Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Adekunle Gold’s net worth is N700 million.

Which State is Adekunle Gold from?

He’s from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Is Adekunle Gold the Son of Jide Kosoko?

Adekunle Gold and Nigerian actor Jide Kosoko share same surname. However, Adekunle Gold is not the son of Jide Kosoko, he’s his nephew.

Which Record Label is Adekunle Gold Signed Under?

Adekunle Gold unveiled his band, The 79th Element, in 2017, and is no longer signed officially to YBNL. He’s now a boss of his, but remains with YBNL.

Adekunle Gold’s Wife (Simi)

Both lovebirds have been dating for long (not several years though), before they eventually got married on the 9th of January 2019.

Details of the marriage ceremony were not spilled, but certainly, several Nigerian music stars and political figures were in attendance.

Is Adekunle Gold Married?

He’s married to beautiful Nigerian singer and songwriter, Simisola.

Who is Adekunle Gold’s Father?

His father is known to be Mr. Kosoko, and very little is known about him.

What is Adekunle Gold’s Net Worth?

His net worth is $2 million dollars.

Is Adekunle Gold Still Signed to YBNL?

No. Adekunle Gold is not signed to the YBNL Gang record label.

His music contract got expired in 2016, and then he unveiled his music band, The 79th Element, in 2017.

Although he’s no longer signed to YBNL, he revealed that he’s still with the music imprint despite his sign out from the label.

How Old is Adekunle Gold Now?

Born in 1987, you can easily get the real name by doing some arithmetic. Subtract 1987 from the year you’re in at the moment.

What is Adekunle Gold’s Real Name?

The real name of Adekunle Gold is Omoba Adekunle Kosoko. He’s of a royal blood, a prince, as his surname Kosoko is a royal family.

Who is Adekunle Gold Married to?

The Nigerian singer is married to Simisola, a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music composer.

Adekunle Gold’s Phone Number & Contact Details

The phone number of Adekunle Gold isn’t available to the public currently for personal and security reasons.

Adekunle Gold’s House and Cars

The Nigerian singer lives in a very expensive apartment with his wife in Lagos State, Nigeria. He also owns an expensive SUV.

3 Good Lessons from Adekunle Gold

Stay Unique and Different

It’s one thing to play alongside the tune of everybody else. It’s another thing to play alongside your drumbeat and tune. Uniqueness lies in your abnormalities.

Be Humble

Humility attracts opportunities. One of the fastest ways to keep learning is to remain humble regardless of the heights you’ve attained.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue – this can’t be overemphasized. It is with patience that things work tremendously and mysteriously into place.


Here are some of the biggest highlights of Adekunle Gold:

  • Gold (Album, 2016)
  • Launched The 79th Element (2017)
  • Before You Wake Up (Single, 2019)
  • Promise (Single, 2019)


Adekunle Gold is a unique Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performing artiste. He’s known to be the husband of Nigerian singer Simisola and has won a lot of awards.

He’s one of the Nigerian musicians who’s become successful, and has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.

What do you think about Adekunle Gold’s net worth, career, and lifestyle?

Leave a comment below.


Small Doctor Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Small Doctor Net Worth

Small Doctor Net Worth

Net Worth $500,000
Name Temitope Adekunle
Career Musician
Source of Wealth Music, Endorsements
Born October 19, 1996
Age 23
State of Origin Ondo State
Latest Update 2020

Small Doctor is a Nigerian singer, and the guy behind the hit banger, Penalty.

His style of music is unique, and he has been in the Nigerian music industry for several years.

Early Life

Small Doctor was born as Temitope Adekunle on the 19th of October, 1996.

He’s a lot of things combined. Small Doctor, aside being a musician who specializes in Fuji Pop, he’s a model, a stage performer and a songwriter.

Small Doctor was given birth to in Ilaje, Ondo State, Nigeria. It’s unknown if he truly was born in 1996, or if that’s just his music age.

Being indigenous is Small Doctor’s style of music. Like Olamide, and Phyno who sing in Yoruba and Igbo language respectively, Small Doctor joins the club of indigenous singers as he sings mostly in the Yoruba language of Nigeria.

Born in Ondo State, he also schooled there in the State. He studied as a child at the Aina Orosan Nursery and Primary School which is situated in Dopemu – an area in Ondo State.

There at the Aina Orosan Nursery and Primary School, Small Doctor bagged his very first school leaving certificate.

