On QIB, quality content on lifestyle, health, entertainment, travel, business, and fashion is ever published.

These content are meant to serve your information needs.

The platform was created in September 2019 to accommodate quality content on more than just a single topic.

Below are some of the categories you would find content on QIB:


Although not specially dedicated to health and publishing the latest medical discoveries, I ensure to cover selected/relevant health topics gallantly.

These topics would span over top 10 benefits of fruits, foods, drinks, to the causes and types of diseases.


Sometimes we wonder what’s out there in life that’s unexplored.

This category covers topics are really interesting.

Such content would include life top hacks, facts, and more about the lives of people and legends.

Basically, lifestyle would shatter life hacks all the way.

Talking of travel, the content are about the most beautiful places to be and live around the world.


Ranging from how to start a cashew business in Nigeria to how to start a small fish farming business in Nigeria, the business/entrepreneurship category would cover topics and content from business…

…market, trade, entrepreneurship, agriculture, and a lot more that has to do with business, or that has a tinge of business.


One of the most interesting things people love doing in Nigeria is to dress up and look very gallant.

Well, I’ll be taking advantage of this to publish really good content on the fashion styles and top 10 fashion styles in Nigeria.

Basically, fashion is life.

There are countless fashion wears today, and just as that is a true fact, there are countless fashion brands and companies.

The fashion category covers a wide range of topics pertaining FASHION.

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