Upon graduating from the Nursery and Primary Institute, he further went to study at the Oniwaya Secondary School also situated in Dopemu, Ondo State.

He graduated and obtained his WACE certificate from the Oniwaya Secondary School, Dopemu, Ondo State.

After leaving Secondary School with his WAEC certificate at hand, he applied to study at the University of Lagos, and was granted admission into the school system.

Small Doctor couldn’t complete his academic programme successfully at the University of Lagos due to the personal challenges he was battling at that time.

Left with very few choices, he quit studying to focus on music instead.


Small Doctor began doing music at a very tender age. Music has always been a part of the blossoming artiste.

While in secondary school, precisely in Secondary School 1 (SS1), he would record Mixtapes and create freestyles.

Fast forward to 2012, Small Doctor hit the fame spot after releasing hit singles like Mosquito Killer, Anobi, and Penalty.

The hit single titled Mosquito Killer is one of Small Doctor’s biggest hit releases.

The interesting part about the release of the song is that it was produced by Dre San, and upcoming music producer in Nigeria.

By 2015, Small Doctor had produced enough hit singles to keep him in limelight – he was popular and was already having millions of fans across Nigeria.

He was getting interview offers by media channels, and people really wanted to know who he really was.

In an interview, he revealed his music mentor to be Alabi Pasuma – one of the richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria.

Small Doctor also revealed that his stage name was actually given to him by Pasuma.

Alabi Pasuma is a giant name in the world of Fuji music. His legendary is now being transmitted into the world of contemporary music, making him influential in both industries.

Small Doctor at this moment is signed to RealBeat Planet Entertainment.

From the music label, Small Doctor has been able to reach out and win the hearts of millions of Nigerians by releasing hit singles likeable by a specific audience.

He has collaborated with several musicians in Nigeria and has won awards too.

Definitely, he’s one of the lead artistes from his music label, RealBeat Planet Entertainment.

According to an interview with Small Doctor, he revealed that he came from a poor family, and grew up in the streets.

He dropped his first studio album titled Street Ambassador in 2014 which contained hit singles like Mosquito Killer, Gbagaun, and Anobi.

He has worked with several music stars in the Nigerian music industry, and these stars include Olamide, Wizkid, Davido, Ycee, Oritse Femi, Alabi Pasuma and others.

Small Doctor resides in the celebrity city of Lagos, and has lots of concerts to perform at. He is unmarried, but has a son named Abdul-Sodeeq Temitopeoluwa Alao.

At a time, Small Doctor stole to feed his son. He was caught and beaten by angry mobs onetime, but now, it’s a changed story.

Small Doctor currently is one of Lagos most loved musician. His influence in Lagos State is growing speedily, surpassing that of Olamide and a few other indigenous musicians resident in Lagos State.

Small Doctor’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is the net worth of Small Doctor?

Small Doctor has an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars. He earns from music sales online and offline.

Small Doctor’s songs are loved by the masses in States like Lagos, Oyo, Edo, Ogun, and Osun.

These States are massively occupied by Yoruba speakers who understand the lyrics and songs of Small Doctor as he essentially sings in the Yoruba language.

Small Doctor now has over a 1.5 million followers on social media. He also earns from his massive following on social media by being paid to serve or post adverts through his social media handles to his pages.

Small Doctor, aside from music sales, earns millions from performing at music shows or concerts.

He earns over N1 million naira per show and when he’s booked to perform at locations where majority of the audience are indigenous music lovers, he’s paid higher.

On the 1st of June, 2018, Small Doctor signed a deal with Western Lotto. The deal was ambassadorial, making Small Doctor an ambassador of Western Lotto.

This deal was probably worth several millions of naira as the zeros on the photo caption shared by Small Doctor on his Instagram page indicated 9 figures.

He earns from endorsement deals and other deals, music sales, show bookings, and music collaborations.

He also earns a lot of money when he’s featured by other artistes, and he’s been featured by several artistes in Nigeria.

10 Facts About Small Doctor

  • He’s a Nigerian musician and songwriter.
  • Small Doctor was born Temitope Adekunle.
  • He was born on the 19th of October, 1996 in Ondo State, Nigeria.
  • Small Doctor studied at Aina Orosan Nursery and Primary School for primary education.
  • He acquired secondary education at the Oniwaya Secondary School, Dopemu, Ondo State.
  • He got admission into the University of Lagos, but dropped out eventually from personal challenges.
  • Small Doctor was mentored by Fuji master Pasuma.
  • He started doing music at a very tender age.
  • He’s a father of one.
  • The Nigerian musician was signed to RealBeat Planet Entertainment.

FAQs About Small Doctor

How Much Does Small Doctor Charge Per Show?

Small Doctor charges over N2m to perform at a music concert, and can charge more depending on the location and host.

How Old is Small Doctor’s Child?

Small Doctor has a boy child, and his real age isn’t known yet.

Best guess, he’s just below 10.

Small Doctor’s Wife

The Nigerian singer isn’t married, and so there’s no record of him and a lady to call his wife yet.

Meanwhile, he has more than just one baby mama.

Small Doctor’s House and Cars

Through the lines of his success and path to financial stability, Small Doctor has acquired a number of flashy cars along the way.

He lives in a comfy apartment and has landed properties in Lagos State, and other States.

Small Doctor’s Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Small Doctor’s net worth is

What is the Age of Small Doctor?

Currently, he’s 22 years old (2019).

What is the Name of Small Doctor’s Record Label?

He has been signed to different record labels including No.1 Sound Limited, O2 Productions, and RealBeat Planet Entertainment.

How Old is Small Doctor Now?

Born in 1996, Small Doctor’s real age can be gotten by subtracting 1996 from the current year.

What is the Real Name of Small Doctor?

His real name is Temitope Adekunle. His stage name is Small Doctor (I know not why).

Small Doctor’s Phone Number and Contact Details

The private phone number of Small Doctor isn’t known, and available to the public for several reasons.

3 Good Lessons from Small Doctor

Stay Consistent

Consistency cannot be overestimated here. If you keep consistent at what you do, there’s no doubt good things will fall your way like drops of rain when it’s the right time to reap.

Be Bold

Being bold isn’t same thing as looking bold. Be bold in your mind, and your utterances. Taking bold moves is also an attribute of boldness.

Be Creative

With creativity, you’ll open doors you never thought would open up. The most billionaires in the world today made their wealth from being super creative and useful.


Here you have 3 biggest career highlights of Small Doctor:

  • Street Ambassador (Album, 2015)
  • Penalty (Single, 2016)
  • This Year (Single, 2017)
  • Firi Yahoo (Single, 2019)


Small Doctor is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and dancer. He’s known for several hit tracks, and has performed at some mega music concerts in Nigeria.

The Nigerian crooner famous, and has a very inspirational story behind his success. He’s one of the youngest most influential musicians in Nigeria and has an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars.

What do you think about Small Doctor’s net worth, career, and lifestyle?

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Lyta Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Phone Number, House & Cars

Lyta Net Worth and Biography

Lyta Net Worth and Biography

Net Worth $50,000
Name Lawal Raheem
Career Singer, Songwriter
Source of Wealth Music
Born July 4, 1998
Age 21
State of Origin Kwara State
Latest Update 2020

Lyta is a Nigerian artiste first signed to the YBNL music label by Olamide.

He is known for a couple of hit singles, and has worked with others top and talented singers in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

This is about the biography of Lyta, his net worth, age, real name, girlfriend, house, cars, and more.

Early Life

Lyta was born Lawal Raheem on the 4th of July, 1998, in Ajegunle, Lagos State, Nigeria. He’s talented and hails from Kwara State, Nigeria.

Lyta is really talented – Olamide doesn’t just sign untalented artistes, he sees a talent and provides a platform to grow it.

Lyta was signed into the top record label, YBNL Nation, on the 15th of February 2018.

He began singing as a child and discovered his musical talent at an early age.


He rose to stardom after his signature to become part of the YBNL family in February 2018.

At age 12, he was already a good musician who took music seriously, and who went to shows.

That’s how he met Olamide at a music concert where he performed.

Lyta already began performing at an early age of 12 years old, and when he performed at a concert Olamide was present at, he was contacted by the label boss and interest in his musical career spiked.

Olamide asked to see him at his place, and Lyta complied.

At Olamide’s convenient venue, Lyta was asked to do a little freestyle just to confirm the talent was real and pure.

Lyta’s freestyles were cool and Olamide had him close until he got signed in February 2018.

Olamide confirmed Lyta to be the best kid around, and Lyta also mentioned Olamide to be one of the biggest stars in the music industry considering his hit songs and several awards won.

Lyta did a song titled “TIME”.

The song was inspired by the loss of his best friend in 2017 – so he revealed.

TIME is Lyta’s hit song featuring label boss Olamide.

The song was remixed by Lyta, featuring Junior Boy.

Lyta also covered Adekunle Gold’s Ire, and his version of the song was super cool.

Much isn’t known about Lyta’s private life, but he isn’t married – this is a known fact.

Lyta at the moment is busy working on his music singles which would be released soon.

He’s working on a lot, including his debut album and also having a good time with the YBNL Nation music family.

Lyta’s Net Worth 2020 Forbes

What is the net worth of Lyta?

Lyta has a estimated net worth of $50,000 dollars.

There’s a huge possibility that he’ll get endorsement offers from brands depending on how fast he grows in the music industry, and depending on the number of followers he’ll gain overtime.

Lyta was the newest, alongside Limerick, artiste signed to the YBNL music imprint after the first lady Yemmie Ovwasa.

From his looks, Lyta is a cool dude, a big drift from the conventional soul music is what’s expected from Lyta by several hundred thousand fans loving him already.

He earns from music sales, and performing at music concerts. Lyta also gets gifts from friends, and fans.

10 Facts About Lyta

  • His real name is Lawal Raheem.
  • Lyta was born on the 4th of July, 1988.
  • Born in Lagos State, he is a native of Kwara State, Nigeria.
  • He was signed to Olamide’s YBNL in 2018 alongside rapper Limerick.
  • At the age of 18, Lyta purchased his first vehicle which was a Mercedes Benz.
  • The youngster started performing at the young age of 12.
  • He is currently unmarried.
  • Lyta has not signed any mega endorsement deal yet.
  • He has worked musically with a lot of top Nigerian artistes including his former boss, Olamide.
  • He’s one of the youngest most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram.

FAQs About Lyta

Here are some of the most asked questions about Lyta…

Lyta’s Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Lyta’s net worth is N17.5 million.

What is the Real Name of Lyta?

Lyta’s real name is Lawal Raheem.

When Was Lyta Signed to YBNL?

Lyta was reportedly signed to YBNL on February 15th 2018. He was signed alongside Limerick, a young and talented rapper.

How Much is Lyta Collecting Per Show?

To book lyta for a show, it would cost well over N1 million naira. He’s a top star in Nigeria, and would turns the stage upsidedown wherever, whenever.

Who is Lyta YBNL?

Lyta YBNL is a simple, young and talented singer signed to YBNL.

He has released a number of hit singles and has been pretty much a success since the start of his professional music career.

How Old is Lyta?

Lyta was born in 1998. He is currently 20 (2019).

The exact age of Lyta can be gotten by subtracting his birth year from the current year.

Lyta’s Girlfriend

Does Lyta have a girlfriend?

This information isn’t yet known.

He’s of age to be into a relationship, but it’s not known if he’s into one yet.

Lyta’s House

The Nigerian music star lives in a comfortable apartment in Lagos, and he’s enjoying the company of the YBNL Gang.

Lyta’s Cars

Does Lyta have cars??

At the age of 18, Lyta acquired his first car – a Mercedes Benz.

Lyta’s Phone Number

Are you in search of the artiste’s phone number?

His correct and private phone number isn’t yet available to the public.

Is Lyta Still in YBNL

Reports hit the media that the young star was signed to YBNL in 2018 alongside Limerick.

In May 2019, it became news that Olamide unfollowed Lyta on social media.

Lyta is no longer signed to YBNL.

In an interview with Naijaloaded TV, he says YBNL and Olamide will always be a part of his story.

3 Good Lessons from Lyta

Age is No Barrier

You can be young and getting it right. Age is not a barrier. Lyta broke into fame before he clocked his 20s, you can do same (if you’re younger).

Live Ready

Opportunities may not wait for you to become prepared before it presents itself.

You’ve gotta live ready, and be prepared at all times to grab opportunities by the neck when it comes.

Stay Different

There’s a saying that goes… “If you try to make a difference in a society where everybody is trying to make a difference, you’ll be stuck back in the place you started from”.

Stay different. You don’t always have to TRY to be different. Uniqueness is in originality.


Here’s Lyta’s top 5 career highlights…

  • Honey (Single, 2018)
  • Cherry Eyes (Single, 2018)
  • Poison (Single, 2018)
  • Loke Loke (Single, 2019)
  • Monalisa ft. Davido (Single, 2019)


Lyta is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and recording artiste who got signed to YBNL in 2018.

He is known for a couple of hit singles including “Pesin”, and has worked with top stars in Nigeria.

Lyta has an estimated net worth of $50,000 dollars.

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